Skyrim:Haknir's Shoal

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Haknir's Shoal
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Clearable Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 10
Pirate, Pirate Captain, Pirate Mage
Important Treasure
Deathbrand treasure map
Deathbrand Helm
East Empire Pendant
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2HaknirsShoalExterior01, DLC2HaknirsTreasurePOI02
Northwest of Skaal Village
East of Benkongerike
Haknir's Shoal

Haknir's Shoal is a small camp in northeastern Solstheim, on a sandbank due northwest of Skaal Village. It is inhabited by a pirate, a pirate mage, and their pirate captain.

Related Quests[edit]

Haknir's Shoal[edit]

There be pirates!

The pirates will attack as soon as they see you, once you have taken care of them looting the pirate captain will result in you getting the Deathbrand treasure map. It will complete the misc quest to search for the treasure of Haknir Death-Brand and initiate the quest Deathbrand. A campfire sits at the middle of the camp with a wooden plate containing a venison chop beside the fire. There are three tents pitched around it. The tent nearest the small boat contains a bed roll only and to the left of the tent is a firewood pile, a woodcutter's axe and a medium coin purse. The middle tent contains a bed roll with wooden plate holding a grilled chicken breast and a baked potato and at the back of the tent is an expert-locked East Empire Company strongbox. To the west of this tent is a mead barrel on a rock with a random potion, three sacks and a random healing potion beside it. The tent nearest land contains a bed roll, a bottle of ale, a pair of random light boots and two food sacks. Outside this tent on the left is a knapsack.

The treasure

To the northwest of the campfire is an expert-locked Ancient Chest containing Deathbrand Helm. There are two orichalcum ore veins, the first is west-northwest of the ancient chest and the other is north of the campfire. Around the campsite are nine spiky grass plants, a nirnroot and to the northeast a clam that can be harvested for clam meat. There is a small boat at the edge of the water to the north of the camp, inside the boat is a random light armor shield, two crates, four sacks and a random mace.

On the shoreline opposite the shoal there are more spiky grass plants, two more nirnroots and a horker.