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The Observatory

The Observatory is an ancient Dwarven structure containing an orrery and a telescope, located south of Stros M'Kai. The entrance is connected to the road to Saintsport by a short bridge.

Richton ordered an old Bosmer named Erasmo to fix the mechanisms inside. He was able to repair the orrery, but he injured himself while trying to fix the telescope. You must bring a gear back from the Dwarven Ruins to make the Observatory fully functioning again, so that you can determine the Serpent's path and save Hayle's soul.

The orrery is the primary feature on the main floor, surrounded by images of the twelve constellations (minus the Serpent). From left to right, they are the Thief, Ritual, Lover, Lord, Mage, Shadow, Steed, Apprentice, Warrior, Lady, Tower, and Atronach.

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