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This page gives only general hints and tips, but not complete spoilers, for those who just want a push in the right direction, and not the entire solution. Links to the complete solution for each part are supplied for when you give up. For more quest tips and spoilers, see the appropriate quest page.

Talisman of Hunding[edit]

For some reason, the large Statue of Hunding in the harbor has intrigued you. Perhaps the route up to it lies in a nearby building somewhere on the docks. All you need are a few carefully timed jumps and a little balancing act to get you where you need to be. Once there, you are certainly rewarded for your efforts, but what purpose does it serve? For a more detailed walkthrough, including complete spoilers, see the Statue of Hunding page.

The Archmage's Ring[edit]

This is one quest you can do at any time since it doesn't require any preparation (other than perhaps a few health potions). The entrance near the caverns can be found underneath the waterfall just west of town. Immediately inside the caverns, the path seems blocked. Perhaps those signs point the way... although they seem to point to some large, purple mushrooms. A little further on is a tunnel, but across from some impassable slime. Fortunately, a large ledge lets you crawl your way to it. You may wish to take note of the wildlife inhabiting this cave and the dangers they pose. Just inside this entrance you find a body along with some interesting notes. A good deal more exploring leads to a ship of sort. The ship's cargo is highly explosive; if an open flame were dropped on one... Your path now having been made clear, you continue to encounter a large wheel of some sort. Your best efforts to move the wheel fail... you need something which has more weight. Many people can't see the spoke sticking out the right side, so try jumping to the right of the wheel, even if they can't see anything there. Once you're done hanging around there your path again is clear, but you seem to be stuck in this section of the caverns, unable to return to where you entered. Perhaps that strange, gray device you encountered some time back would help you. Having finally teleported to safety, you find a strange crack in the wall. If only Hunding were here, I'm sure he'd know what this was and for what purpose. Continuing on through the now open set of large doors, you quickly encounter a ferocious green beast (a troll). After a vicious, and painful, battle you kill the thing and claim your victory. After a short rest nearby, however, your blood is chilled when you see the monster's corpse stand up and approach. Surely there must be some manner of killing the beast for good.

Continuing on you discover yet another arrow pointing to a purple mushroom. The jump is difficult, but not impossible. After a ways you come to a river of slime with a wheel nearby. Perhaps that does something... Afterwards you discover that your path most likely continues on the other side of the river, if only there was a way across. Once that problem is solved you discover a strange device resembling a skull. The jaw seems to be in the shape of a platform for some reason. At the bottom, after dispatching two goblins, you notice a giant snail roaming up an down an expanse of slime. It's really big, perhaps even big enough to ride on. At the end, and across a narrow bridge of sorts, you encounter a very beast resembling a goblin, most likely the goblin king you've heard vaguely about. You seem to be no match for its strength, but fortunately you are much quicker that it. If only there was a way to use its own strength against him. You also notice a decorated corpse in an alcove. The markings on the body indicate that, indeed, this was the Archmage Voa. Perhaps he's carrying something you can use. After a short ride through a nearby teleporter you exit the caverns, exhausted, but a little richer. For a more detailed walkthrough, including complete spoilers, see The Archmage's Ring quest.

Investigate the Ruins[edit]

During your adventuring around the island, you encounter a Dwarven artifact site at the top of a mountain with two large doors. One set of doors has several Dwarven runes inscribed upon it but, unable to read Dwarven, they are nothing more than gibberish to you. Perhaps someone around could help you read them or has something that would help you read them. A Dwarven-Redguard dictionary would be most useful right now. Once this dilemma is solved, you boldly enter the abandoned ruins. After a bunch of climbing, jumping, and other aerial maneuvers, you come to a large room with several exits. Two exits are guarded by a large, golden figure holding a sword. Their position looks suspicious to you, so you close for a better look, making sure you stay clear of those deadly looking swords. After a long travel filled with death defying leaps, you come to a magnificent-looking machine very much resembling a beetle. A closer inspection reveals that the contraption has something to do with opening a nearby door. If you could manipulate the thing somehow such that it would fasten to the center chain, you'd be set. After hours of trial and error, you finally transform the beetle into a strange robot looking thing allowing you to continue (you exit outside to the Dwarven Steam Pipes).

