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This article lists all of the keys that can be found in Stirk, including information on where the key is found and what door or chest is opened by the key.



Abbreviations in superscript give additional information about people, keys or locks:

  • KR (Lock property): The lock is not pickable with a lockpick. You will need the actual key to open this lock.
  • CR (Lock property): Opening this lock is a crime, even if you possess the key for it.
  • QI (Key property): The key is a quest item; it can't be dropped. Most keys lose this property after their associated quest is solved (though sometimes they are removed from your inventory instead).
  • RI (Key property): The key is removed from your inventory after its associated quest is completed.
  • NP (Found property): You cannot pickpocket this key, you must receive it through dialogue with the person.


Name Object ID Found Opens
Amatius Manor Key xx00E49A Jonuni Amatius, Selvia Amatius Amatius Manor in Stirk CR


Name Object ID Found Opens
Broken Fang Cave Key xx002616 Broken Fang Goblin Shaman, Broken Fang Goblin War Chief The Rickety Fence Gate in Broken Fang Cave


Name Object ID Found Opens
Display Key xx00B701 On a shelf in a bookcase in one of the round rooms in Fort Stirk, Entrance Hall The four display cases in Fort Stirk


Name Object ID Found Opens
Eulius Bookstore Key xx00EA32 Alenion Eulius, Amarius Eulius Eulius Brothers' Book Store in Stirk CR
Eulius Bookstore Key2QI xx005BF2 Amarius Eulius during the Errands for the Eulius Brothers quest Unlocks and locks the Eulius Brothers' Book Store NP


Name Object ID Found Opens
Father Ambrogio's Key QI xx00F636 Rogkuroth gro-Budok during the Father in Trouble quest Door to and out of Father Ambrogio's Quarters in Stirk Chapel, the door to Polle Gold Mine's Upper Shaft from Polle Gold Mine's Main Shaft NP KR


Name Object ID Found Opens
Light House Key xx00EF30 Julia Basilla The side door and the trapdoor to the private quarters in Basilla Lighthouse CR


Name Object ID Found Opens
Mine Key QI xx000D42 Winston during The Abandoned Miner quest Polle Gold Mine's Abandoned Shaft NP KR


Name Object ID Found Opens
Polle Gold Mine, Lower Shaft Key QI xx005FD5 Winston or Therander Polle during the Strange Noises quest Polle Gold Mine's Lower Shaft NP KR


Name Object ID Found Opens
Strange Key QI xx002FAD Amarius Eulius during the A Little Help from my Friends quest Set of three gates in Vassa
Stirk Chapel Key xx00EA30 Father Ambrogio The trapdoors to Father Ambrogio's private quarters in Stirk Chapel CR KR *
Stirk Dungeon Key xx00E9E5 Stirk Jailor, a Stirk Guard The prison cell door, Helga's cell's door, the door to the cells and the stolen evidence chest
Stirk Manor Key xx00228F Castameloria Stirk, Dupineon, Interim Captain Cartello Stirk, Morihatha Stirk, Therander Polle, Sevillus Stirk All of the display cases, the two doors to Stirk and the one leading upstairs from the ground floor of Stirk Manor and all of the display cases, the chest and the desk in the second floor CR KR **

* While the trapdoor leading to the private quarters has a pickable lock, the one leading back to the chapel is key-requiring
** Only two display cases (one on the ground floor and one on the second floor) are key-requiring

Note on Object IDs[edit]

The first two digits of all the Object IDs are given as "xx" because the actual digits will depend upon how many plug-ins or mods you have installed and the order in which you have installed them. For example, if Stirk is the only plug-in you have installed, the first two digits will be "01".