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This article is about the mercenaries randomly encountered through Skyrim. For other mercenaries, see Mercenary.

Location Radiant
Race Radiant Gender Radiant
Level PC×1.1 (min=6) Class Destruction Mage
RefID N/A BaseID N/A
Other Information
Health 50+(PC-1.1)×9.2
Magicka 150+(PC-1.1)×7.3
Stamina 70
Moral. No Crime Aggress. Unaggressive
Faction(s) WEUnaggressiveAdventurerFaction
A male Breton mercenary

These Mercenaries are non-hostile NPCs who can be randomly encountered in the wilderness. They can be bribed, intimidated, or persuaded to mark a random dungeon location on your map.


When you first approach him/her, s/he will say "There's been word of some trouble nearby. I'm on my way to investigate." If you ask him/her where s/he's headed, s/he'll reply "I probably shouldn't tell everyone who asks. This is important business, you know." You will then have a number of dialogue options, which will result in unique replies:

Player Choice Mercenary Response
Understandable. Be on your way. Thanks for wasting my time.
I could save you a lot of trouble...
Succeed: If you really want to do my job for me... Here, I'll mark the location on your map.
Fail: No, I think I've got this one. Thanks, though.
Tell me where you're going before someone gets hurt.
Succeed: All right, all right! No need to get violent. We're on the same side. I'll mark it on your map. This one's on you.
Fail: Someone's going to get hurt, all right. (Attack)
Whatever you're getting paid, I'll double it.
You want to pay me to do my job? Fine. I'll mark the location on your map.

If your choice ends in a non-hostile result, s/he'll then tell you "Just make sure to take care of whatever's going on there. It's my name on the line." and say "Now I have some time to kill..." as you leave.


  • May start mining ore veins if you successfully manage to find what location s/he was heading.

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