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CELL forms describe cells.

Record header flags:

0x00000400 - Persistent Cell?
0x00020000 - Off Limits
0x00080000 - Can't Wait
C Field Type Info
- EDID zstring Cell editor ID
- FULL lstring In game name of the cell. Only in interior cells.
+ DATA uint16 flags - Sometimes the field is only one byte long
0x0001 - Interior
0x0002 - Has Water
0x0004 - not Can't Travel From Here - only valid for interior cells
0x0008 - No LOD Water
0x0020 - Public Area
0x0040 - Hand Changed
0x0080 - Show Sky
0x0100 - Use Sky Lighting
- XCLC struct (X, Y) grid location of the cell followed by flags. Always in exterior cells and never in interior cells.
int32 - X
int32 - Y
uint32 - flags (high bits look random)
0x1 - Force Hide Land Quad 1
0x2 - Force Hide Land Quad 2
0x4 - Force Hide Land Quad 3
0x8 - Force Hide Land Quad 4
- XCLL struct 92 byte structure - Lighting
rgb Ambient
rgb Directional
rgb Fog Near
float Fog Near
float Fog Far
int Rotation XY
int Rotation Z
float Directional Fade
float Fog Clip Dist
float Fog Pow
rgb Ambient X+
rgb Ambient X-
rgb Ambient Y+
rgb Ambient Y-
rgb Ambient Z+
rgb Ambient Z-
rgb Specular Color? not shown in CK - assumed from LGTM
float Fresnel Power? not shown in CK, usually 1 - assumed from LGTM
rgb Fog Far
float Fog Max
float Light Fade Distances Start
float Light Fade Distances End
uint32 Inherit flags - controls which parts are inherited from Lighting Template
0x0001 - Ambient Color
0x0002 - Directional Color
0x0004 - Fog Color
0x0008 - Fog Near
0x0010 - Fog Far
0x0020 - Directional Rot
0x0040 - Directional Fade
0x0080 - Clip Distance
0x0100 - Fog Power
0x0200 - Fog Max
0x0400 - Light Fade Distances

this field has only 64 bytes in NavMeshGenCellDUPLICATE001

- TVDT 684 bytes
- MHDT 1028 bytes
- XCGD struct Only found in Xbox360 and PS3 official DLC, not supported by CK
uint32 - Count of substructures? Seems plausible, but doesn't always seem to match up.
uint32 - String length, including null-terminator (like bzstring, but with a uint32 length)
char[String length] - File name (looks to always be .nif files)
? - Other data here, but unclear what it is or what delineates the next file.
+ LTMP formID The lighting template for this cell.
- LNAM 4 bytes
+ XCLW float Non-ocean water-height in cell, is used for rivers, ponds etc., ocean-water is globally defined elsewhere.
  • 0x7F7FFFFF reserved as ID for "no water present", it is also the maximum positive float.
  • 0x4F7FFFC9 is a bug in the CK, this is the maximum unsigned integer 2^32-1 cast to a float and means the same as above
  • 0xCF000000 could be a bug as well, this is the maximum signed negative integer -2^31 cast to a float
- XNAM 1 byte
- XCLR formID[] Regions containing the cell (assumed from Oblivion).
Fields below this line can appear in any order.
- XLCN formID The location for (of?) this cell.
- XWCS uint32 Size of XWCU/16 - CK changes this into use of XWCN Always has the value three in Skyrim.esm.
- XWCN uint32 Size of XWCU/16 Only one occurrence - 0x04
- XWCU struct[] Water Current, series of 16 byte structures, minimum 3
float X
float Y
float Z
float? unknown

Unclear how structures are matched up to "Linear Velocity" and "Angular Velocity" shown in CK

- XCWT formID The water for (of?) this cell.
- XOWN formID Owner NPC or Faction (assumed from Oblivion). Only in interior cells.
- XILL formID ID of an NPC_ or FLST. Only in interior cells.
- XWEM zstring Water Environment Map only interior cells
- XCCM formID Climate if interior cell behaves like exterior cell (assumed from Oblivion). Only in interior cells.
- XCAS formID The acoustic space for this cell.
- XEZN formID A reference to an encounter zone.
- XCMO formID The music type for this cell.
- XCIM formID The image space for this cell.

The last four bytes in XCLC do not appear to be a form ID. The following values appear 100 or more times in those last four bytes:

Count Value
100 53bd00
279 53ba00
360 53d400
586 0
586 53d200
5881 53fd00
8397 53d100

The less frequent values show a distribution of values that makes them look like a bitmap.