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What Goes Here[edit]

There are a few other wikis and other information sources out there on mods (third-party game add-ons), such as Great House Fliggerty, NexusMods, and Morrowind Modding History. So, we would like to distinguish ourselves from them in the way we approach mod information:

  • Depth over Breadth: Cover fewer mods and mod subjects, but when we do so, do so in depth.
  • No Stubs! Do not begin a mod page until you're ready to write an in-depth article.
  • No Readmes! Do not post the readme here.
  • No Reviews!
  • Utility over Exhaustion
    • In addition to the rules above, we also want to make sure that details should only be given to the depth that is likely to be useful to most mod players.
    • I.e. the goal is not to exhaustively document every fact about a given mod, but rather to produce guides that are genuinely useful to players of that mod.
    • In effect (combining this with the "Depth over Breadth" rule), this means that only fairly complicated mods should be documented here.

This namespace is also used for articles on official Bethesda material primarily of interest to modders (e.g. Construction Set and Engine Bugs), and alternative game engines (e.g. OpenMW).


Lists and Comparisons[edit]

Specific Mods[edit]

New Lands
  • Morrowind Code Patch — Attempts to fix everything that can't be fixed by the Construction Set
  • Morrowind Patch Project — A collaborative effort to fix many of the bugs, oversights, and annoyances in Morrowind and its expansions
  • Patch for Purists — Another, actively developed bug fixing compilation, alternatively used instead of the above Morrowind Patch Project. These two patches are mutually incompatible.
  • LGNPC — A community-based project to add individuality to NPC dialogues
  • Living Cities — Living Cities of Vvardenfell adds schedules to many of the NPCs in Vvardenfell. Project page for bug reports, proposals, and/or technical information.
  • Morrowind Overhaul — A comprehensive compilation of many popular and "essential" mods that (as the name suggests) completely overhaul the graphics, sound, and gameplay of Morrowind. Planned to be released in two packages that affect graphics/sound and gameplay respectively. The first is already out, the second is currently being worked on. Fully compatible with Tamriel Rebuilt.

Mod Management[edit]

Once you start using a lot of mods with Morrowind, you'll find yourself running into a number of problems. This section is intended to help you manage your mods and savegames and resolve the problems that you'll encounter.

Note that some problems (especially dirty saves) are more easily prevented than repaired! So a little reading now may save you some grief later.

  • Dirty Saves — The definition of a "dirty save"
  • Doubling — Explanation for seeing two or more of something; also called "doubling"
  • Leveled Lists — Leveled lists problems and solutions
  • Repairing Saves — How to repair dirty saves
  • World Map — How to update the world map after adding/removing mods
  • Tools — A fairly complete list of tools for both users and modders. Note: Includes out of date and/or hard to find tools.
    • Tool Features — Lists of which tools have a particular feature

Alternative Game Englnes[edit]

  • OpenMW – A ground-up, open-source reimplementation of a Morrowind engine along modern principles, and usable on Mac OS and Linux as well as MS Windows. It requires the original Morrowind game files (but does not use its executables, and has its own configuration file). Is compatible with Tribunal, Bloodmoon, and all other official expansions and add-ons. It is also compatible with most third-party mods, though not all of them (it has stricter code parsing than Bethesda's original engine, so script errors that Morrowind.exe would ignore may cause OpenMW to fail to compile a mod's scripts, or occasionally to crash). For known working and non-working mods, see the Mod Status page at the OpenMW wiki for details on mod compatibility. OpenMW has its own mod file format, .omwaddon, though it also reads the original .esp, .esm, and .bsa formats. Also has its own savegame format; it cannot be used with vanilla savegames, though there is an importing process. As of 2017, it is in long-term beta testing, and is fully playable, including all quests, factions, classes, races, and birthsigns.
  • TES3MP – An experimental multiplayer, networked version, based on OpenMW. As of 2017, it is in alpha testing, and has provisionally resolved the problem that key NPCs have to be available, in independent states, for all players at all times. Links: developer and player forumplayer RedditGitHub

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