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ON-icon-achievement-Strider Caravaner.png Strider Caravaner
Type Morrowind Achievements
Points 5
Visit the silt strider caravaner at each of the stations in Vvardenfell.

Strider Caravaner is awarded for entering the Silt Strider Tower at each of 7 major settlements in Vvardenfell and talking to each of the caravaners. Note that you don't actually have to travel via the striders to earn this achievement, though doing so is the easiest way to visit them all quickly, and also helps you to explore the island and find the Wayshrine locations, allowing you easier access in the future.


City Tower Caravaner Location Travels to
Balmora Caravaner Tower (Balmora) Nevos Sareloth Southwest corner of the city (map) Gnisis
Vivec City
Gnisis Caravaner Tower (Gnisis) Amili Yahaz Across the bridge southwest of the city (map) Balmora
Vivec City
Molag Mar Caravaner Tower (Molag Mar) Narisa Androm Northwest of the city (map) Suran
Tel Mora
Seyda Neen Caravaner Tower (Seyda Neen) Medyn Hleran Northeast of town (map) Gnisis
Suran Caravaner Tower (Suran) Faven Thendas Northwest corner of the city (map) Molag Mar
Seyda Neen
Vivec City
Tel Mora Caravaner Tower (Tel Mora) Adosi Delvi Actually in nearby Vos, on the eastern shore (map) Molag Mar
Vivec City
Vivec City Caravaner Tower (Vivec City) Helseth Sadalvel Northwest of the city (map) Balmora
Tel Mora