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Great House Dres

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Grand Magnate:


Favored Skills:
Favored Attributes:
Friends & Foes:
Camonna Tong 2
Clan Aundae -2
Clan Berne -2
Clan Quarra -2
East Emp. Comp. -3
East Emp. Comp. -1
Mainland Fighters Guild -2
Fighters Guild -1
Great House Dres 3
Great House Indoril 1
Mainland Great House Hlaalu -3
House Hlaalu -1
Mainland Great House Redoran 1*
Mainland Great House Telvanni 2
House Telvanni 1
Mainland Imperial Cult -3
Imperial Cult -1
Mainland Imperial Legion -3*
Mainland Mages Guild -2
Mages Guild -1
Mainland Tribunal Temple 1*
Mainland Thieves Guild -2
Thieves Guild -1
Twin Lamps -3
† Mainland Faction
‡ Vvardenfell Faction
* Both Mainland and Vvardenfell Factions.
Areas of Morrowind controlled by House Dres (blue areas)
A member from the House of Dres can be only of Dunmer descent. Or, as the festering outlander population calls us, Dark Elf. We of House Dres are noble and true to the land of Morrowind. Dres is one of the few houses that have kept the old traditions alive and preserved that which would otherwise be lost. This book is dedicated to the true people of Morrowind; those who have the will to stand up to the ruthlessness and misguidance of the invading Imperials. For the others who read this, you are not welcome to continue. -- True Sapience of Dres Nobility

House Dres is one of the Great Houses of Morrowind, with presence only on the mainland. It governs the Dres District of south-eastern Morrowind from the city of Tear. The district includes the fertile Deshaan plain, and borders Indoril District and the swamps and marshes of Black Marsh.

Dres itself is a confederacy of minor houses. The council is made up of the Patriarchs of each Minor House in Dres, which still have their distinct identities, unlike the other houses. Over time, some of the houses have come under the suzerainty of other minor houses, so that a member of a different house will be their patriarch.

The Dres had a mainly rural but still very wealthy agrarian agricultural society, maintaining vast saltrice plantations on the plains and marshes surrounding Tear. The Dres were also the Dunmer that enslaved and shipped slaves to the other Great Houses, keeping thousands of captives, mostly Argonians, in their infamous slave-pens of Tear and the surrounding plantations.

House Dres is a society without generosity, innovation and luxury. They are xenophobic, hateful, and stern. Dres are the Dunmerest Dunmer, the ones who never smile. Even more so than other houses, the Dres are taciturn and unapproachable. Even rather insignificant things are considered hard-won knowledge that can only be shared within the Great House or even vassal minor House or family. Faction members will often refuse to give directions and asking them about "a little secret" will likely piss them off. The Dres have a deep-seated belief in their traditions, which are more ancient and less modern than any other house. They are dubious of change, of new inventions or new customs. They value hard work, and though their success has largely come as a result of shameful dealings, they regard it as the result of their hard work, a bit hypocritically. They do not indulge themselves like the Indoril & Hlaalu do.

Their specific Tribunal is Sotha Sil.

Favored Skills[edit]

Destruction, Hand-to-hand, Illusion, Mercantile, Short Blade, Speechcraft.

Great House Dres Ranks[edit]

Rank Required Attributes Required Skills
0. Hireling Speed 30 Willpower 30
1. Retainer Speed 30 Willpower 30 One skill at 10
2. Oathman Speed 30 Willpower 30 One skill at 20
3. Lawman Speed 31 Willpower 30 One skill at 30 and two at 5
4. Kinsman Speed 32 Willpower 30 One skill at 40 and two at 10
5. Adept Speed 33 Willpower 31 One skill at 50 and two at 15
6. Mouth Speed 35 Willpower 32 One skill at 60 and two at 20
7. Overseer Speed 36 Willpower 33 One skill at 70 and two at 25
8. Magnate Speed 38 Willpower 34 One skill at 80 and two at 30
9. Grand Magnate Speed 40 Willpower 35 One skill at 90 and two at 35

Great House Dres Members[edit]

Name Gender Race Class Ranking Location Comments
Ardur Salvendu Male Dunmer Noble 4 Kinsman Port Telvannis [43,17]
Dres Bodyguard Male Dunmer Warrior 0 Hireling Port Telvannis [43,17]