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Home Settlement Merryvale Farms
Location Sweetwater Farmstead, Storage Cellar
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Rakhzargo is a Khajiit who lives on the Sweetwater Farmstead in Merryvale. He is the son of Kideya and the brother of Razum-dar.

Related Quests[edit]

Related Quest-Events[edit]

After you have read the flier, you can seek out Rakhzargo. He will be outside the entrance to his farm and calling out for new farmhands.

Rakhzargo: "Work! Farmhands needed at Mother's farm!"
Rakhzargo: "Rakhzargo's mother is very nice! He promises!"
Rakhzargo: "Rakhzargo works so hard."

You can then introduce yourself to him and ask about the job.

"You saw Rakhzargo's fliers, yes? Mother had him post them across the valley. Help wanted for Sweetwater Farmstead! Ah, Sweetwater, our home sweet home.
Are you interested in a job?"
What's the job?
"We need more farmhands. You see, our farmhands have gone missing lately. So we need more."
Your farmhands have gone missing?
"Hmm. You ask a lot of questions. Mother just told me to stand here and find more farmhands. So I did.
You have questions? Talk to Mother at our farm. Her name is Kideya, though you should call her ma'am. That is only polite, yes?"
I'll talk to your mother at Sweetwater Farmstead.
"The farm is just up the road, north of here. And don't worry if Mother seems cross. Rakhzargo's brother came home for a visit and they have been arguing."

You can ask him some more questions be you head up to the Farmstead.

What can you tell me about the missing farmhands?
"The farmhands left. This one does not know why.
Mother was very upset, so Rakhzargo offered to hang the fliers. And look, it worked! You came to help our farm."
Did anything happen before they disappeared?
"Hmm. This one remembers that Vairani was very unhappy. Kept talking about wanting to leave. But she is the only one, he thinks.
If Vairani does not return, Rakhzargo gets to keep her hand mirror. So, he has that at least."
Can you tell me more about your farm?
"Yes. It is a moon-sugar farm. Very big, very busy.
Well, was busy. Rakhzargo is the only one left to help now. His brother, well, Brother only visits. Not very good at farm work."
And you said your brother and mother were arguing?
"Yes. Mother wants Brother to stay and help with the farm. It is our family's farm, after all! But Brother, well, he does not wish this.
Rakhzargo does not know why. What sleeker home can be found than in Merryvale?"

After you have spoken with Kideya, Rakhzargo will run up to you both.

Rakhzargo: "Mother! Rakhzargo found a new farmhand."
Kideya: "Yes, sweet one, thank you. They're going to look into our troubles, right after they wake up your brother."
Rakhzargo: "Brother is still sleeping? Rakhzargo rose at dawn and has been working hard all day!"
Kideya: "If only your brother were as dutiful as you."

If you talk to him, he will wish you luck with his brother.

"This one hopes his brother will be of help to you. Unfortunately, he is not very useful. Not like Rakhzargo!"

After you have investigated the Fragrant Moons Plantation and discussed your findings with Razum-dar, Kideya and Rakhzargo will walk up. The latter will be eating a chicken leg.

"This is good meat. Rakhzargo would offer you some, but he dropped it earlier."

While you search the Storage Cellar for any signs of theft, Rakhzargo and Kideya will arrive.

"Rakhzargo usually isn't allowed in the cellar. The moon-sugar is too tasty to resist."

When Raz notices the out-of-place tapestry hanging, Rakhzargo will agree that it doesn't belong there.

"Rakhzargo has never seen that tapestry before."

After the reveal of the secret tunnel.

"Has that tunnel always been there?"

Once you have dealt with the leader of the skooma smuggling ring, you can return to the farmstead where Rakhzargo will be there with his mother and brother.

"Rakhzargo lost his grapes. Best to watch where you step, yes?"

When you have spoken with Razum-dar, Kideya will admit he was of some help. Just as Raz is about to retort, Captain Brogomir will appear with new orders for him.

Kideya: "Well, it seems you're good for something at least."
Razum-dar: "Good for something? Raz took down an entire skooma operation, for Jode's sake!"
<Captain Brogomir runs up.>
Captain Brogomir: "Razum-dar! Sir! I have an urgent message for you from Queen Ayrenn!"
Rakhzargo: "A message for Raz? Ha! Who would waste paper on him?"
Kideya: "Rakhzargo, shush. Queen Ayrenn? Razum, what is he talking about?"
Razum-dar: "Raz's next assignment. It seems this one's vacation is over, Mother."
Kideya: "Already? But you only just arrived."
Razum-dar: "Well, Raz could stay for one last meal before he departs."
Kideya: "And letters? Will you write us letters?"
Razum-dar: "Doesn't Raz always?"

If you talk to Rakhzargo afterwards, he will be slightly envious of Razum-dar getting letters.

"Rakhzargo never gets letters from tiny Elves. Why does Brother get to have all the fun?"