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Find out who let the Seventh Legion into Hallin's Stand.
Zone: Bangkorai
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Objective: Hallin's Stand — Liberate Hallin's Stand from the Imperials.
Quest Giver: Yarah
Location(s): Hallin's Stand
Prerequisite Quest: Hallin's Burden
Next Quest: A Thirst for Revolution
Reward: Boots of the Seventh Legion
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Is this the traitor?

Yarah needs to discover the identity of whomever betrayed Hallin's Stand and allowed the Seventh Legion to enter the city.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Yarah.
  2. Meet the contact.
  3. Search the office.
  4. Go to the pavilion.
  5. Return to Yarah.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After completing Hallin's Burden, contiue speaking to Yarah, who now trusts you enough to tell you more information about the Seventh Legion's occupation of Hallin's Stand.

"We've been watching and waiting ever since the Seventh Legion took our city. Now's the time to act.
If you'll forgive my initial rudeness, I need your help."
I'm still willing to help.
"Let me share what we know. The Seventh Legion took the town under cover overnight. Some say a traitor opened the gates to their army. It's the only explanation, but we don't know who the traitor is.
We have a lead, though."
What's that?
"Not what, but whom. I've set up a meeting with someone who may know the identity of the traitor. I'd like you to talk to her.
My contact's at the tavern, just as I requested. She'll be reading a book. See what she knows, but be careful."
I'll talk to her.
"I'll return to the alchemist shop on the other side of town once you go to meet with her."
Where we first met?
"Yes. I will wait for you there. Maybe Ufa has already gone there himself. Keep ever-watchful for traps."

The tavern Yarah speaks of is right next door. Your contact is Qismah at-Nimr, the woman sitting in the back reading a book.

"Did Yarah send you? She said to meet her here."
I'm a friend. I heard you had some information.
"It's more of a feeling. Call it intuition. It's better if you see it with your own eyes.
Can you come with me to my home? It's best to continue our conversation in private."
All right. Lead on.
"The Imperials may know your face by now, You can disguise yourself as one of them for the time being. They don't dare raise a hand against me, so I'll be all right.
If you're ready, I'd like to go now. Follow me, but be discreet."

Qismah will get up and leave the tavern, walking west past the Mages Guild and up the stairs to the second level of the city. She will walk right past several groups of Imperial soldiers, and if you wish to do the same be sure to equip the Hallin's Stand Seventh Legion Disguise, which you can find in baskets labelled "Laundry" throughout the city.

Follow Qismah to her estate in the northwest part of town. Once inside, your informant will be able to speak freely.

"Thank you for your discretion. I'm rather concerned about what's going on in Hallin's Stand, but it's not a good idea to say so in public.
You see, it's my husband ...."
What's wrong with your husband?
"You misunderstand. My husband is Captain Dhakir at-Nimr of the city guard. I think he betrayed us.
I couldn't bear to ask him. To see the hurt in his eyes and the shame that must surely be there. But he's keeping something from me, and I fear the worst."
What makes you say that?
"Soon after the Imperials came, our daughter disappeared. And my husband speaks with the Imperials, carries sealed messages back and forth. I don't know what to think.
Search his office. It's upstairs. See what you can learn. I can't bear to look."

Go upstairs and search the office. Both clues you need are on the central table: Note to Sir Quatrius and The Grandeya is in Custody. They are certainly incriminating, but before you can return downstairs to tell Qismah the bad news, Dhakir himself appears, saying, "How dare you go through my things!" However, he is not hostile, so go ahead and talk to him.

"What are you doing in my home? Did Quatrius send you?
I've done everything he's asked! I won't suffer any more humiliation at his hands!"
Your wife asked me to come. She thinks you may be the one who betrayed Hallin's Stand.
"Oh, Qismah! I wish I didn't have to keep such secrets from you!
By Mara's heart, I don't know who betrayed us, but it was not me. I am little more than an Imperial lackey now regardless!"
The beggar appears again
"They have her. Our daughter. The Imperials kidnapped her, and hold her as a hostage.
I debase myself before them for her safety! And I would do so again, if it means she will be returned to us! Now go, please."

Return downstairs and exit the house. A familiar face is waiting in the courtyard: the mysterious beggar from the last quest, who got Yarah to trust you. He has more information that will turn this apparent roadblock into an opportunity.

"The couple despairs, but all is not lost! Nothing is without hope, until the last breath!
Let me tell you of their child. Come, come!"
Where is she?
"The Imperial fool Quatrius believes he's invincible. And in a way, he is. If one were to raise a blade against him, his soldiers would surely cut down the child out of spite.
But there are other ways to cow a man."
"Not how, but where!
Go to the pavilion in the shadow of the palace. You are already armed! Armed with the knowledge that he is a coward! With that, you must defeat him!"

Exit the courtyard and head south through the archway into the palace grounds. The pavilion is easy enough to find, within sight of the stockade where the grandeya of Hallin's Stand is held captive. Beneath its shelter, Qismah and Dhakir's kidnapped daughter, Hazzi, is being closely watched by Quatrius, an officer of the Seventh Legion. Speak to him.

The pavilion, in the shadow of the stockade
"Away with you! Can't you see I'm busy?"
What are you doing with this girl?
"We're simply enjoying the fresh air! After all, who would want such a flower to wilt in a dungeon?
Now, begone before I have my men remove you."

