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Staying Green[edit]

how long you should wait for the first spell to wear off? please reply asap, because i seem stuck with green skin :( — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 22:11 on 11 November 2011

Normally, the effect wears off after a few hours - I can not recall exactly but I think it were 15 hours.
If you got the bug where everything stays green, you do the following:
- Open Console, and enter 'player.addspell 000EA5EA' [ENTER].
- Cast your new spell (Brelynas Practice Spell) onto any npc around (The Magic will be applied to you too.)
- Now wait until the effect wears off (Try sleeping a few hours, or simply wait using the T-Shortcut)
- Enter 'player.removespell 000EA5EA' [ENTER], to get rid of the spell again.
Took me a few hours to find this workaround - I had this Bug today too. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 19:10 on 20 November 2011
You can see the effect and the remaining time in your active effects menu (magic). The effect normally lasts for 10 minutes. --Irian 19:23, 20 November 2011 (UTC)
If you have magic resistance or you are under the effect of The_Atronach_Stone you will have a good chance to resist/absorb her spell. When you don't catch that effect you'll have no counter at all but the quest is waiting for that counter. 20:09, 28 November 2011 (UTC)
my character is under the spell right now and some people comment about me looking green but i cant do anything to get rid of would i do this on my xbox? — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 02:46 on 5 December 2011


The Reward is actually just a leveled Resist Magic necklace and the strength is directly linked to your level when you begin the quest. Lord Eydvar 23:10, 2 January 2012 (UTC)

I made it more vague because I dont believe its exactly tied to level, I was level 65 when I started/finished quest and I got a 12% resist necklace--Lord.Baal 20:44, 7 January 2012 (UTC)
Okies good, yeah it just seems to be a random Resist Magic necklace. I'm betting the top one you could get is level related but that you can get any of the ones you qualify for. Lord Eydvar 05:36, 8 January 2012 (UTC)
It is level-dependent, but uses a level list that allows all lower-level versions to still appear. Full details have been added to the article. --NepheleTalk 06:23, 8 January 2012 (UTC)
If only I had the PC version, I just go off what I see on the PS3, Thanks Nephele for fixing up the article and adding the table, its much better and next time I start a new character ill try to do the quest before level 8.--Lord.Baal 08:10, 8 January 2012 (UTC)
I've done the quest before level 8 several times and never got anything for it. 00:07, 20 January 2012 (UTC)

Unlimited Magicka Bug[edit]

Has anyone found a sure-fire way to get rid of this bug for the PC? I read elsewhere that resting will get rid of this, but that hasn't worked, nor has waiting. Having unlimited magicka/magicka replenishing just isn't fun and I want it gone.

Think I may have found the solution to this problem. I had th same issue; it wasn't due to Brelyna but from the Illusion Mage's quest to remove the impurities from the magic wells in Winterhold. His "unintendex effects", in this case, registered as Fortify Magicka 100 pts., which I suppose is akin to having unlimited magicka. It wore off and all was well. 02:28, 21 January 2012 (UTC)kenosis

Brelyna's Practice Spell not related to the "unlimited magicka" that people are experiencing. This comes from the quest "Out of Balance" which consists of activating or "tuning" the focal points around the school for Drevis Neloren, the master of Illusion. The G00D Job 03:49, 27 April 2012 (UTC)


The first thing I thought of when stuck with this spell for a few minutes was just to wait an hour. Waiting does have an effect, but it is attenuated. Every time I waited one hour, the remaining time for the spell to be in effect decreased by three minutes. -- 19:48, 7 February 2012 (UTC)

Hour-long buff?[edit]

After the miniquest was completed, I checked Active Effects again and a buff was there called something like "Brelyna's Practice Spell: +1 with Brelyna's practice spell for one hour." What is this buff, and what does it do? 20:49, 13 April 2012 (UTC)

As near as I can tell in the Creation Kit, it's just a leftover from Brelyna turning you into the various animals. I'm not sure why they made it an hour long. Robin Hoodtalk 05:20, 6 May 2012 (UTC)

After completing the quest I too gained "Brelyna's Pratice Spell: +1" and when I continued to do Azure's quest my magicka was rapidly regenerating and later it stopped and I didn't know why, but when i realoaded I assumed that could be the only reason why it regenerated faster.

Is this a glitch?[edit]

Her last spell just sent me home... — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 05:02 on 6 June 2012

Can you clarify the question? Are you saying you were transported back to your house in one of the walled cities? The Silencer speaksTalk 23:06, 23 June 2012 (UTC)

Rare Bug[edit]

I see no other postings on this bug, but when I was constantly reloading the autosave before I waited one more hour to get rid of the initial green effect (the resist magic necklace is determined when it enters your inventory from what I can tell), and Brelyna actually missed with the last spell once. I redid the last portion of the quest at least 20 times I think, and one time she missed when she went to cast the spell to make my character reappear and the dog disappear. She paused, then continued on as if she succeeded. That's when I found out what I had suspected all along: my character was just made invisible and the animals appeared NEXT to where my character was still standing. I tested this suprise glitch out a little, but quickly discovered from the unresponsive dog that remained right where Brelyna summoned it and by stealing from Enthir in plain sight that my character was apparently perfectly visible to everyone and everything in the game; just not me. Weapons worked fine too, but of course they were also invisible. I was using Dawnbreaker, and even its glow was gone. Enthir still burned when I took a swing before reloading to fix the glitch, of course.-- 21:40, 23 June 2012 (UTC)

Skill Reset Bug[edit]

I just went through Brelyna's second round of quests and when she was finished testing on me, I went on to finish up my Illusion Master Spells quest. Drevis would not give me the dialogue to finish the quest. Upon further inspection I realized that all of the skills I had lvl'd up to 100 were reset to lvl 15. I was thankfully able to reload from a previous save but the next two times this happened again. Finally, I reloaded the last time, went to Drevis first and then talked to Brelyna to finish up her quest and all of my skills stayed at 100. Has anyone else run into this situation? --- Eglyntine -- "Fairness Is An Illusion We Do Not Provide Here..." - NLM - -- 13:23, 23 September 2012 (GMT)

Atronach Stone[edit]

Maybe there could be a note about the 50% Absorption bonus making it almost certain her spell will fail and bug the quest? I know it applies to Magicka Absorb coming from any source, but I feel it's worth it to mention the stone in particular because it's an especially big bonus and I imagine many people make a beeline for the Atronach Stone as soon as they learn where it is, especially if they are playing a mage who will do the College questline. Took me a visit to this page for me to realize a bug occured - I didn't know I should actually become green, thought it was just a joke.-- 19:07, 25 October 2012 (GMT)

Images of transformations[edit]

Is the third transformation picture (the one of the purple transformation aura) really necessary? It doesn't really illustrate the effects of the spells like the rest of the images, so including it makes the whole set seem more like a slide show than static images, and I'm not sure that's the kind of thing we should be going for in an encyclopedic entry. ThuumofReason (talk) 21:44, 20 January 2014 (GMT)