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Follow the trail of clues leading to the Dark Brotherhood in the sewers beneath Mournhold.
Quest Giver: Automatic upon your arrival at the Royal Palace of Mournhold
Location(s): Mournhold, Great Bazaar Sewers, Old Mournhold: Manor District, Temple Reception
Prerequisite Quest: Dark Brotherhood Attacks
Next Quest: The Goblin Army or Speak to the People
Reward: None
Suggested Items: Healing potions, Cure Paralyze/Poison
Suggested Level: 25
Difficulty: Medium, Some Tough Fights
Two assassins in their lair

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Travel to Mournhold and speak to any Palace Guard or High Ordinator about the Dark Brotherhood.
  2. Enter the Great Bazaar Sewers.
  3. Explore the Sewers until you find the Manor District of Old Mournhold.
  4. Enter the North Building of the Moril Manor and kill Dandras Vules, the apparent leader of the Brotherhood.
  5. Speak again to any Guard about the Dark Brotherhood.
  6. Speak with Tienius Delitian in the Throne Room of the Royal Palace, or Fedris Hler in the Reception Area of the Temple.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Mournhold Palace[edit]

After speaking with Asciene Rane about Transport to Mournhold, you will arrive in the Royal Palace of Mournhold, next to the Argonian Effe-Tei, who can teleport you back to Vvardenfell. Follow Asciene's advice and speak to any Royal Guard who is wandering around, or look for a High Ordinator in the city and ask them about the Dark Brotherhood. With a disposition over 40 they will direct to the Sewers underneath the Great Bazaar in the eastern section of town (You can skip this step).

Map of the Bazaar Sewers
Dandras has a contract on your life...

Finding the Great Bazaar[edit]

Exit to the Royal Palace Courtyard from the door next to Effe-Tei and from there onto the Plaza Brindisi Dorom. Head left following the wall to find a doorway leading to the Great Bazaar. The entrance to the Sewers you are looking for is in the southeast corner of the Great Bazaar.

Finding the Dark Brotherhood[edit]

Explore the Bazaar Sewers, watching out for undead and goblins that live down there, until you find one of the two entrances to Old Mournhold: Manor District. As soon as you enter this section, you will receive a journal entry mentioning that you have found the Dark Brotherhood's hideout (unless you skipped the step of talking to a guard before finding the entrance). It won't be long until you start to find some Dark Brotherhood members who would like nothing better than to kill you. Most of the Brotherhood members tend to respawn if you leave the area and come back anyway, so feel free to kill them all and grab their valuable Dark Brotherhood Armor.

Dandras Vules[edit]

In the northern building of the Moril Manor, you will find Dandras Vules. Vules is a tough opponent and you might want to ensure that you are fully prepared before you take him on. Once you kill him, you will find an interesting Contract on his corpse and receive a journal entry. The journal entry will tell you to go and talk to another Guard to find out more about the contract, signed by H. Any High Ordinator should direct you to speak with Fedris Hler, the Chief Steward of Almalexia in the Temple Reception Area, while any Royal Guard will direct you to speak with Tienius Delitian.

The Dark Brotherhood Contract[edit]

If you read the interesting contract carefully, you'll come to the conclusion that the employer of the Dark Brotherhood is King Hlaalu Helseth himself. If you go to Tienius Delitian, and give him the contract, he'll frankly tell you that it was King Hlaalu Helseth who wanted to kill you and he refuses to pay anymore attention to that little matter.

Next Quest[edit]

Tienius Delitian will now have an optional series of quests for the Royal Palace which will eventually lead you to Fedris Hler for the main quest, alternatively, you can choose to skip the 6 Royal Palace quests and go to Fedris Hler directly.


  • Tienius Delitian will dismiss any attempt of dialogue with a chuckle, until you have completed this quest.
  • This quest (and any of Tienius Delitian's quests up to #8) is optional if you speak to Fedris Hler right away when you arrive in Mournhold.
  • The ranks and rough order of difficulty of the Brotherhood members are:
  1. Apprentice
  2. Journeyman
  3. Operator
  4. Punisher
  5. Assassin
  • The Dark Brotherhood base is arguably the best source of continuous income in the entire game, as the armor is very light and the Dark Brotherhood members continually respawn, providing you with an unlimited supply of expensive armor to sell. The higher ranks also wield daedric tantos and Adamantium Weapons.
  • The Alteration skill book Sithis can be found on a ledge outside the door to Moril Manor, North Building.


  • Dandras Vule's death dialogue may loop. This is caused by Bloodmoon overriding certain things in Tribunal.
  • If you kill Dandras while in werewolf form, he will still try to talk to you before dying, but since NPCs can't talk to werewolves your game will instead freeze the second he dies and then crash.
  • Sometimes when Vules dies, his face will disappear, his body can be seen through walls and in other cells and he won't be lootable. This can break the quest.
    • The only way to prevent this is to avoid fighting him and use the console to progress through the quest.
  • If Vules is backed up against a wall when he dies, his body may fall in such a way that you cannot loot it. This will prevent you from picking up the contract which is required for the journal entry to progress the quest. ?
  • Vules' death and accompanying dialogue are actually scripted to occur under a certain health threshold, not when his health reaches 0. If his health is above this threshold and you deal a strong enough blow to kill him outright, the game will crash ?
  • If you kill Vules from anywhere outside his line of sight, such as by hitting him with an area-effect damage spell from where he can't see you, you will get a dialogue loop where he repeatedly says, "Who's there?"

Quest Stages[edit]

These codes can be used along with the Journal Console command and quest ID given within the chart to update the quest to a certain point.

Hunt the Dark Brotherhood (TR_DBHunt)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
1 I have found the Dark Brotherhood's hideout in the ruins of Old Mournhold.
100 I have killed Dandras Vules, the leader of the Dark Brotherhood in Mournhold. As he died, he spoke to me. "Tell my liege I have failed...." Of whom Vules was speaking, I have yet to determine. Perhaps there is some evidence in his chambers that might lead me to the one who wishes me dead.
110 Finishes quest I've found a Dark Brotherhood contract that marks me for execution. The contract was written on the order of "H." This should give me some clue as to who wants me dead. I should report my findings to a guard immediately.

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