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Find a shipwreck survivor's lost pendant.
Zone: Wrothgar
Quest Giver: Youss
Location(s): Frozen Fleet
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
One of the survivors of the frozen fleet asked me to keep an eye open for a gold pendant he lost. It was meant to be a gift for his betrothed when they are finally reunited.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find the pendant.
  2. Talk to Azeeda.
  3. Decide who gets the pendant.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

You can find Youss a short distance north of the survivors of the Frozen Fleet after accepting Where Loyalty Lies.

"Did I hear correctly? Will you be visiting the wrecked ships? If so, perhaps I could impose upon you a small favour?"
How can I help you?
"I apologize for even asking, but I have no qualms admitting that I am no match for even one Riekr, let alone a dozen of the foul creatures.
If, during your travels, you happen upon a gold pendant... well, it belongs to me."
What's so special about this pendant?
"In light of all the lives lost, it may seem trivial, but I spent a month's wages on the pendant. It was to be a betrothal gift for my lovely Alani. Thoughts of her beauty helped me survive this terrible disaster.
Find it, and I will be in your debt."
If I find your pendant, I'll return it to you.
"I appreciate your help. The pendant holds a great deal of sentimental value to me."
Tell me more about this pendant I'm looking for.
"It is a beautiful piece, crafted of delicate gold and inscribed with my lovely Alani's initial on the back.
There is not another like it for a thousand and a thousand leagues!"
How did you lose the pendant?
"Truth be told, I did not so much lose the pendant as I was forced to leave it behind when we abandoned the wrecked ships.
It should still be locked away in a coffer in my cabin - if that part of our ship hasn't sunk into the icy sea."
How do I know the pendant belongs to you?
"You doubt my word? That pains me. Of course the pendant belongs to me!
I am the one that asked you to find it. I am the one who described its perfect beauty. And I am the one who needs to recover it for his betrothed. What other proof do you need?"

The pendant can be found in a coffer in the back part of a ship just off the coast.

Once you return, Azeeda will be there and will call out to you.

"Can I talk to you for a moment? I fear you've been misled."
"Did that skeever Youss ask you to find a pendant?"
Yes, he said it was a gift for his beloved.
"Oh, did he now? How typical.
If that lech had a fiance, then I'm the Queen of Daggerfall! That pendant is mine. It even has my initial engraved on the back. It was a gift from my parents. It turned up missing shortly before the storm."
How did Youss know about the pendant then?
"Youss and I... we became... friendly... during the voyage. Much to my regret.
After one particular encounter, I noticed that my pendant was gone. Youss swore he hadn't seen it, but then I heard him talking to you about it."
It's your word against his.
"How dare you call me a liar! Look, I admit that I exaggerated when Youss admired the pendant. Heat of the moment and all that. He thinks it's an heirloom but it really only has sentimental value. It reminds me of home. It's mine. I give you my word."
I should get Youss's side of the story.
"Fine. Talk to the liar. But be careful. His words fall like nectar from a tree.
I thought he liked me, but he only had eyes for the gold around my neck."
I I think the pendant belongs to you.
"Your belief in me is gratifying. I thought I had lost the pendant forever, and with it my one remaining connection to my home and my parents.
Thank you for your help. Now give me my pendant so I can make sure I won't lose it again."

If you do not decide to give it to her on the spot, you can hear her out, or talk to others around to ask for hints about the pendant's true owner, or go to Youss.

Why should I give the pendant to you?
"Because it belongs to me. Why would he be carrying around a gift for his betrothed on a voyage such as this? It makes no sense!
He tells a good story, I'll give him that. But in the end, it smells like a guar stall. I'm sure you realize that."
Why would Youss claim that the pendant belongs to him?
"Because he's a thief trying to make a quick profit!
That pendant is mine. It reminds me of my parents and my home. I admit that I was attracted to Youss, got too involved for my own good. But he just wanted to get his hands on my pendant!"

Hakr the Bare-Footed provides no information of value.

"I haven't worn shoes since I was knee-high to a mammoth, so I'm not about to start now."
Was Azeeda wearing a gold pendant during the voyage?
"Can't say that I ever noticed. She does wear boots all the time. All. The Time. That would drive me to drink."

Neither does Moj-argo.

