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Help recruit a reluctant lover to the Shornhelm Guard.
Zone: Rivenspire
Objective: Hoarfrost Downs — Help Captain Thayer enlist recruits for the Shornhelm Guard.
Quest Giver: Captain Thayer
Location(s): Hoarfrost Downs
Prerequisite Quest: The Bandit
Reward: Shornhelm Guard Sollerets
Very High Leveled Gold
Captain Thayer thinks her last prospect will pose the greatest challenge of all. His name is Julien Rissiel and he's reluctant to enlist because he's in love.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Julien Rissiel.
  2. Find out how to win Guendeline's heart.
  3. Help Julien win Guendeline's heart or make him fail.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

To find out more about Guendeline, you can speak to his brother Deputy Ascenge, a Redguard called Ernele, or Jerall Finstock, the local blacksmith.

Deputy Ascenge will make clear that he does not like Julien, saying that he would prefer Guendeline marry anyone but Julien. You now have the option to either lie or tell him the truth that you are helping Julien. If you lie, Deputy Ascenge will tell you that Guendeline does not like flowers, because they make her sneeze. He instead suggests you give Guendeline some jewelry. If you, however, tell the truth, Deputy Ascenge instead encourages you to give Guendeline flowers (likely in hope that the courting will fail).

Ernele does not know much about Guendeline, but says he has noticed that she likes good poetry, and that she always shows up at the inn whenever there is a minstrel in town.

Jerall Finstock does not like Guendeline, meaning that she only cares about money. He says that Guendeline probably is just waiting for somebody who can afford to buy her fancy jewelry.

With these options laid out, it is time to head back to Julien and decide what to do to win Guendeline's heart.

The flowers[edit]

Should you decide to give Guendeline flowers, Julien suggests you pick some dunlain daisies. They can be found near an old tower north of town. You will encounter a big troll named Garden-Gulp near the flowers and will need to kill it before you can pick any daisies.

Giving Guendeline the flowers will, however, not end well. She begs you to take the flowers away as quickly as possible, because she is allergic to them. Your courting plans have thus failed.

The poem[edit]

Deciding to proceed with a poem gives you three options. First, however, you need to speak to some of the townsfolk to get some ideas as to what kind of a poem Julien should recite to Guendeline.

Lia Korine, the cattle herder, loves poetry when it "comes from the heart", and suggests that Julien write his own poetry.

Mort the Merry proclaims to be well acquainted with good poetry, and tells you that he knows all Orc poetry ever written by heart. All twelve poems, in fact. He gives you an Orcish poem written by himself, and the best love poem ever, according to his words.

Lastly, Adrone Larocque is a struggling poet who seems to be almost have given up his hopes of making a living from his poems. Having not succeeded to sell his latest poetry book to anyone, he is pleasantly surprised if you offer to buy it. Note that choosing this option will cost Gold.

When you have weighed all the three options, it is time to help Julien decide which poem to recite. The first two options will result in Guendeline feeling embarrassed. A self-made poem will make Julien look stupid in front of her. The orcish poem will offend her. The third option, a poem written by the struggling poet, turns however out to be one of Guendeline's favorites. She is notably touched by listening to the poem and will tell Julien that she loves him and will wait for him.

The jewelry[edit]

Should you advise Julien to give Guendeline the jewelry, he instantly agrees to this, and says he has some idea about where to get the gems for making it. You need to kill some Bitterhand Bandits and collect gems from them. The bandits have a camp near the town.

When you have collected the gems, bring them to Khalisah, the blacksmith's apprentice. From here on, things get complicated. When Khalisah provides you with a necklace, she also admits that she is, in fact, in love with Julien. Returning to Julien will leave you with the options to either tell him the truth about Khalisah, or lie. If you tell him the truth, he becomes concerned and unsure of what to do. You have then three options - either to proceed with the original plan and give the necklace to Guendoline, to convince Julien to give necklace back to Khalisah and court her instead, or to tell Julien that maybe he needs more time to think.


  • Julien will enlist in any case, with or without a broken heart.
  • When you said Julien to have some time to think about, during The Crown of Shornhelm, Julien tells he found a new true love during training, Shuga.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Lover
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should speak to Julien and learn what it will take to convince him to enlist in the Shornhelm Guard.
Objective: Talk to Julien Rissiel
The woman occupying Julien's thoughts is Guendeline Ascenge. I should speak to Guendeline and find out how Julien can win her heart.
Objective: Talk to Guendeline
I should ask around town to learn more about Guendeline's tastes and then I should speak with Julien and advise him on how to win her heart.
Objective: Talk to Julien Rissiel
Objective Hint: Ask Townspeople about Guendeline's Tastes
(If you chose to give Guendeline flowers)

I've promised Julien that I'll retrieve some Dunlain Daisies so that we can give them to Guendeline and win her heart.

Objective: Collect Dunlain Daisies
(If you chose to give Guendeline flowers)

I've collected the Dunlain Daisies and I should now give them to Guendeline on Julien's behalf.

Objective: Give the Daisies to Guendeline
(If you chose to give Guendeline flowers)

I gave Guendeline the daisies, but she was not appreciative, and now she wants nothing to do with Julien. I should give him the bad news and see if I can't still convince him to enlist.

Objective: Talk to Julien
(If you chose to recite a poem to Guendeline)


Objective: Help Julien Find a Poem
Objective Hint: Talk to People in Town
Objective Hint: Advise Julien to Write His Own Poem
Objective Hint: Get a Poetry Book
Objective Hint: Give the Poetry Book to Julien
Objective Hint: Give Julien the Orcish Love Poem
(If you chose to recite a poem to Guendeline)

I should watch Julien recite the poem to Guendeline.

Objective: Watch Julien Recite His Poem
(If you chose to recite a poem to Guendeline and she liked it)

Guendeline liked the poem and professed her love to Julien. I should speak to Julien about his promise to enlist.

Objective: Talk to Julien
(If you chose to recite a poem to Guendeline and she didn't like it)

The poem didn't work, and Guendeline wants nothing more to do with Julien. I should speak with him and see if I still might convince him to enlist.

Objective: Talk to Julien Rissiel
(If you chose to give Guendeline jewelry)

Julien decided that a necklace is the best way to win Guendeline's heart. I agreed to go into the Bitterhand Bandits' camp and collect stolen gems from the bandits for the necklace.

Objective: Collect Gems from Bitterhand Bandits: 0/3
(If you chose to give Guendeline jewelry)

I collected stolen gems from the Bitterhand Bandits. Now I should take the gems to Khalisah, who can make a necklace for Julien to give Guendeline.

Objective: Take the Gems to Khalisah
Objective: ?
Objective: ?
Objective: ?
☑Finishes quest Julien has agreed to enlist. I should speak with Captain Thayer and tell her that he will be along shortly.
Objective: Talk to Captain Thayer
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