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This article is about the faction in Tribunal. For the vanilla Morrowind faction, see Dark Brotherhood. For the Dark Brotherhood assassin activity that starts the Tribunal main quest, see Dark Brotherhood Attacks.

Dark Brotherhood
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A Dark Brotherhood assassin strikes

The Dark Brotherhood is a guild of assassins shrouded in shadow and mystery which has been active all over Tamriel. While their business is certainly not legal, their existence has typically been tolerated or ignored. Whenever an individual with legal authority takes an interest in their dealings, the Brotherhood relies upon a combination of bribery, blackmail, coercion, and murder to keep their activities hidden. They have been bitter rivals of the Morag Tong since the Second Era. The Brotherhood is also known for their worship of the Dread Father Sithis. Dark Sisters are accepted into the Brotherhood as equally as Dark Brothers, though members of either gender are often referred to as Brothers. In Tribunal, all of those who appear are male.

In Tribunal they have their own set of armor.

The Dark Brotherhood is an unjoinable faction in Tribunal. They are based in Mournhold and you will encounter them in the main quest of the Tribunal expansion.

Dark Brotherhood Ranks[edit]

0. Apprentice
1. Journeyman
2. Operator
3. Wetboy
4. Executioner
5. Punisher
6. Terminator
7. Assassin
8. Dark Brother
9. Master Assassin

There is only one "official" member of the Dark Brotherhood whose name is revealed: Dandras Vules. He is of rank Dark Brother, so he is not quite the Master of the guild (in his dying breath, he indicates that he does answer to someone else, without saying whom). That honor would probably go to the Night Mother, Severa Magia, who can be found in Ald Sotha. However, since the Dark Brotherhood faction does not technically exist without the Tribunal expansion, she is not listed as a member. Other people connected to the guild (though not necessarily members of it) would include Carecalmo, Durus Marius, Miun-Gei, Movis Darys, Hrordis and Tsrazami. It's also likely that anyone accompanying some of these people in their various hideouts are members as well. Again, since the faction didn't exist before the expansion, they are not listed as members, and determining what their ranks (if any) would be is a matter of pure conjecture. Other people thought to have had at least business relationships with the Brotherhood are the King Hlaalu Helseth, and possibly his mother, Barenziah.