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Imperial City
Convince a skeleton to reveal the Worm Cult's excavation plans.
Zone: Imperial City
Objective: Memorial District — Discover what Molag Bal is digging for beneath the city.
Quest Giver: Drake of Blades
Location(s): Memorial District
Previous Quest: Scouting the Memorial District
Next Quest: Scouting Quests;
The Sublime Brazier
Reward: Medium Tel Var Sack: 00300300Tel Var Stones
Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
"Dig. Seek the Dragonfire Cathedral with pick and spade. Smother, choke, and quench the light. By Molag Bal's will, obey."

Worm Cultists are digging up skeletons in the Memorial District and raising them as undead thralls. Some of these skeletons appear to be searching for something underground. I've agreed to help the Drake of Blades find out what they're looking for.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to the Drake of Blades at the Alliance Rally Point in the Memorial District.
  2. Find a Daedric brand and a key to the chapel.
  3. Go to the Defiled Chapel of Arkay and brand a skeleton.
  4. Talk to the Drake of Blades in the Undertaker's Office.
  5. Collect kindlepitch from the Xivkyn Soulbranders.
  6. Destroy the dig site in the Crematorium.
  7. Report to the Drake of Blades in the Alliance Base.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Of Brands and Bones
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I must kill Worm Cultists to find a Daedric Brand and a key to the chapel.
Objective: Collect the Chapel Key
Objective: Collect a Daedric Brand
I should enter the chapel to use the Daedric Brand and discover what the Worm Cult is doing with the exhumed skeletons.
Objective: Go to the Chapel
Now that I have a Daedric Brand and access to the chapel, I must brand a skeleton. The skeleton should recite its orders, revealing why it is digging in the Memorial District and what it hopes to find.
Objective: Brand a Skeleton to Hear Its Confession
The Worm Cult has been using the exhumed skeletons to excavate something called the Dragonfire Cathedral. I should meet up with the Drake of Blades in the Undertaker's Office to plan our next move.
Objective: Meet the Drake in the Undertaker's Office
I should tell the Drake of Blades about what I discovered in the chapel.
Objective: Talk to the Drake of Blades
The map that the Drake of Blades found indicates that the Worm Cult's skeletal minions are digging beneath the crematorium. I should collect concentrated kindlepitch from Xivkyn Soulbranders. I may be able to cause a cave in with the right amount.
Objective: Collect Concentrated Kindlepitch: 0/3
I've acquired the concentrated kindlepitch. I should make my way to the crematorium to meet up with the Drake of Blades.
Objective: Meet the Drake in the Crematorium
I must use the concentrated kindlepitch to destroy the Worm Cult's secret dig site. This should cripple their attempt to find the Dragonfire Cathedral.
Objective: Destroy the Secret Dig Site
Finishes quest I've destroyed the site where Molag Bal's skeletons were searching for something called the "Dragonfire Cathedral." Their digging operation is crippled. I should return to the alliance base and speak with the Drake of Blades about our next move.
Objective: Talk to the Drake of Blades
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