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What Goes Here[edit]

There are a couple of other wikis and other information sources out there on mods, so we would like to distinguish ourselves from them in the way we approach mod information.

  • Depth over Breadth: Cover fewer mods and mod subjects, but when we do so, do so in depth.
  • No Stubs! Do not begin a mod page until you're ready to write an in-depth article.
  • No Readmes! Do not post the readme here.
  • No Reviews!
  • Utility over Exhaustion
    • In addition to the rules above, we also want to make sure that details should only be given to the depth that is likely to be useful to most mod players.
    • I.e. the goal is not to exhaustively document every fact about a given mod, but rather to produce guides that are genuinely useful to players of that mod.
    • In effect (combining this with the "Depth over Breadth" rule), this means that only fairly complicated mods should be documented here.


Specific Mods[edit]

  • Beyond Skyrim — A massive multi-team mod project to complete the majority of Tamriel and several other lands
  • Unofficial Skyrim Patch — Major mod started by Quarn and Kivan that fixes numerous bugs

Mod Management[edit]

Once you start using a lot of mods with Skyrim, you may find yourself running into a number of problems. This section is intended to help you manage your mods and save-games, and hopefully prevent a number of issues from arising in the first place.

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