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ID 000FF15C
Base Cost 5

Enchanting description: Double sneak attack damage with one-handed weapons.
The magnitude of this effect is always 0 as an enchantment, despite the actual perk given being a hidden value. This value is under the label of 'Modify Sneak Attack Mult' and set to a value of 2 in all cases. The value of the enchantment has no effect on the magnitude, though no custom enchantments are available. It doubles the Sneak Attack Multiplier for any sneak attack with a one-handed weapon, including the 6x multiplier from the Backstab perk and the 15x multiplier from the Assassin's Blade perk.


The following items use this effect, but none of them can be disenchanted. They are only obtainable through the Dark Brotherhood (except for the Shrouded Gloves and Shrouded Hand Wraps, which may be looted from Astrid in With Friends Like These... and the other members of the Dark Brotherhood in Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!).

See Also[edit]

  • Backstab, a perk in the Sneak skill tree. It is a separate effect which works in conjunction with the effect above.