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Added by Add-On Tamriel Rebuilt, Map 1
# of Zones 2
Mine Type Glass
# of Samples 7
Console Location Code(s)
Molagreahd, [30,11]

Palisnabat is a small glass mine southeast of Ranyon-ruhn that leads to the Dwemer ruin of Archtumz.

It lies roughly halfway between Ranyon-ruhn and Llothanis, but is considerably easier to reach from the former. Head out of town and follow the road east until it crosses the Sirouada again. Leave the road and travel east, and the entrance to the mine will be found set into the foot of the nearby mountains.

In the cave to the east are three crates filled with random Dwemer items. These are unowned and can be taken from under the eyes of Niran Fancelle. Seven veins of glass-bearing rock can be found in the mine, and the newly unearthed entrance to Archtumz lies in the southwest. In addition to Niran, a single Imperial guard patrols the mine. Unlike most guards, he will not welcome you to the mine, and will insist that you leave. You either have to sneak around him or dispose of him in a less subtle manner.

Related Quests[edit]



Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Niran Fancelle Male&M Breton Mage 5 50 134 0 30


Map of Palisnabat