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Hey, I'm a gamer and I have many memories with Oblivion. I'm editing this page from 3 years ago, and ever since I first picked up that game, I've been in love. Hearing the music or watching videos just gives me chills of nostalgia. This game has gotta be my favourite game I've played and holds many memories for me. It's also a type of game that you can keep playing over and over and enjoy it even more every time. I'm very glad to have discovered Oblivion, for it changed my young gaming life.
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My Average Hero[edit]

My favourite race is the Dunmer. It is the race that I usually pick when I create a new character. One of the reasons that I like to be a Dark Elf, is that I like to use spells, potions, ingredients, staves, etc.. Dark Elves usually specialize in magic.

My second favourite race to play as is the Orc. I like them because I can use Magic AND I can use a sword at the same time! I chose an Orc as my main character in [[Skyrim] because they are good warriors, and I want good damage with my sword over my spells. The second character I make in Skyrim though will probably be a Dunmer

Favourite Locations[edit]

These are my favourite locations in Oblivion. I will try to update them whenever I can!


I like the location. In my opinion, it is a pretty good spot for a city house. Also, it is the biggest and most expensive house in the game (excluding mods).