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Rada al-Saran
(lore page)
Location Deepwood Barrow
Tzinghalis's Tower, The Undergrove, Greymoor Keep
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Gray Host (leader)
Icereach Coven (allied)
Condition Vampire
Rada al-Saran

Rada al-Saran is a Redguard elder vampire also known as the Ashen Lord and current leader of the Gray Host, an army of vampires and werewolves which ravaged the land in the First Era, before their defeat at Bangkorai Pass. Recently, the army reemerged from the shadows in Skyrim, allied with the Icereach Coven and brought back to Nirn from Coldharbour.

While he prefers to work through proxies such the Draugrkin, Rada al-Saran has been making his presence known as his plans progress. In the Alik'r Desert, he is also known as a master swordsman who dueled the goddess Leki for three days straight, according to the story of the creation of Leki's Blade.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Bound in Blood[edit]

Rada al-Saran is first encountering speaking to Matron Urgala atop the Deepwood Crossing, where you and Fennorian will overhear him while he is unaware of your presence:

Matron Urgala: "As you'll see, the storm's effects will be quite devastating."
Rada al-Saran: "As long as everything's ready for the first harvest, Urgala, I will be pleased."

At the Deepwood Temple Pinnacle, Rada will give his orders to Urgala before disappearing in a flock of bats:

Rada al-Saran: "The harrowstorm ritual is a thing of beauty, Urgala. I'll be in touch after the harvest."

The Vampire Scholar[edit]

While searching for Fennorian in the tower of Exarch Tzinghalis, you will overhear the Exarch casually discuss his experimentation on your companion with the Ashen Lord.

Exarch Tzinghalis: "It fights against its nature, Rada al-Saran. A weaker breed."
Rada al-Saran: "No, Tzinghalis. Just the deceived son of an estranged brother, forced to deny his nature."
"A shame he could not be recruited to our noble cause."

After you bypass the Netherroot Garden, you will hear Rada al-Saran tell Tzinghalis to dispose of Fennorian. After you bypass the Netherroot Garden, you will hear Rada al-Saran telling Tzinghalis to dispose of Fennorian.

Fennorian: "Ahh! No! Why are you doing this to me?"
Exarch Tzinghalis: "The Ashen Lord crafted the plan. I am simply the architect of his tools."
Exarch Tzinghalis: "Now, feel free to scream when I peel back your flesh and apply this tool...."
Rada al-Saran: "We have what we need. In his last moments, let him truly understand the power of the Gray Host!"
Fennorian: "Arrgghh!"
Rada al-Saran: "A shame he could not be recruited to our noble cause."
Exarch Tzinghalis: "The machine will finish him momentarily, my lord."
Rada al-Saran: "Finish your work here, Tzinghalis, then join me in the keep. You must bear witness when we make our move."
Exarch Tzinghalis: "Of course, Rada al-Saran. I am eager to see the power of our ultimate harrowstorm."
<Rada al-Saran teleports away in a swarm of bats.>
Fennorian: <Tortured sobbing.>

The Gray Host[edit]

After learning about the Gray Host, you will find out that they are testing a harrowstorm in the the Undergrove. This makes it an ideal place to test the elixir created to protect against a harrowstorm's effects.

Once you enter the Undergrove with your companions, you will soon hear some familiar voices.

Fennorian: "We need to find where they're experimenting with the harrowstorms."
<Voices will echo from the center.>
Exarch Ulfra: "You honor me with your presence, my king."
Lyris Titanborn: "Gray Host! Stay quiet and listen!"
Rada al-Saran: "This harrowstorm must be the biggest we have ever wrought, my sister-in-arms."
Svana: "That's the leader of the Gray Host!"
Exarch Ulfra: "Have we heard from Solitude? Is everything in place?"
Rada al-Saran: "I have been assured city is ripe for harvest"
Fennorian: "Rada al-Saran and Exarch Ulfra? Should we postpone the test?"
Svana: "Certainly not! The holds are counting on us! Besides, we might be able to end this threat right here and now."
<The group stops outside the door.>
"Impudent mortal! You will pay for your crime!"