At this point you will have three mutually exclusive options:

[Intimidate] Your men won't get here fast enough to save your life.
Let Hazzi go. (Bribe a leveled amount of gold)
You saw what I did to your men just a moment ago.

If you choose the first option, which requires the Intimidating Presence perk in the Fighters Guild skill line, he will say,

"What? That's complete nonsense ... er, I see your point.
Well, what did you want from me?"
Let Hazzi go.

If you choose the last option, which only appears if you killed (or got credit for killing, see notes) an Imperial soldier recently, he will say,

"Now, there's no need to get violent. We're both civilized people.
You must want something then? I'm a very influential man, much more useful alive than dead!"
Let Hazzi go.

Either option then segues into what he says if you choose the second option to bribe him.

"Fine, fine! Run, girl, before I change my mind!
Now, the guards will be back any second now! Don't think you can threaten me again!"

Hazzi will leap up and take off running south. Follow her to a rooftop overlooking the marketplace, where her mother and father are waiting. Talk to Dhakir.

"This is your doing? You freed my daughter?"
"I am truly blessed to have such aid from a stranger. With no promise of reward, you saved my family!
Here, take this key. You will do far more good with it than I."
What's it for?
"The grandeya's chains. The Imperials made me capture her and bring her to them. I fear they want to publicly execute her in order to cow the citizens.
If anyone can save her, it would be you. A thousand blessings upon you."
Yarah awaits your findings on the traitor

Return to the Sublime Elixir alchemy shop, where Yarah told you to meet her at the beginning of the quest. She will be in the outdoor sitting area attached to the shop.

"Seems you've poked a hornet's nest. I hope whatever you did was worth it."
I saved Captain at-Nimr's daughter, and got the key to the grandeya's shackles.
"They have the grandeya? That is troubling news.
You've been busy, then. But what news of the traitor? Do you know his identity?"
No, I don't.

A familiar face in unfamiliar clothes will appear at the door into the shop, interrupting you. It's the mysterious Red Asp you've been hearing about, the one who disappeared some time ago and left Yarah to take over the resistance.

Ufa the Red Asp: "You are mistaken, friend."
Yarah: "Master Ufa! You're truly alive!"
Ufa the Red Asp: "Did I not send word with our friend here?"

He has good news for your investigation:

"I spoke to the captain after you left. He was more than willing to help, after the good turn you gave him.
The traitor is well within our grasp."
Who are you?
"Don't you recognize the old beggar without his rags? I've been following you for quite a while! Even my own followers suspected nothing.
Dhakir and Qismah will never forget what you've done for them."

You'll receive some gold and experience, as well as the Boots of the Seventh Legion. Now the next quest in the chain will be available: A Thirst for Revolution.


  • You do not need to have killed an Imperial soldier for the third dialogue with Quatrius to appear. Often merely running by another player fighting with an enemy will be enough to trick the game into giving you experience for a kill you had no hand in, and the same is true when getting the dialogue to trigger.


  • Some people may experience a bug when trying to enter the At-Nimr Estate where your character will fall through the map. ?
    • In order to continue with the quest approach the door to the estate and tilt your camera up so you can highlight and open it.

Quest Stages[edit]

Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Yarah has one lead on the identity of the traitor to Hallin's Stand. She asked me to meet with a woman in the tavern and see what information I can get from her.
Objective: Talk to Yarah's contact in the tavern
Qismah didn't want to speak at length about her suspicions out in the open. She asked me to come with her to her home, where we can talk at length.
Objective: Follow Qismah to Her Home
I've arrived at Qismah's home. I should ask her about her suspicions into the identity of the traitor.
Objective: Talk to Qismah
Qismah suspects her own husband might have had something to do with the taking of Hallin's Stand. She's asked me to see what I can find in his office.
Objective: Search the Captain's Office for Clues
Qismah's husband arrived to find me digging about in his personal effects. I should confront him to see if he's really the traitor of Hallin's Stand.
Objective: Confront the Guard Captain
Dhakir, Qismah's husband, said he wasn't the one responsible for the city's betrayal. But he can't divulge any more information, because his daughter is being held captive by an Imperial in order to buy his silence.
Objective: Leave the at-Nimr House
After leaving the at-Nimr's home, the same beggar I spoke to earlier found me. I should ask him what he knows about the at-Nimr family.
Objective: Talk to the Beggar
Dhakir said he can't divulge any more information, because his daughter is being held captive by an Imperial in order to buy his silence. I should find the pavilion where the beggar said she was being held.
Objective: Go to the Pavilion near the palace
Dhakir said he can't divulge any more information, because his daughter is being held captive by an Imperial in order to buy his silence. But if I can free his daughter, he'd be free to tell me whatever he knows.
Objective: Rescue Hazzi
I've freed Hazzi from the Imperial soldier. I should follow her, since she's probably going straight to her father, Dhakir.
Objective: Talk to Captain at-Nimr on the Rooftop
Overwhelmed by the safe return of his daughter, Dhakir told me the Imperials plan to publicly execute the grandeya of Hallin's Stand, and gave me a key to free her. I should take this information to Yarah at the alchemist's shop.
Objective: Take the Imperial Key to Yarah
Finishes quest Dhakir told me of the Imperial's plan to publicly execute the grandeya of Hallin's Stand, and gave me a key that could unlock her shackles. After I brought the key to Yarah, Ufa appeared. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Ufa the Red Asp