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The busiest year ever for the site with traffic being twice what it was before Skyrim was released.

  • Page Views = 550 Million
  • Visits = 110 Million
  • Unique Visitors = 27 Million
  • Average Daily Page Views = 1.5 Million
  • Highest Daily Page Views = 4.7 Million on January 2nd

Major Events[edit]

A relatively quiet year with no major events or changes in site operation.

  • MediaWiki finally upgraded to 1.19
  • First ever user survey

Issues and Outages[edit]

Overall a very good year with only a few issues throughout the year causing a few hours of reduced capacity mainly affecting logged in users. All service interruptions were preventable (user error or could have been noticed before hand if proper monitoring was being done).

  • Failed wiki upgrade in August caused a few hour partial interruption while the database was restored.
  • A few issues in December on db1 (full hard drive, backup process crashing) causing a 1-2 hour partial interruption each time.

Other Things[edit]

  • 60% of visits come from North America
  • 30% of visits are from mobile devices