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Master Ozalan
Home Settlement Hoarfrost Downs
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Master Ozalan

Master Ozalan is a Redguard stablemaster and the current owner of Fadeel found at the settlement of Hoarfrost Downs.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

After deciding to fufil Handre's final wish and finding the stolen gem, you can head to Hoarfrost Downs to speak with Ozalan about the Fadeel. He can be found at the stables and can be heard shouting at the horse as you approach.

Master Ozalan: "Why will you not listen? Beef-witted beast! Must I tie a torch to your tail again to teach you?"

You can then speak with Master Ozalan to see if he willing to trade for the horse.

"Stupid horse. Does not even know how to do what he is told. I have a good mind just to feed the stupid thing to the dogs."
Then maybe you'd be interested in trading him for this gem?
"You mean you would actually trade me that for this unworthy beast? If you are willing to do that, you are as dumb as the damn horse!
What will you do with him? He's only good for hauling heavy loads, and he's not even much good for that!"
I'm going to set him free.
"Ha! You are crazy as that dog-loving boy Handre! This horse does not want to be free. He would not even know what to do.
I will trade with you, but no taking it back. You will feel like a fool when the stupid thing just stands there."
We'll see.

After you speak with Fadeel the horse will run to freedom, shocking Ozalan.

Master Ozalan: "Fadeel … what are you doing? Wait! No! Come back here you stupid beast!"

Speaking with him afterwards, he is shocked that Fadeel understood you.

"I—I cannot believe it! He understood you and he … he just ran away!"