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Help a band of rebels in the Vacant Manor murder local nobles.
Quest Giver: Dovor Oren at a Vacant Manor
Location(s): Godsreach, Great Bazaar, Temple Courtyard
Reward: 11000 Gold
ID: MS_Warlords, MS_Warlords_a
Three fully-equipped warlords

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Committing the Murders[edit]

  1. Enter the bottom floor of the Vacant Manor.
  2. Speak to Dovor Oren about business.
  3. Kill Soscean.
  4. Return to Dovor Oren.
  5. Speak to Felvan Ienith.
  6. Kill Elanande.
  7. Return to Felvan Ienith.
  8. Speak to Dovor Oren.
  9. Speak to Olvyne Dobar.
  10. Kill Bels Uvenim.
  11. Return to Olvyne Dobar.
  12. Speak to Dovor Oren.
  13. Kill Suldreni Salandas.
  14. Return to Dovor Oren.

Murderers Repent[edit]

  1. Speak to Felvan Ienith about Scared and tell him to turn himself in.
  2. Speak to Olvyne Dobar about Scared and tell her to turn herself in.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Starting the Quest[edit]

The Vacant Manor in the Godsreach District isn't that vacant after all. There are three NPCs in the basement. At first you are told to get lost, but speak to Dovor Oren about business and you'll be invited to help out. Apparently, he and his friends are unhappy about the state of things between them and the nobles and want to do something about it. He vaguely mentions the 'tools' used by the noble Soscean and asks you to help get them. When it comes down to it, all they want you to do is kill Soscean and return with his sword and cuirass as proof.

Murder Soscean[edit]

Dovor says that you should be able to find Soscean in his usual bar, presumably the Winged Guar, since that is the only one in the area and, indeed, you'll find him wearing a magical ebony cuirass downstairs. Sometimes he will spawn into one of the storage rooms, so if you cannot see him check there. Unfortunately, he won't respond to any dialogue, so the only option is to kill him (use a Frenzy Humanoid spell or shut yourself inside a storage room with him to avoid the murder charge). Strong Chameleon effects are also an option to avoid a murder charge.

Return to Dovor and give him the sword and cuirass to receive a 5000 gold reward and the option of performing more work for him.

Murder Elanande[edit]

Return and speak to Dovor Oren in the Vacant Manor in the Godsreach District after you murder Soscean for him. Mention that you wish to assist him and he'll tell you to talk with Felvan in the same room. Felvan Ienith is looking for some new equipment and says he would like the robe and axe that Elanande in Godsreach has. He won't give you exact directions to find this woman however. Elanande can be found in the northwest corner of the district by the canal. Like Soscean, she will not talk with you, forcing you to have to kill her to retrieve the items (again, use a Frenzy spell to avoid the murder charge. It is also possible to sneak while being far away and casting a damaging target spell or a ranged weapon to also avoid a murder charge).

Return to Ienith with the items and receive a 1000 gold as a reward.

Murder Bels Uvenim[edit]

Return and speak to Dovor Oren in the Vacant Manor in the Godsreach District after you murder Elanande and offer to assist him again. This time it is Olvyne Dobar that you are directed to speak with, standing next to Dovor. Olvyne asks you to kill Bels Uvenim who hangs around the temple and return with his spear and helm. Bels can be found in the northwest side of the Temple and again will not talk to you, forcing his death in the end.

Return to Olvyne with the items and receive a 1000 gold as a reward.

Murder Suldreni Salandas[edit]

Return and speak to Dovor Oren in the Vacant Manor in the Godsreach District after you murder Bels Uvenim and offer to assist him again. For this last job you are to murder one Suldreni Salandas and return to him with her amulet and mace. He doesn't mention where to find her, but you can assume that she is nearby like the previous three. This time the victim is found wandering on the west side of the Great Bazaar. Kill her, and loot the corpse.

Return to Dovor with the items, and you will receive a 4000 gold reward.

Stopping the Murders[edit]

After killing Elanande, it is possible for you to speak with Felvan Ienith about scared. He will confess that he is unsure whether what they are doing is right. It then becomes possible to have a similar conversation with Olvyne Dobar. If you so choose, you can urge them to turn themselves in to the guards. If you do this, then you can later find them in cells in the jail. Speak with them to receive their thanks for helping them do the right thing. They will also kill Dovor Oren and leave his body in the Manor.

Quest Stages[edit]

These Codes can be used along with the Journal Console Command and Quest ID given within the chart to update the quest to a certain point.

The Warlords (MS_Warlords)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I met Dovor Oren in a vacant manor house in Mournhold. He claims to be preparing for some sort of war between the Temple and the Imperials.
30 Dovor Oren has asked me to find Soscean in the Winged Guar, and get his sword and cuirass. I will have to kill him, which Oren assures me is the right thing to do.
40 I killed Soscean and brought his sword and cuirass to Dovor Oren, who paid me for the items.
50 I should speak with Felvan Ienith to see how I can help him.
60 Felvan Ienith has asked me to kill Elanande, and take her robe and axe. She should be somewhere in Godsreach.
70 I killed Elanande and brought her equipment to Felvan Ienith.
80 I should speak with Olvyne Dobar to see if she needs any equipment.
90 Olvyne Dobar has asked me to kill Bels Uvenim and retrieve his equipment for her. He should be somewhere in the vicinity of the Temple.
100 I killed Bels Uvenim and brought his spear and helmet to Olvyne.
110 Dovor Oren has asked me to bring him Suldreni Salandas' amulet and mace.
120 Finishes quest I have completed all the tasks that Dovor Oren required of me.
200 Finishes quest I have declined Dovor Oren's invitation to help him re-shape Mournhold. He implied that I shouldn't have any further contact with him.
210 Finishes quest I have killed Dovor Oren.
The Warlords (MS_Warlords_a)
10 Felvan Ienith told me that Dovor Oren gained his wealth illegally, stealing from Mournhold's nobility.
20 I have convinced Felvan Ienith to consider turning himself in for his crimes, before anyone else gets hurt.
30 I have convinced Olvyne Dobar to consider turning herself in for her crimes, before anyone else gets hurt.
40 I found Dovor Oren dead in the vacant manor in Mournhold; his fellow conspirators are nowhere to be found.
50 Finishes quest Felvan Ienith and Olvyne Dobar turned themselves in for their crimes. Apparently they killed Dovor Oren when he attempted to stop them from going to the authorities. They have not implicated me in any way.