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Logo for Map 1 - Telvannis

Telvannis was the first map to be released by the Tamriel Rebuilt team. The latest version is bundled in with Antediluvian Secrets. It covers the north-eastern part of Mainland Morrowind, as well as the Telvanni isles.

The first public release (v1.0) was on September 23, 2006. A second public release (v1.11) , with many bugs fixed happened on February 20, 2007. This second version integrated, with permission, parts of two mods that had been made for the first: Slartibartfast's landscape fix, and Gez's connection plugin adding more silt strider paths. On August 3, Telvannis was elected "Best RPG Mod" in the GameFlood contest [1]. The first quested version (v2.0) was released on March 25, 2008. An updated version was packaged with Antediluvian Secrets, but the very latest version was released with Sacred East on June 6, 2012 as part of the TR_Mainland.esm file.

A few of the main locations on Telvannis are Port Telvannis, the capital of House Telvanni, Firewatch, the seat of Imperial power in the district, Tel Ouada, Gah Sadrith, Ranyon-ruhn, and Llothanis. As of June 2012, most quests for this map are available, but more quest lines, including a main quest line, will be part of the final version.

Recent plans indicate that Telvannis will someday be redone to fit modern TR quality, though nothing of the sort should be expected for many years.


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