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Create an undead spy network to keep an eye on the Worm Cultists.
Zone: Imperial City
Quest Giver: Legate Gallus
Location(s): Memorial District
Reward: Siegemaster's Coffer (see notes)
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 5491
Required Level: 10
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Kill Xivkyn and plant the geodes on skeletons
Legate Gallus's spying revealed much of the Worm Cult's plans, but his superiors want more information. He asked me to help once more.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Legate Gallus at the Alliance Rally Point in the Memorial District.
  2. Kill two Xivkyn enemies.
  3. Plant charged geodes on two Skeletal Laborers.
  4. Return to the Alliance Base and speak to Gallus.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Auricular Geodes[edit]

Legate Gallus spies on the Cult

At your Alliance Rally Point in the Memorial District, you will find a member of the Imperial Legion named Legate Gallus. He plans to spy on the Worm Cultists that occupy the district, using "auricular geodes" recovered from the Arcane University. Agree to help, and he will explain how to use them.

The first step to this quest involves killing two Xivkyn enemies within the quest radius to charge your Dormant Auricular Geodes. They can primarily be found in the center of the district, which can prove dangerous due to the high density of enemies in the area and the risk of attack from enemy players. There are Xivkyn wandering the streets, as well as standing at the edge of the graveyard in the center of the district, directing summoned skeletons.

Planting the Bugs[edit]

After obtaining two Charged Auricular Geodes from the Xivkyn, the next step is to plant them on Skeletal Laborers, which can be found digging in the center of the district. Once you've distributed all four of your geodes, return to your Alliance base (either through the sewers or through respawning/teleporting) and locate Legate Gallus near the Scouting Board. He will reward you with leveled gold and a Light Tel Var Satchel. Waiting around after completion of the quest will allow you to witness a ghostly vision of a Worm Cultist giving away their plans.


  • Prior to Update 26, this quest could only be started after completing the final quest in the Imperial City storyline, The Sublime Brazier.
    • Update 26 also reduced the number of Xivkyn and Geodes required for quest completion, and changed the method of planting the geodes on skeletons. Originally, it was possible to find inanimate skeletons, which were scattered throughout the district and could easily be identified by their charred bones and blue flames. The other option was to attack skeleton enemies and place a geode on them after they've been defeated.
  • The Siegemaster's Coffer you receive as a reward contains one Light Tel Var Satchel, which can be opened to receive 0000200200Tel Var Stones (originally 000008080Tel Var Stones). The coffer will also contain a Siege of Cyrodiil Merit if it is the first District Daily you have completed that day; these can be combined with items available from the Tel Var General Merchant to obtain certain collectible runeboxes.
  • The rewards for this quest are doubled by events such as Midyear Mayhem and the Imperial City Celebration Event. Although you receive two Siegemaster's Coffers, you can still only earn one Siege of Cyrodiil Merit per day.

Quest Stages[edit]

Speaking For The Dead
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to kill Xivkyn in the Memorial District to empower Legate Gallus's auricular geodes.
Objective: Kill Xivkyn in the Memorial District: 0/2
I empowered Legate Gallus's auricular geodes. Now I need to place them in undead laborers in the Memorial District.
Objective: Place Auricular Geodes in Skeletons: 0/2
I placed all of Legate Gallus's auricular geodes. I should meet him at my base of operations in the Imperial Sewers.
Objective: Find Legate Gallus at the Alliance Base
Finishes quest☑ I should inform Legate Gallus that I placed all of his auricular geodes.
Objective: Talk to Legate Gallus
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