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Home City The Hollow City
Home Settlement The Everfull Flagon
Location The Shining Star
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Romord is a Nord patron of The Shining Star, the inn located in The Hollow City. He's in the kitchen area on the east side of the first floor with Afareen. He was trapped in the Everfull Flagon before the Vestige freed him.

Related Quests[edit]


The Everfull Flagon[edit]

When you first enter the tavern, Romord can be found slumped next to the bar. He will say one the following if you talk to him. You can ask him about Gamirth.

"You look familiar. Wait. No you don't."
"This place is warm and cozy. I hate warm and cozy."
"So I said to Hjarklod, Hjarklod I says ….
Wait. What were we talking about?"
"You need mead. No, wait. I meant me. Me need mead.
Hmm. That didn't sound right."
"This mead is so good. So … good …."
"I used to do something. Don't you remember? I was somebody! I did … stuff!
Ah, who cares? I need another drink."
I'm trying to find anyone who knows Gamirth.
"I know Gamirth! He's a terrific fellow. I love him like a brother. We were drinking mead and telling old war stories just the other day.
Does Gamirth owe you gold? Maybe Bernt knows where you can find him."

After finding Hautt and Hridi's lute and daggers respectively, you can return to the inn to find the patrons confronting the Thane.

Romord: "You knocked down an old man!"
Solding: "I've had just about enough of this."
Thane Fellrig: "I think everyone needs a drink. How about some more mead!"
Romord: "We don't want any more [sic] mead! get out of here!"
<Thane Fellrig drops the disguise.>
Thane Fellrig: "Your souls are mine! You may as well drink up and accept your fate."
Varhilda: "Shor's bones! We've been deceived!"
Thane Fellrig: "I want to hear you beg or I'll cut off the supply of Special Blend!"
<He teleports away.>
Romord: "Where did he go? What just happened here?"

Romord will say one of the following if he is spoken with after this.

"I'll say this for the Lord of Schemes. He sure knows how to put on a magnificent celebration!"
"I used to be able to handle my mead. I feel so embarrassed."
"My eyeballs hurt.
There's only one cure for this. I need another mead."
"I didn't see anything! That's my story and I'm sticking to it."
"I'm kind of thirsty. Do you think there's any more of that Special Blend around?"
"I know it's wrong, but I had a really good time. I'm sorry the party had to end."

The Shining Star[edit]