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General Overview[edit]

I can provide Elder Scrolls and Wiki lore master, proofreader, formatting editor, and MediaWiki quality assurance support, just send a message, get a hold of me in the UESP guild on ESO, or edit this page. I help save lives by day (no really, I do) but I'm always happy to help my favorite resource for all things Elder Scrolls.

ESO Overview[edit]

Long time Elder Scrolls veteran (Daggerfall onward) specializing in providing PvE combat support (Tank/Healer), PvP/Alliance War Fires and Sapper support, Public Dungeon and Delve support, World Boss takedowns, general game and crafting advice geared toward mid-level players, as well as Loremaster services to Elder Scrolls Online players since Beta. Also helpful in regard to proofreading wiki pages and edits.

ESO username: @FAlphaXII (send a tell anytime if you need help or have a question)

ON-icon-logo.jpg This user is a member of the UESP ESO guild on the North American PC server.