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This page includes info on my in-game characters

Oblivion Characters[edit]

I started off playing Oblivion with my Khajiit Thief 'Shadow' (no, I'm not very creative with names). He generally mucked about Cyrodiil, amazed at its size since it was my first RPG experience. He fell in love with Chorrol and decided to join the Thieves Guild just for access to fences and regularly cleaned up Bruma of all those objects its citizens left alone in chests. Finally he leveled up stupidily with Sneak and Security training sessions to get to level 10 to do Nocturnal's quest to then find out it was too difficult for him as his he was still wearing Leather armor and using a Silver sword.

That was when I initially ditched Oblivion for other games to then rediscover it months later. Since I was fed up with Shadow I created my definitive character:

Lonerin, the Mage! He's skilled with all of the magical arts, currently level 29, and has got some pretty cool spells. He's the Arch-mage of the Mages Guild and the greatest collectors of staves and robes in Cyrodiil.

He completed all of the official Mages Guild quests long ago and has recently managed in eradicating Necromancy in Cyrodiil by clearing out every single Necromancer-populated dungeon.

He is now enjoying his life as boss and has completed all of the various magical related quests, for example Seeking Your Roots and Through a Nightmare, Darkly. He has also recently managed to max out all of his stats and become a master in all of the magical arts. He has also completed his immense collection of staves, robes and hoods by collecting every single one of such items crafted in Cyrodiil. His final questing was to collect a full set of Master alchemy apparatus and read every single magical skill book, a feat he has just achieved.

Now, after donating his collection of items to the Chironasium, his books to the Mystic Archives, his rare ingredients to the Lustratorium and having appointed Raminus Polus as Arch-Mage, he has stripped almost bare and started looking around for a place to end his existance. After hearing rumors of its idyllic conditions, he boarded a ship to Stirk, where he planned to spend the rest of his days.

The dramatic events that occured on the island however made him realise that the path laid in front of him was that of adventuring. After some dungeon diving to get the show back up and running, he made a crazy decision: to pass through the Strange Door in Niben Bay to explore wait lays behind it.