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Book Information
Added by Mod Tamriel Rebuilt
ID TR_m2_bk_Diary_Ind_Priest
Value 50 Weight 3
Found in the following locations:
A Diary

Tirdas, 11 First Seed
We have arrived at the ancient site and are ready to begin our work. The garrison here is, of course, completely willing to aid us in whatever way I see necessary in our search for the item. They have vacated the lower level and left it to our use.

Fredas, 26 First Seed
The tunnels here are not secure. There was a cave-in at the northern end. Luckily, my quarters are not near there. The laborer's escaped harm as well, though the Indoril soldier patrolling the hall has suffered a fracture. I have attended to him, and we may now continue in our excavations, hopefully without any further interruptions.

Middas, 7 Rain's Hand
The excavation is proceeding wonderfuly. We must be getting closer to our objective, praise ALMSIVI! The object we seek will not evade our grasp for much longer. When it is found, we will return it to its rightful home in the Temple.
They can not overlook the fact that it is I who have returned this artifact to the Temple. This is my key to a future deep within the heart of Almalexia!

Loredas, 17 Rain's Hand
The drunken idiots! I should take away their liquor for this! Faren turns to look at me as I stride through their quarters on my way to the pit, and falls backward in his seat at the table. With no reflexes whatsoever, he lets his head hit the stone floor! It will take months to heal properly! He was one of my hardest workers, if not the smartest. This will be a major setback. I might need to hire another laborer.