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ON-icon-misc-Skyshard.png Tamriel Skyshard Hunter
Type Skyshards Achievements
Points 50

Dye Aetherial Blue
Furnishing(s) Decorative Skyshard (0002500025,000 Gold)
Find all the Skyshards located throughout Tamriel.

Tamriel Skyshard Hunter is awarded for finding all (but one) of the Skyshards in the original release of the game. This does not include the Mountain Skyshard in Cyrodiil, the Skyshards in Craglorn, or any of the DLC Skyshards. Thus there are a total of 319 Skyshards required for this achievement. Including the Mountain Skyshard and the one you get in the tutorial brings it to 321, giving a total of 107 Skill Points. Craglorn's 18 Skyshards give you 6 more points, and there are 42 currently available from the DLCs, for an additional 14 points. Thus there are a grand total of 381 Skyshards, worth a total of 127 Skill Points. This achievement will allow you to purchase a Decorative Skyshard for your house. It costs 0002500025,000 Gold and can be purchased from Narwaawende in Elden Root, Wayrest, or Mournhold.