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Added by Dawnguard
Value 5 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Resist Magic Resist Magic
2nd Fear Fear
3rd Regenerate Health Regenerate Health
4th Paralysis Paralysis
# Samples 2
Plant Gleamblossom
# Plants 66
Merchant Avail. None
A gleamblossom plant

Gleamblossom is harvested from the flower of the same name.


2 Effects[edit]

Desired Effect Combine with:
Fear Fear Paralysis Paralysis Netch JellyDB
Fear Fear Regenerate Health Regenerate Health Namira's Rot

1 Effect[edit]

Desired Effect Combine with:
Resist Magic Resist Magic Bleeding Crown, Chicken's Egg, Crimson Nirnroot, Felsaad Tern FeathersDB, Hagraven Claw, Hawk's EggHF, Lavender, Nirnroot, Tundra Cotton, Void Salts, Wisp Wrappings
Fear Fear Blue Dartwing, Cyrodilic Spadetail, Daedra Heart, Poison BloomDG, Powdered Mammoth Tusk
Regenerate Health Regenerate Health Alocasia FruitCC, AmbrosiaCC, Emperor Parasol MossDB, Garlic, Gnarl BarkCC, Juniper Berries, Luna Moth Wing, Minotaur HornCC, Nordic Barnacle, Ogre's TeethCC, Vampire Dust, Void EssenceCC
Paralysis Paralysis Briar Heart, Canis Root, Human Flesh, Imp Stool, Swamp Fungal Pod


2 guaranteed samples can be found in the following location:


66 gleamblossom plants can be found in 2 different locations:

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