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CTDA fields are widely used in Skyrim records to provide conditions that must be met. The format is similar to that used in Oblivion records, although there are more function indices.

In Skyrim.esm, the following types have CTDA fields: ALCH, COBJ, CPTH, ENCH, FACT, IDLE, INFO, LSCR, MESG, MGEF, MUST, PACK, PERK, QUST, SCEN, SCRL, SMBN, SMQN, SNDR, SPEL.

Related Fields[edit]

CTDA fields are often accompanied by several fields.

  • CITC (uint32) is sometimes used as a 'Condition Item Count', or a count of CTDA fields. Only certain specific cases make use of a CITC field — but in those cases, the CITC field is required, even if there are no CTDA fields (in which case CITC is 0). Therefore, occurrences of CITC fields correlate poorly with occurrences of CTDA fields.
    • Seen in types: FACT, PACK (only for procedure-specific conditions, not for overall package conditions), SMBN, SMQN, SMEN (always zero, so there are no CTDA fields), MUST
  • CIS1 (zstring) variable name, trails CTDA that uses it, replaces 1st argument in function call (value for param1 is very high, unknown if significant or arbitrary)

Field Layout[edit]

The condition is assembled into a statement of the format:

<Reference>.<Function>(<Param1>, <Param2>) <Operator> <Value>

For example,

PlayerRef.GetDistance(MQ304AlduinHideInMistSouthMarker) > 6500

(Where formids have been translated into EditorIDs to make the statement more intelligible)

Name Type/Size Info
operator uint8 Condition type where the upper 3 bits contain the compare operator and the lower 5 bits contain flags.
Compare operator (upper 3 bits)
0=Equal to
1=Not equal to
2=Greater than
3=Greater than or equal to
4=Less than
5=Less than or equal to
Flags (lower 5 bits)
0x01=OR (default is to AND conditions together)
0x02=Parameters (use aliases) : Force function parameters to use quest alias data (exclusive with "use pack data")
0x04=Use global
0x08=Use Pack Data : Force function parameters to use pack data (exclusive with "use aliases")
0x10=Swap Subject and Target?
unknown uint8[3] Unused data?
ComparisonValue formid/float Value against which the function result is compared or a GLOB formid if the UseGlobal flag is set
FunctionIndex uint16 Function index. See Functions for a list of function indices. Most of the Oblivion indices are still valid, but hundreds of new functions have been added. The value in this field is the index given on the above page, minus 4096.
padding uint8[2] Padding (may be non-zero, but the bytes are unused)
All Functions Except GetEventData
param1 formID/int32 First parameter. This can be a number or a Form ID depending on the function; zero if no parameters needed. Note that if param1 is a string type then there will be a CIS1 subrecord following the CTDA with the string.
param2 formID/int32 Second parameter. This can be a number of a Form ID depending on the function; zero if second parameter is not needed. Note that if param2 is a string type then there will be a CIS2 subrecord following the CTDA with the string.
param1 uint16 Event Function. (Enumeration - specifics still need to be documented.)
param2 char[2] Event Member. (See below.)
param3 formID Third parameter.
RunOnType uint32 How to apply the condition
0 = Subject
1 = Target
2 = Reference (see next field)
3 = Combat Target
4 = Linked Reference: Use a reference linked to another reference
5 = Quest Alias: Use quest alias data
6 = Package Data:
7 = Event Data: Use radiant event data
reference formID Function reference. For example, if the function is "isDead", the function is applied to the object in the function reference. Zero if no reference needed.
unknown int32 Always -1.

Event Member[edit]

Codes for each event member depend on the event type. Note that some event types are not used, but are present in the game code.

Event Type Code Value
Actor Dialogue Event L1 Location
R1 Actor 1
R2 Actor 2
Actor Hello Event L1 Location
R1 Actor 1
R2 Actor 2
Arrest Event R1 ArestingGuard [sic]
R2 Criminal
L1 Location
V1 iCrimeType
Assault Actor Event R1 Victim
R2 Attacker
L1 Location
V1 Crime
Bribe R1 Actor
V1 Gold Value
Cast Magic Event R1 CastingActor
R2 SpellTarget
L1 Location
F1 SpellForm
Change Location Event R1 Actor
L1 Old Location
L2 New Location
Change Relationship Rank R1 NPC 1
R2 NPC 2
V1 Old Relationship
V2 New Relationship
Craft Item R1 Workbench
L1 BenchLocation
O1 CreatedObject
Crime Gold Event R1 Victim
R2 Criminal
F1 Crime Faction
V1 Gold Value
V2 iCrimeType
Dead Body R1 Actor
R2 Dead Actor
L1 Location
Escape Jail L1 Location
F1 pCrimeGroup
Flatter R1 Actor
Increase Level V1 New Level
Intimidate R1 Actor
Jail Event R1 hGuard
F1 pCrimeGroup
L1 Location
V1 Crime Gold
Kill Actor Event R1 Victim
R2 Killer
L1 Location
V1 Crime Status
V2 Relationship Rank to Killer before Death
Lock Pick R1 Actor
R2 Lock Object
New Voice Power R1 Actor
F1 Voice Power
Pay Fine Event R1 hCriminal
R2 hGuard
F1 pCrimeGroup
V1 Crime Gold
Player Activate Actor L1 Location
R1 Actor (one extra space is present after name)
Player Add Item R1 OwnerRef
R2 OriginalContainer
L1 Location
F1 ObjectForm
V1 AquireType [sic]
Player Cured F1 Infection
Player Infected R1 Transmitting Actor
F1 Infection
Player Recieves [sic] Favor R1 Actor
Player Remove Item R1 OwnerRef
R2 ItemRef
L1 Location
F1 ObjectForm
V1 RemoveType
Quest Start Q1 Quest
Script Event K1 Keyword
L1 Location
R1 Ref 1
R2 Ref 2
V1 Value 1
V2 Value 2
Served Time L1 Location
F1 pCrimeGroup
V1 Crime Gold
V2 Days Jail
Skill Increase V1 Skill
Trespass Actor Event R1 Victim
R2 Trespasser
L1 Location
V1 Crime