Skyrim:Cicero's Gloves

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Unique Item: Cicero's Gloves (0006492d, 000cee74)
Type Gloves
Editor ID DBClothesJesterGlovesCicero
Weight Weight 0.5 Value Value 175/125 (Jester)
Double sneak attack damage with one-handed weapons:
Cicero's Gloves

Cicero's Gloves are the gloves worn by their eponymous owner, Cicero. These gloves are a part of a set that also include Cicero's boots, clothing, and hat. As Cicero sees himself as a jester, his clothing's outward appearance reflect this. The gloves are primarily black, with golden trimming at the opening of the glove. The gloves have been enchanted to double the damage of backstabs.

Cicero's Gloves can be obtained during The Cure for Madness. If Cicero is slain during this quest, his equipment set can be freely retrieved from his corpse. Another version of this item, the more generic Jester's Gloves, can easily be acquired during the same quest. While entering the Dawnstar Sanctuary, the full set of Jester's equipment can be found upon a table right after entering the sanctuary. Cicero's Gloves and the Jester's Gloves are virtually identical, except for Cicero's Gloves being worth fifty more gold than the Jester version.

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