Skyrim:Shrouded Hood

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Unique Item: Shrouded Hood (000cf8a1)
Type Hood
Editor ID DBClothesHood
Weight Weight 0.5 Value Value 1485
Sneaking is 25% better:
Shrouded Hood

A Shrouded Hood is a cowl designed for use by members of the Dark Brotherhood, as reflected by its dour look and enchantment. Its grim appearance is reinforced by the other clothing items that make up its set, which include hand wraps, robes, and shoes. The hood has been enchanted to fortify sneaking, making it easier to remain hidden from prying eyes and attentive ears.


  • This hood is classified as a helmet, i.e., armor, but is not governed by either the light armor or heavy armor skill. Instead of having the keyword "ArmorHelmet", it should have the keywords "ArmorClothing" and "ClothingHead".