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Under the ten roleplaying character types listed below, you can view the different types of user-created roleplaying ideas. Anyone is free to view these pages, add information to them, or list your own ideas. To list your own ideas, you must have an account. After having an account, you can begin posting your ideas in the categories below or add additional information to existing pages.

Do NOT make changes to this page without my permission! But feel free to add to it's categories! --PsijicOrder


This guide is user made and no where near as specific as the Oblivion Roleplaying Guide. Think of it as the beta version of the Skyrim Roleplaying Guide where users can go ahead and start contributing until the official page is made! Here are some things to think about when making creating your own Roleplaying types:

  • Keep it appropriate and refrain from posting nonsense.
  • Make sure your post has a proper heading.
  • If there is already an idea similar, add onto it instead of creating a new post to save those patrolling some grief.
  • Use images if wanted, making sure they are not copyrighted.
  • Please keep the spelling and grammar mistakes to a minimum. Your idea must be readable to other users. If you want, you can add a notice to your Roleplaying Ideas page stating that other users are allowed to fix spelling mistakes in your ideas.
  • Use "show preview", and avoid too many single edits to one page. If possible, make all your changes in just one edit.
  • Make sure to put your Character type in it's appropriate category.
  • Make sure to credit yourself and be as in depth as possible.


To edit an existing character type, simply select edit next to it's title. To make a brand new character type, click edit at the top of the page and scroll down to the bottom and begin with the format provided. This is how. your format should be when creating a new Character Type. To make your title simply put two = signs on each side of it.

Idea Name


Idea by {Insert Signature}. Decription by {Insert Signature}

Increased Realism[edit]

Here's a guide with many ideas to help you increase the realism of Skyrim!

Character Type Roleplaying[edit]

You can create and develop your character to emulate any person you like, including heroes from stories and movies. There are several basic ways you can customize your character to resemble your rolemodel. Think of a backstory for your character.Are his mother and father dead or alive? Is he against stealing? Is he a warrior , a mage or a thief? Take things slow

  • Give your character an appropriate name. ( dont make your name Jay-Z, or Max. Make it realistic to your race)
  • Choose an appropriate race and gender. (if you're a fisher, dont be a high elf, be an argonian.)
  • Customize your characters appearance to match your rolemodel.
  • Only use skills appropriate to your roleplay.
  • Equip your character with appropriate clothing, armor, and weapons. Enchant items to rename them. (if you're a fisher, have some clothes, not armor)
  • Decide which NPC's are your friends and which are your enemies. Only do quests for your friends.
  • Join Factions that are appropriate to your roleplay. (if you character is a sneaky type, be in the dark brotherhood, or thieves guild.)

Specific Character Ideas[edit]

Here, You may begin posting any Roleplaying ideas you have for Skyrim! Here's a list of things to consider before making your character type.

  • Races
  • Physical Description
  • Likes/Dislikes
  • Personality
  • Spells
  • Skills
  • Perks
  • Equipment
  • Marriage
  • Religious Views
  • Home
  • Favorite Foods
  • Lower/Middle/High Class
  • Weekly Routine
  • Suggested Quests
  • Background Information








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