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Enter the catacombs and retrieve the soulgem.
Quest Giver: (?) at (?)
Location(s): The catacombs
Prerequisite Quest: Goblin Caves, Saving Hayle's Soul, Confront N'Gasta
Next Quest: Raze the Palace
Reward: Soulgem, Soul Sword
Required Items: Gold Key
Difficulty: Hard

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Enter the catacombs and open the locked door using the gold key.
  2. Travel north to Room D. Step on the buttons to raise the middle and continue northward.
  3. Pull the lever in Room E to open the north door to reveal a stone fist.
  4. Light the torch in the north of Room C to open the door. Use the stone fist on the button to open the door in the east.
  5. Continue on to Room G. Climb up the rope in the north/south and pull the lever to raise the platform in Room H.
  6. Continue to the Room J with several buttons. Place the three weights on the buttons with the sun image to open the door. Get the silver key to open the north door in Room I.
  7. Continue to the large, round Room L. Press the button in the middle of the room to start everything spinning.
  8. Make your way down to the third level of the rotating room and use the lever here. Continue down and on to Room M.
  9. Meet the dragon here, guarding the soul gem. Fight and kill, grab the gem, and exit via the large doors to the north.
  10. Travel to the Yokudan camp to the north of town and talk to Saban for help restoring Prince A'tor's soul (assuming you also have Voa's Ring from the goblin caves).

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Point A
Use the gold key here to open the locked door.
Point B
This large room has 2 guards on the bottom level and 2 more on the upper.
Point C
This area has one guard and a rope allowing easy access to the upper level in Room B.
Point D
This room has two buttons in the floor which raise the middle section of the room, for a while at least. The trick here is to step on the button and then jump/grab onto the section as it rises out of the floor. During the few seconds that it stays up, you should be able to make it to the other side or jump and grab onto the side as it lowers. It is a bit tricky because of the camera angle mostly.
Point E
Pull the lever in the southeast side of the room to open the door in the north. Grab the stone fist rune and return to Room B.
Point B Again
In the north corner of the upper level, light the torch to upper the stone door. Put the fist rune you found at E to open the door in the east.
Point F
The hall here has several blade traps which relieve you of your legs in a hurry. Just keep running straight through the hall and you won't get hit.
Point G
There are 4 guards between this area and H so clear them out before continuing. Climb up either one of the ropes in the north/south to get access to the lever, allowing you to raise the middle section in Room H and continue.
Point H
There are some potions in the lower level if you haven't raised the middle section yet. If you really want or need them just return to the lever you pulled and lower it again.
Point I
There are two guards in this room along the walkway. Cross over the fallen column and through the door in the west. The door to the north is locked.
Point J
Proceed to this room, being careful of the 4 lava pits you have to cross to get here. Pick up the 3 weights in the west of this room. The hall to the north is composed of several floor boards, three with an icon on it, and four or so without. You must place the weights down as you walk across it, otherwise blades with shoot from the side and kill you. In order to open the door to the north, the three buttons with the pictures on them must be depressed. The room has a silver key in it. Use it to open the locked door in the north of I.
Point K
This hallway has more blade traps but just keep running.
Point L
This strange, large, round room has a button in the center of it. Press it to start the sections rotating and drop into the hole in the top section. When inside watch for the blades on either side of the wall since they will kill you if you touch them. It is possible to jump over them. On the first level, walk around until you find a passage down to the second level. Wait until a doorway passes by and enter that section. Drop and hang down from the doorway to get to the third level. Somewhere on the third level is a lever that you must pull and a passage down to the bottom. Exit via the passage to the northwest.
The Imperial Red Dragon
Point M
As soon as you enter this room you meet the dragon, Nafaalilargus. You'll chat for a while and then the battle begins. You may want to run away initially and use a strength and ironskin potion. To attack the dragon you must be underneath him. This is also the safest place since he cannot bite you or hit you with his fireballs. You can hack for a while but you don't get anywhere. During your conversation the dragon should have lit a large 'torch' in the middle of the room. Attack the flame until it gets yellow-white attack the dragon. There is a lot of gold in this room. Go up and grab the soulgem from the top and exit via the large doors to the north. You'll appear to the northeast of the palace. Assuming that you also have Voa's Ring from the goblin caves, go visit the Yokudan Saban to the north of town and get her to help you restore Prince A'tor's soul. They travel to the temple and Saban begins conducting a ritual over the sarcophagus of A'tor:
Saban: "Tro dura-Hi. Go Tuwhacca. Nogo Tuwhacca. Shami. Shami. Go Kukri. Nogoh. Ngaro. Tuktura. Nogoh. Shami. Shami. Shami. Shami. Go kukri nogoh. Ngaro. Tuktura. Nogo go Tuwhacca. Nogo Tuwhacca. Shami."
Saban: "Betekti matana, Sura."
Coyle: "The soulgem."
Saban: "Tro dura-hi, Sura."
Coyle: "The ring."

