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That Orc[edit]

NPC Time/Quest Stage Affects Problem? Theories/Involvement Testing Non-Theory Questions
Alval Uvani All day Morndas/Tirdas after A Matter of Honor is started Unlikely. He isn't there most of the time until you get pretty far in the DB questline.
Bogrum Gro-Galash Always (proprietor). Could be. He is always there but there doesn't seem to be anything linking him to this. None involving him.
Daenlin Every day, 8pm–10pm Yes. He's one of the ones who's attacked. None currently What's his AI look like?
Dro'shanji Weekends, 6pm–10pm Unlikely. He's only there weekends from 6-10pm and Kurdan can get into fights anytime. None involving him.
Jean-Pierre Lemonds All day Loredas Probably not. Again he's only there for a short time. He's not involved in any of my current theories.
Jee-Tah Always, except during More Unfinished Business Maybe. No reason he should be, but maybe. Someone who has a game where Kurdan will get into fights should complete More Unfinished Business and see if Kurdan still attacks Daenlin and Nordinor.
KellenKotN Pseudo-randomly after Stendarr's Mercy, Stage 60 (Note: he travels from one city to the next, so it could be any time. Didn't see anything that made it obvious how long he stays, so he may turn around again almost right away.) Probably not. This can happen even if you've never been to Anvil, much less cured Kellen.
Kurdan gro-Dragol Any time during Oblivion:Caught in the Hunt before Stage 75 Yes. He's the attacker. Does his StartCombat start accidentally due to a glitch? That would explain the "I'm on your side"s
Luciana Galena Every day, Noon–2pm Maybe. Not likely though
Nordinor Every day, 9am–2pm Yes. He's the other one who's attacked. Does he respond to Kurdan attacking?
Ranaline Every day, 8am–10pm
S'Krivva Every day, 8pm–10pm; Tirdas/Turdas, 9am–9pm (=10pm due to Every Day schedule) Again maybe but not likely. Maybe he doesn't like thieves/Khajiits and Daenlin and/or Nordinor come to her defense? A more rational theory would be that S'krivva steals from him, he attacks her, Daenlin and Nordinor jump in, the guards appear, and in the midst of the confusion S'krivva pays off her fine.
Samuel Bantien 12th of every month from 9am–Noon the next day (Note: this is probably hit by the past-midnight schedule bug, so I think that's 9am–Midnight the next day, but not sure.)
Winson 30th of every month from 10am–10am the next day (Note: this is probably hit by the past-midnight schedule bug, as above.)

Fame Recalculations[edit]

Quest Fame Correct Total?
Deliver the Amulet 1
Breaking the Siege of Kvatch 1
The Battle for Castle Kvatch 1
Weynon Priory 1
The Path of Dawn 1
Dagon Shrine 1
Spies 1
Blood of the Daedra 1
Bruma Gate 1
Allies for Bruma up to 7
The Wayward Knight 1 or 2
Blood of the Divines 2
Miscarcand 2
Defense of Bruma 1
Great Gate 2
Paradise 2
Light the Dragonfires 3
Total 23-30 Yes
Location Quest Fame Notes
Aleswell Zero Visibility 1
Anvil Where Spirits Have Lease 1
Anvil The Siren's Deception 1 +1 Infamy instead of +1 Fame if one of the Sirens is killed prematurely.
Bravil The Forlorn Watchman 1
Bravil Caught in the Hunt 1 +1 Infamy instead of +1 Fame if Aleron Loche dies prematurely.
Bruma Two Sides of the Coin 1 +1 Infamy instead of +1 Fame if Arnora dies before the player talks to Jorundr.
Bruma A Brotherhood Betrayed 1 +1 Infamy instead of +1 Fame if a quest NPC dies prematurely or if Raynil Dralas escapes.
Bruma Lifting the Vale 2
Cheydinhal A Brush with Death 1
Cheydinhal Corruption and Conscience 1 +1 Infamy instead of +1 Fame if the player kills Ulrich Leland.
Chorrol Separated at Birth 1
Chorrol Sins of the Father 1 +1 Infamy instead of +1 Fame if you give the Honorblade of Chorrol to Fathis Ules.
Chorrol A Shadow Over Hackdirt 1
Chorrol Canvas the Castle 1 0 Fame (but no Infamy either) if you do not turn in the true culprit.
Crestbridge Camp Goblin Trouble 1
Imperial City The Collector 1
Imperial City The Order of the Virtuous Blood 1 +1 Infamy instead of +1 Fame if you kill Roland Jenseric.
Imperial City Imperial Corruption 1
Leyawiin Tears of the Savior 1
Leyawiin Whom Gods Annoy 1
Leyawiin Mazoga the Orc 1
Skingrad Paranoia 1 +1 Fame only if you show Glarthir's note to a town guard and get him executed.
Skingrad Seeking Your Roots 1

Total Fame: 26

Favorite Quotes[edit]

Favorite Quotes Speaker Speaker Continued Second Speaker Second Speaker Continued
MELON! MELON! MELON! OUT OF CHEESE ERROR! Please reboot and re-install universe. Hex, computer of the Unseen University, Anhk-Morpork, Discworld No continuation neccesary. None. No continuation needed.
Insufficient dates! There's a whole box of the things out in the hall! It can have them if it wants"

Insufficient data, Arch-Chancellor not dates. That's Hex's way of saying it doesn't have enough information.

Well then why doesn't it say so? Why all this insufficient dates business?

Arch-Chancellor of the Unseen University Mustrum Ridcully Continuation Uneeded Ponder Stibbins, Unseen University Senior Wizard in charge of Hex.
They didn't know what hit them, then sergeant?

Oh, no sir! I made sure they knew I hit them.

Commander Sam Vimes, Anhk-Morpork Watch. Can be found at Pseudopolis Yard which is the central headquarters for the watch. when he is not specially assigned by Lord Vetinari Troll Sergeant Detritus. He is also generally located Pseudopolis Yard when not specially assigned, although his assignments are usually handled by Commander Vimes.
They should keep all flesh-creatures in confinement. Not just the mages. Shale, Dragon Age Origins N/A N/A N/A N/A