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characters owned:[edit]

  • Krakoungar,the great orc,which story make the eyes of any child in tamriel glow.
  • The nameless wood elf,silent bee,who sadly and accidently got overwritten by Krakoungar.
  • J'Ri Dar the unleveling promitting kajhiit.
  • The little imperial mercantile,which story doesn't deserve to be told for now.

DLC's owned:[edit]

  • the fighter's stronghold
  • the vile lair
  • the thieve's den
  • shivering isles
  • the orrerry
  • spell tomes
  • horse armor pack

hall of shame:[edit]

  • didn't make it out the sewers in Arena...
  • had vampirism on level 3 and had to buy the vile lair DLC...
  • overwote his second character...


  • don't play with a like me,be a real man and blunt your enemies down!
  • Umbra is an excellent sword...for level 1 players that can't afford maces.