Suddenly, the soul gem shatters and Saban falls to the ground.

Saban: "To-tang no mo."
Saban: "A'Tor no mangai Sura."

Cyrus approaches the sarcophagus and there is a blinding flash.

Cyrus: "The sword..."
Saban: "Uta-Teni"
Cyrus: "His soul is in the sword."
Coyle: "Mother...? How did this happen?"
Saban: "Tukru naredi."
Coyle: "She doesn't know. It was..."
Given that this is the palace treasury, the amount of gold is limitless, and so there's no excuse for anyone not to get enough potions for the final battle. And there's a handy teleporter nearby, so you can quickly get back and forth to and from town, until you've made enough round trips to satisfy yourself. But you have to get them before you get into the courtyard of the palace, because you can't come back outside and buy more then.


Catacombs, Part II Map
RG-map-The Catacombs 2.gif


Conversation with Nafaalilargus

Dragon: GRRRRRRR --

Cyrus: What's this?

  • door locks

Dragon: A little privacy.

  • breathes fire

Dragon: A little candlelight.

Dragon: And the pleasantries begin. My name is Nafaalilargus.

Cyrus: So you're Richton's pet, then?

Dragon: You wound me. Richton's pet is that dark little thing with the poisoned splinters.

Dragon: I am Tiber Septim's proud soldier, loyal vassal, a jewel of the crown. It's not my fault I have to keep company with the governor.

Cyrus: You have something I need, dragon.

Dragon: I shan't lie to you, good stranger, my Imperial loyalty is indeed well paid for. We aren't very different, I would venture.

Dragon: You seem the mercenary sort, too. So you'll understand --

Dragon: -- if I do not readily agree to part with my latest reward.

  • lights brazer on fire
  • Cyrus unseaths his cutlass

Cyrus: Maybe we can bargain for it.

Dragon: I so do love mortal fantasy. I'll play along: what will you give me for the soul of Prince A'tor?

Cyrus: I'll spell your name right on your tombstone.

  • dragon attacks

Battle Cries

You are crafty. But you are no match!

Where are you!

Learn the fate of your people!

Rethinking your plan, Redguard?

Palace Scene

Richton: Dead.

Guard: Aye, milord. The dragon is dead.

Richton: And he's alive.

Guard: We are not sure it was the Redguard, milord --

Richton: Don't be stupid. That bastard sweats heroism. It could be no one else.

Dram: He has the soulgem.

Richton: Why do I pay you exactly, Dram?

Dram: For my chilling countenance, of course.

Richton: Leave him to me, you said, and with such confident assurance.

Richton: I recall being set at ease about the matter. I recall thinking: well, now, at last I can get down to the task of administering this troubled province --

Richton: But this young man continues to cause us irreparable harm when we can least endure it.

Dram: And now for the good news. Perhaps you remember the vicious group of rabble that's caused us so much trouble.

Richton: The Restless League!

Dram: Whose hideout would have remained a mystery if a prematurely dead Redguard had never led me to it.

Dram: It will take time to assemble an assault party, but I foresee no difficulties in cleaning out the whole League in one well-planned attack.

Richton: I see. The emperor warned me never to underestimate the subtlety of your schemes, Dram. Carry on, then. I await your full report.

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