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New Moon Scorcher
Location Doomstone Keep, New Moon Fortress, Southern Elsweyr, Dragonhold, Zazaradi's Quarry and Mine
Race Khajiit Gender Varies
Health 29870
Reaction Hostile Class Reach Mage
Other Information
Faction(s) Order of the New Moon
New Moon Scorcher

New Moon Scorchers are Khajiit reach mages belonging to the Order of the New Moon. They can be found during random encounters with a New Moon Dreadnaught and a Destitute Scavenger.


The Scorcher proselytizes to the scavenger.

New Moon Scorcher: "Lost one. We can spare you these deprivations."
New Moon Scorcher: "You can be saved from this desperate toil. We can give you a new life."
New Moon Scorcher: "There is no more need to fear the Dragons. Our path will see you saved."
New Moon Scorcher: "A New Moon rises, rhook. And you can rise with it."
Destitute Scavenger: "How? Please tell me!"
Destitute Scavenger: "You would help this pitiful cat?"
Destitute Scavenger: "This one will take any help he can get."
Destitute Scavenger: "Truthfully? Khajiit cannot live like this any longer."
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