With the decision made to confront the two leaders of the Gray Host, you can head on in. Rada al-Saran will recognize you and quickly show he isn't to be trifled with:

Rada al-Saran: "Who dares intrude—you! The murderers who killed our beloved Tzinghalis!"
<Lyris walks forwards.>
Lyris Titanborn: "And you're about to join him."
Rada al-Saran: "Impudent mortal! You will pay for your crime!"
<Red lightning appears in his hands and he strikes Lyris who is thrown back.>
Lyris Titanborn: "Argh!"
Rada al-Saran: "Now for the rest of these curs!"
Exarch Ulfra: "My king, allow me the honor of spilling their blood!"
Rada al-Saran: "Very well, sweet sister. Join me in Greymoor Keep when the task is done."
<Rada al-Saran bat-teleports away.>
Exarch Ulfra: "Let this harrowstorm flay the flesh from your bones!"
<A red haze fills the air as the Harrowstorm begins.>

Greymoor Rising[edit]

In the aftermath of High King Svargrim's betrayal, you will descend into Greymoor Keep which is directly beneath Solitude to stop the Host's plans to unleash a harrowstorm on the city. After hearing Svargrim's yell, your group will head in the direction of the sound which leads them to a balcony overlooking a massive witch pike, wreathed in harrowstorm energy while a beam of red energy shoots from the top. Svargrim and Rada al-Saran stand on either side of the beam, facing each other.

"Pain is part of the process, Svargrim."
Rada al-Saran: "Pain is part of the process, Svargrim."
High King Svargrim: "It's … exquisite … my master!"
Rada al-Saran: "Once you are attuned to Greymoor, the storm will be yours to command."
<The attunement of Svargrim progresses and he begins to rise up in the air and float towards the surface.>
Rada al-Saran: "Rise, Svargrim, and unleash my storm upon Solitude! Then the last of the Gray Host shall be reborn!"
<Rada then follow him upwards.>
Fennorian: "The Ashen Lord, he turned Svargrim into the heart of his harrowstorm!"
Svana: "They're moving higher up the tower! We need to follow them!"
"Your persistence begins to annoy me, mortal. You killed my beloved brother and sister, Tzinghalis and Ulfra."

Once you enter the Central Overlook, you'll find Rada al-Saran himself doing something while within a red barrier.

Rada al-Saran: "And so the thorns arrive to once more prick my thumbs …."
Fennorian: "A barrier …."
Svana: "And—Rada al-Saran?"

You now have the opportunity to talk to Rada al-Saran.

"Your persistence begins to annoy me, mortal. You killed my beloved brother and sister, Tzinghalis and Ulfra. I freed them and you sent them back. Back to the hated Molag Bal!
I will see you suffer for that transgression."
Then drop the barrier and let's finish this.
"As much as it would please me to flay the flesh from your bones, I have more pressing matters to attend to.
But know this. As I felt each death, you shall feel it when the harrowstorm takes every life in Solitude. You shall feel it when you fail!"
I'm not going to let that happen.

At this, your audience with the Ashen Lord is over:

Rada al-Saran: "Bold words, but futile. Svargrim rises, and the harrowstorm with him. Once the attunement is finished, they will be unstoppable!"
<He disappears.>
Lyris Titanborn: "What happened? What did that damned vampire do?"
Fennorian: "He's merging the power flowing through the keep with Svargrim, giving him control of the harrowstorm."
Svana: "Then you must undo it. I'll stay and help. Lyris, you and our friend keep going up and find my father."

Getting closer to the surface, the effects of the attunement can be felt as waves of red light fill your vision. Rada will further hinder you by remotely activating the Stone Husks. While with Svana, you find Svargrim and Rada once more:

Rada al-Saran: "The attunement is complete, Svargrim. You and Greymoor Keep are one."
High King Svargrim: "The power! I am unstoppable!"
Svana: "We need to hurry!"

You will see Svargrim and Rada through a window as they continue to ascend the harrowstorm energy.

Rada al-Saran: "I leave the harrowing of Solitude to you, little king. Remember your oath to me."
Svana: "Rada al-Saran is leaving? Why?"

As you get higher, you will see the end of the harrowstorm structure. There is another wave of red light as a suspicious Svargrim questions Rada.

