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Bugs Purge[edit]

I've edited the page for what I know, and so far, with just Windhelm to go, Tullius refuses to even give me the dialogue for the missive to release Thorald, and I sincerely doubt that it has been fixed officially given that so-called 'confirmations' align with the USKPs fix which allows it to happen when you join the Legion. I shall shortly be able to confirm this for certain, but sleep-deprivation must be avoided.

There was a bug listing that if you pickpocket Jon and try to extort him, then pick up the missive, he won't turn up to the shrine. Well that ain't a bug, its because you took the missive so he couldn't find it in order to bring it, so there'd be no point turning up empty handed. Another bug listing that was unconfirmed was the very very common slow spawning by an NPC follower through a loading area, with the fixes confirming this by basically saying 'wait a bit'. Another unconfirmed said you must pass through the right door, but neglects to say on which building this may occur, and is not necessary anyway. Silence is GoldenBreak the Silence 03:22, 25 January 2017 (UTC)