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SMEN are "Story Manager Event Nodes", which are very basic event references.

C V Field Name Type/Size Info
- EDID Editor ID zstring (Only 1 with an edid.)
+ PNAM unknown formID? Always 0x5B, SMBN with edid "Root"
+ SNAM next? formID 0 or a reference to another SMEN formid.
+ CITC CTDA count uint32 Count of CTDA entries.
* CTDA Condition Data CTDA CTDA records (CITC count).
+ DNAM unknown uint32? Always 0.
+ XNAM unknown uint32? Always 0.
+ ENAM short name char[4] Event type code.

Event Type Codes[edit]

Note that some event types are not used, but are present in the game code.

Code Event Type
ADCR Crime Gold Event
ADIA Actor Dialogue Event
AFAV Player Activate Actor
AHEL Actor Hello Event
AIPL Player Add Item
ARRT Arrest Event
ASSU Assault Actor Event
BRIB Bribe
CAST Cast Magic Event
CHRR Change Relationship Rank
CLOC Change Location Event
CRFT Craft Item
CURE Player Cured
DEAD Dead Body
ESJA Escaped Jail
FLAT Flatter
INFC Player Infected
INTM Intimidate
JAIL Jail Event
KILL Kill Actor Event
LEVL Increase Level
LOCK Lock Pick
NVPE New Voice Power
PFIN Pay Fine Event
PRFV Player Recieves [sic] Favor
REMP Player Remove Item
QSTR Quest Start
SCPT Script Event
SKIL Skill Increase
STIJ Served Time
TRES Trespass Actor Event