High King Svargrim: "You abandon me, in our moment of triumph? What game do you play, Rada al-Saran?"
Rada al-Saran: "Game? I gave you power. If you can't conquer Skyrim, the fault is your own."
Svana: "This place is connected to Castle Dour! How long has my father been planning this?"
Rada al-Saran: "Now ascend to your Tower of the Wolf and unleash my most potent harrowstorm! The Gray Host is counting on you, little king."

This is the last time you see Rada al-Saran before you reach Solitude.

The Gray Council[edit]

Rada al-Saran

While experiencing Verandis's memories through at dreamwalk at Greyhome Castle, you will need to speak to Rada al-Saran after talking with Ulfra and Tzinghalis. He will be on the upper levels and can be found seated on the dais as he watches Eeze dance around in the blood fountain. He will call out as you approach:

Rada al-Saran: "Verandis, my friend. At long last."

Rada will be pleased to see Verandis but he waves away the concerns his old friend has.

"How good to see you, Verandis, my old friend. You look well. Our halls have felt quite empty without you.
What do you think of our new home? Is it not, as I wrote in my letter, everything one could ask for?"
You've built a grand castle, old friend. But I must know, have you considered my request?
"To parlay with the mortal queen?
I have, but my stance has not changed. The Gray Host's strength has grown over the centuries, while dozens of mortal kingdoms have risen and fallen. What sense is there in revealing ourselves to them now?"
Mortals are not as you remember them. Empress Hestra would make a fine ally.
"What mortals gain from an alliance with us is obvious, but what benefit do we receive from them?
King Styriche and our Gray Host could crush this Empress Hestra and her armies in a day. I know you worry for our people, Verandis, but you need not."
You can't continue to war against mortals. There are simply too many of them.
"For such a brilliant mind who helped conceive our Gray Council, you can be so short-sighted, Verandis. I will say this: If the mortals do not move against us, we will not move against them.
But I cannot protect your precious mortals from themselves."
I believe in the Gray Council, not Styriche's Gray Host. And an alliance would protect us all.

You can ask him more questions before heading to Verandis's Study after Steward Faustina announces his belongings have been moved inside.

"Enough talk of alliances and mortals. It has been too long since we last saw one another, Verandis. Let us speak of better times, drink the blood offered, and contemplate the tremendous responsibility we bear to keep our people safe."
I spoke with Ulfra and Tzinghalis.
"Good. You cannot imagine how much I have leaned upon them in your absence.
It should please you to know that Ulfra shows restraint these days. And I know Tzinghalis would love to discuss his experiments and research with you."
They don't understand the dream, Rada al-Saran.
""They understand little that does not serve their own needs. They do not understand why we started the Gray Council or what an asset you are to the Gray Host.
It will take much to convince them to make peace with mortals."
Why did you invite me here if you're unwilling to talk about this?
"We have talked and I have listened. I've humored your ideals far longer than they deserve.
I invited you because you will flourish here, Verandis. You belong here, among your brothers and sisters, not meandered in the tribulations of mortal life."
The dream didn't start with us ruling over mortals.
"Your dream and mine are similar, my friend, but they are not the same. This friction between us, it thins my patience. Still, this place, no matter how grand, did not feel complete until you returned.
You belong here, Verandis."
I would like to continue our discussion of an alliance with mortals later, my friend.
"Of course, Verandis. I know you too well to think you would let the topic go so easily. I promise, we will speak of it again. There is no need to rush.
We have not seen each other in an Elf's age. I would hear what you have been up to, my brother."
We're immortal. We have all the time in the world to catch up.
"And yet you waste years away from your family, caring for those who live short and meaningless lives.
Ah, Verandis. Is my word not enough to appease you? We will speak more of this later. For now, I wish to discuss more pleasant topics."

Trailer Dialogue[edit]

In The Elder Scrolls Online - Fear the Dark Heart of Skyrim trailer, Rada says the following:

"We have waited a thousand years for this moment."
"From the depths of the darkest shadows, we will rise again with our fallen legions to avenge our wretched purgatory."
"We will rebuild our empire on the souls of the meek."
"And you will know the Dark Heart of Skyrim."