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Merchant Traveling Merchants are merchants who can be found walking on the roads outside of major settlements. Like their settled counterparts, they sell repair kits, potions for attribute restoration, lockpicks and bait.

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Aldmeri Dominion[edit]

Zone Route Merchant
Auridon Road between Dawnbreak and the Lover stone Caranande
East road of Greenwater Cove Erymil
Near Greenwater Wayshrine Errataale
Road south of Mathiisen Errannie
West of Silsailen Nadonil
Outside Toothmaul Gully Caerel
North of Torinaan Hendaril
Northeast of Torinaan Mangitaale
Grahtwood Road north of Goldfolly Geldirel
Road between Cormount and Elden Root Sabarapa
Road between Elden Root and Haven Rehan
West of Haven Anirwe
Road east of Southpoint Orthalon
Road northwest of Elden Root Thallioniel
Greenshade Road north from Woodhearth Carterril
Road between Shadows Crawl and Greenheart Fayadess
Road between Dread Vullain and Moonhenge Ferlion
Road west of Driladan Pass Martinus Blasio
Road between Longhaven and Woodhearth Mulabez
Moonhenge Wayshrine Shausa
Malabal Tor Road between Dra'bul and Vulkwasten Cirodros
Road between Velyn Harbor and Ilayas Ruins Guilion
Road between Baandari Trading Post and Valeguard Tellanil
Road between Silvenar and Wilding Run Amlion
Reaper's March Road around Falinesti Autumn Site Rabiza Silvertongue
Road near Thibaut's Cairn Rithlen
Road south of Arenthia Sakaneth
Road between Fort Grimwatch and Greenhill Haldwyn

Daggerfall Covenant[edit]

Zone Route Merchant
Alik'r Desert Road between Bergama and Leki's Blade Jambi
Road south of Sentinel Jomer the Sharp
Bangkorai On the road between Evermore and Martyr's Crossing Ambrelie Celd
On the road east of the city of Hallin's Stand Hitoufah
Road between Troll's Toothpick and Viridian Woods Jacmund Cine
Road near Hallin's Stand Montanus Sulla
Glenumbra Road outside Glenumbra Moors Absolard
Road near the east gate of Daggerfall Darron
Road between Aldcroft and the Wyrd Tree Wayshrine Jacmund Cine
Road west of Red Rook Camp Oodeg gro-Lumuf
Road leading to Deleyn's Mill Trader Khnanya
Rivenspire Road from Magdelena's Haunt to Old Kalgon's Keep Laelette Eniel
Road from the Shadow stone to Valeguard Tower Morvan Treveur
Stormhaven Road between Dreughside and Cumberland's Watch Taqiyat the Thrifty
Road leading east from Koeglin Village Malyna Jurelette
South of Pariah Abbey Mahbub
Road south of Shinji's Scarp Goorgul

Ebonheart Pact[edit]

Zone Route Merchant
Deshaan (?) (?)
Eastmarch North of Thulvald's Logging Camp Gulfa Red-Beard
Road south of Jorunn's Stand Narfar War-Wolf
Road between Fort Amol and Darkwater Crossing Yrning Earth-Turner‎
The Rift Southeastern road from Honrich Tower Aluri
South of Nimalten Balynor
Road near Eldbjorg's Hideaway Dratholar
Road between Fullhelm Fort and Riften Greca
Road north of Boulderfall Pass Walks-with-Bargains
Shadowfen Road between Hissmir and Loriasel Wayshrine Abijoo-Anoo
Road south of Stormhold Blue-Scale
Road between Hatching Pools and Hissmir Far-Walker
Road north of Alten Corimont Nema-Pachat
Road west from Stormhold Rides-the-River
Stonefalls Road south of the Starved Plain Arendil Indrano
Roads between Lukiul Uxith, Heimlyn Keep, and Sulfur Pools Beshnus
The road east from Ebonheart Io-Io
The road near Othrenis Lathisa Heryon
The road near Othrenis Wayshrine Mariia Marys
The road from Davon's Watch to Bal Foyen Murak-Lei
Road north of Heimlyn Keep Wemeerit


Zone Route Merchant
Clockwork City Between Clockwork Crossroads Wayshrine and the Vale of Tiers Ajum-Jekka
Hew's Bane Between Abah's Landing and No Shira Citadel Shulargo
Murkmire Between the Blackrose Prison Wayshrine and Dead-Water Village Jeetum-Lah
Northern Elsweyr From Prowl's Edge Dragonscour to Valenwood Gate to Sunspire Omu-dar
Southern Elsweyr On the road from Black Heights to Senchal Debaasi
On the road from Senchal to South Guard Ruins. J'margo
Summerset Isle Road from Sunhold to Eldbur Sanctuary Falordilmo
Road from Corgrad Wastes to Ebon Stadmont Maliren
Road from outside Russafeld to Direnni Acropolis Quentin Rouillac
Wrothgar The roads near Exile's Barrow Zayaza
Between Jehanna Docks and Sorrow Damee
Vvardenfell Between Gnisis and Balmora Fanisea Saram
Between Urshilaku Camp and Forgotten Wastes Breynshad Alasien
(?) Gordol Teddalennu