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Home Settlement Narsis
Species Cat
Reaction Friendly

Star is a trained cat found in Narsis, as well as the Abandoned Cellar in Balmora in the Vvardenfell. It may be Naryu Virian's cat, as she is also present in Narsis and the Abandoned Cellar.

Star is the subject of a riddle in the quest Fighting Back, and will lead you to your next objective.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

You must follow Star to the citizens' secret meeting place.

<Star is a cat. Upon closer examination, you notice a small silver key hanging around the cat's neck. She seems well-trained for a city cat.>
<Take the key.>
<The cat appears ready to run. She looks at you as if to insist that you follow her.>

After completing Hiding in Plain Sight, Star can be found in front of Naryu Virian.