"Are the star-crossed lovers bickering again? Or perhaps they are just cross lovers?
This one has never seen a more ill-suited pair. Azeeda is a kind lady, but that man. He's a shifty one, yes?"
Did you ever notice Youss or Azeeda with a gold pendant?
"Hmm. A gold pendant, did you say? Let me think?"
"Yes. This one heard Youss ask you to look for a pendant. But if he has a betrothed back home, someone should really tell the lovely Azeeda. She seemed very attracted to him during the voyage."

Izdimah has a few things to say about Youss.

"We salvaged a few things from the ship. Two bottles of grog, a cask of old spiced wine, four sacks of black bread flour, a half-barrel of heather-tea, and two bedrolls.
At least it wasn't a total loss!"
Did either Youss or Azeeda own a gold pendant that you're aware of?
"I don't know anything about a gold pendant, but I do know that Youss supposedly has a pretty lady in every port. He tried to get into my cabin a few times, and I even saw him flirt with Lady Sovelle once or twice!"

So does Dore Ulanie.

"It's a wonder any of us survived that storm. It was unnatural, I tell you. Unnatural!"
Do you know anything about a gold pendant? Both Youss and Azeeda claimed it belongs to them.
"Youss tallked about valuables a lot. Honestly, I never really paid him any attention. He loves the sound of his own voice almost as much as I do.
Even so, I'd rather have my life than my gold. Anyone who tells you different has no sense of priority."

Lanarette, on the other hand, has interesting information on Azeeda.

"I saw you talking to Youss and Azeeda. He's a nice fellow, but she's a sly one. Not to gossip, but she was flirting with him like we were in a tavern in Shornhelm!"
Did you ever see Youss or Azeeda with a gold pendant?
"Well, I don't like to gosstip, but that woman set her eye on Youss the moment he got on board.
I also understand that Azeeda's parents disowned her after she refused to go along with an arranged marriage. Redguards demand obedience in their children."

You can hear them out or proceed straight to Youss for his side of the story.

"Tell me, my good friend, were you successful? Did you find my pendant among the wreckage?"
I recovered a gold pendant.
"You did? That's wonderful! My Alani is going to be so happy!
Now, give me the pendant, if you please. I need to keep it safe until I return to Sentinel."
Someone else claims that the pendant belongs to her.
"Really? Why that's ridiculous! Who would... oh. You spoke to Azeeda, didn't you? Listen, she's just upset. We had a few intimate moments during the voyage, but she wanted more than I could give her. This is just her way of punishing me."
I think the pendant belongs to you.
"I knew that you would see the veracity of my claim. Now my dear Alani will have to accept my proposal and marry me!
Thank you for believing in me. Now just hand over the pendent and we can put this business behind us."
I think I should give the pendant to Azeela.
This will end the conversation and reset it to its beginning.


  • If you give the pendant to Azeeda, Youss will say:
"I have nothing to say to you. Or to that conniving witch, Azeeda, either.
Believe me, I won't tdally with another sea trollop ever again. No matter how beautiful she looks or how amazing she smells. Just Alani, from now on."
  • If you give the pendent to Youss, Azeeda will say:
"You really believe in Youss's story? Over me? And if he does have a betrothed back in Seentinel, I feel sorry for her. He's been cheating on her from one port to another!
I don't want to talk to you any more. Or to that lying dog who has my pendant.

Quest Stages[edit]

Of Sentimental Value
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I agreed to find the gold pendant that Youss lost when he fled from the wrecked ships. I'll see if I can locate it among the wreckage of the frozen fleet.
Objective: Find the pendant
I found a pendant while exploring the wrecked ships. I should bring it back to Youss and determine if it's the one he lost.
Objective: Return the pendant to Youss
One of the other survivors wants to talk to me. I should see what she wants before I return the pendant to Youss.
Objective: Talk to Azeeda
A woman claims the pendant belongs to her. I should try to determine who the piece of jewelry actually belongs to before I turn it over to either of them.
Complete one: Talk to Youss or Talk to Azeeda
Objective Hint: Ask others about the pendant
☑Finishes quest Azeeda claims that the pendant belongs to her and that Youss is lying so that he can sell the pendant and make some gold. I decided that Azeeda is telling the truth and will turn the pendant over to her.
Objective: Give the Pendant to Azeeda
☑Finishes quest Azeeda claims that the pendant belongs to her and that Youss is lying so that he can sell the pendant and make some gold. I decided that Youss is telling the truth and will turn the pendant over to him.
Objective: Give the Pendant to Youss