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This is a page for mods that I use. Ignore the page title; this page's use may change once again. Update authors, names, or links as appropriate. Any mods marked as unavailable will not be shared.

Skyrim Mods[edit]


Mod Author Function Pros Cons
A Place to Sleep DK on Steam Workshop Adds a few locations to sleep where one would expect to be able to sleep. Makes a lot of sense and should have been in the vanilla game. None.
Clanking Armor Lord Sane on Steam Workshop Makes heavy armor noisy. This was a great feature in Oblivion that wasn't added in Skyrim. None.
Lanterns of Skyrim manny_gt on Steam Workshop Adds lanterns around the world to light up the night. Goes great with any mod darkening the night. Lanterns go on/off at exact times with no in-game explanation.
Legible Road Signs High Res Unknown Makes road signs readable. Common sense. None.
Project Reality: Climates of Tamriel jj.con on Steam Workshop Adds more varied weather to Skyrim. Makes the weather very interesting and fun to see. Makes nights darker. Some transitions are sudden.
Real Wildlife Skyrim nedius on Steam Workshop Adds to and alters Skyrim's wildlife so there's more variety. Also adds Alchemy ingredients such as lungs and liver. Makes the wilds much more interesting. None.
RNG (Dynamic) Guards 김로렌 on Steam Workshop Makes guard outfits area-specific to make more sense based on climate, etc. Also varies helmets between individual guards. Makes a lot of sense and adds variety. None.
Slightly Reduced Distance NPC Greetings Cipscis on Steam Workshop Reduces the distance you need to be from an NPC for the to greet you. NPCs don't interrupt you with greetings when you're talking with someone, and you don't have to hear about your stolen sweetroll every time you pass through city gates. None.
Sounds of Skyrim (multiple mods) Unknown Adds ambient sounds to areas of the game that change based on time of day. A much-needed improvement to the game. Latest version causes crashes and corrupts save games.


Mod Author Function Pros Cons
Alternate Ancient Shrouded Armor churchofsmalldog on Steam Workshop Gives a new design to the Ancient Shrouded Armor set. Looks amazing. Mask could look better.
Ring of Water Walking Norville Rogers on Steam Workshop Adds a ring of water walking to the game. Great for those of us with hydrophobia or a fear of fish. None.


Mod Author Function Pros Cons
SkyUI snakster on Steam Workshop Alters the Skyrim UI. Cleaner, easier to sort and see, makes text smaller and everything more organized. Requires SKSE, which isn't always up-to-date; SKSE reliance can cause crashes if out of date.


Mod Author Function Pros Cons
Auto Unequip Arrows Alek on Steam Workshop Automatically unequips arrows once a bow is unequipped. Functions perfectly and avoids having to manually unequip arrows for visual preference. None.
Horses Ignore Combat Cynick on Steam Workshop Makes owned horses ignore combat. Leads to far fewer horse deaths. Everything else still attacks the horse.
SKREEE Less Frequent Dragons Mahws on Steam Workshop Lowers the frequency of dragon attacks. Fewer annoying dragons. Mod's name makes me think of Cliff Racers.

World Changes and Additions[edit]

Mod Author Function Pros Cons
Open Cities Skyrim Arthmoor on Steam Workshop Removes loading screens when entering/leaving cities. Can ride horses in cities, cuts down on transition time. Conflicts with other mods.


Mod is unavailable due to legal issues or author decisions.