After turning on the power at the Dwarven steam plant you return to the ruins area. In a large construction room of some sort you notice that turning the power on has caused several platforms to open. Just the ticket to bypassing that broken bridge, if you don't miss those jumps that is. Continuing on, and opening a barred door in the process, you encounter a large tunnel leading to a huge, open area. As you approach you notice a very large statue standing in it. To your horror, as you approach, the statue begins to whir... and move! Those ingenious Dwarves managed to make some of a giant robot. Since the path behind you has been barred, it appears as though you must face the machine, or be trapped for a long time. After careful consideration, you realize that a bold frontal assault would useless and most likely lead to your quick death. The robot is simply too large and powerful for such a strategy. Surely it must have some weakness, an Achilles' heel so to speak. Perhaps you should take a closer look for any weaknesses, being careful of that crushing arm. Fortunately, you are slightly faster than the robot and, with a good deal of difficulty, manage to take it down, yielding a valuable Dwarven gear in the wreckage and opening a door to the outside in the process. For a more detailed walkthrough, including complete spoilers, see the Investigate the Ruins quest.

Dwarven Steam Pipes[edit]

You arrive in this area from the Dwarven Ruins, although you aren't completely sure what you must do. After you cross the bridge you notice two pipe sections in the ceiling that aren't connected. You also notice a large collection of pipes and machinery. Since you know that the Dwarves used steam as a source of power you assume that this area produced the steam power for the ruins. Presumably, those two pipes would have to be connected if you wanted things to work correctly. There doesn't seem to be anything around, though, to fix this problem. Perhaps something on the second level, if only there were a way up. You'd think with all these pipes running everywhere that you could find a way to climb up there. After some careful acrobatics you reach the top and discover two wheels which close the pipe sections. Now, how to turn this thing on? On a careful observation of the main machine, you notice a turn wheel, perhaps this does something useful. If you are wondering about the other turn wheels scattered about, they are needed if you solve this puzzle the way Bethesda intended. There are at least three ways to solve the problem of reaching the second level... can you find them all? Once your done, you can return to the Dwarven Ruins. For a more detailed walkthrough, including complete spoilers, see the Dwarven Steam Pipes page.

N'Gasta's Amulet[edit]

You get this quest from Kotaro down by the docks. All you have to do is pick up an amulet from the necromancer on the Isle of N'Gasta and deliver it to Lord Richton in the Palace. The island is reached via the set of old and ill repaired docks in the northwest of the mainland. Once there, you'll be confronted with an iron gate that doesn't want to open. Fortunately, you find a crow bar in a room nearby opened via a lever. Once inside the area your route to N'Gasta's Tower is blocked by a stone statue and an open chasm! Perhaps there is something nearby that will help you. For a more detailed walkthrough, including complete spoilers, see the N'Gasta's Amulet quest.

Escape the Catacombs[edit]

Well, you delivered the amulet to Lord Richton and had a few words with the man, landing you in the Palace Catacombs. Perhaps that prisoner in the cell with you has some inspiring words? Of course, that still leaves you in the cell, if only there were a way to reach that rope in the ceiling. Once you get out your first priority should be to find your equipment to take care of all those guards. Continuing, you come to a large room with three doors in the west. Perhaps those four triangular buttons there might do something useful. For a more detailed walkthrough, including complete spoilers, see the Escape the Catacombs quest.

Contact the League[edit]

Most of the people you talk to seem to have something to say about the Restless League and the Smuggler's Den. They certainly seem to have something to do with your sister's disappearance. From talking to Lakene and Krisandra, you learn that a member of the Smuggler's Den, Rollo, has 'stolen' a silver locket of his... perhaps just the ticket to getting in there. Unfortunately, to your best efforts, Rollo is nowhere to be found. You do learn, though, that Rollo is a dock worker who comes out only when a ship arrives and needs to be unloaded. There has to be some signal used to indicate a ship has arrived... perhaps that odd pair Favis and Prnell could be of assistance here. Once you lure Rollo outside you use your considerable shadowing skills to find his house, and hopefully, Lakene's missing locket. Returning to Lakene, he gives you the password to enter the Smuggler's Den under the map maker's shop. Through a little persuasion, Urik gives you a Restless League Insignia which will hopefully help you with contacting the League... somehow. From the Prisoner in the Palace Catacombs, you have learned exactly where the League can be contacted, but not how. For a more detailed walkthrough, including complete spoilers, see the Contact the League quest.