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Kireth Vanos
Home City The Hollow City
Location Bthanual, The Sober Nord Tavern, Taarengrav, Stirk, Library of Dusk, Consultants' House, Chapel of Light, The Endless Stair, Anvil, Brass Fortress, Nchuthnkarst
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower The Library of Dusk
Kireth Vanos

Kireth Vanos is a Dunmer adventurer. Along with her brother Raynor, she can be found exploring ruins in Deshaan, Eastmarch, the Rift, and Wrothgar. The siblings also form part of the Coldharbour invasion force. She is also the author of several books.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]


The Dungeon Delvers[edit]

After speaking to her frantic brother, you'll find Kireth just inside the entry to Bthanual:

"About time you got here! I've been dodging spiders for what seems like forever.
Wait, you're not Raynor."
Not at all. But he did send me to bring you this control rod.
"Did he? I bet he got hurt fooling around with the spider constructs."
That's not exactly how he put it, but yes.
"How typical! Listen, this ruin is a two-person job. I need someone to cause a diversion so I can sneak into the next chamber.
Could you test that control rod on the spiders inside?"

She can be intimidated, however it still leads to the control rod option:

[Intimidate] I'm not going to help you out of the goodness of my heart.
"No reason to get all gruff and grumpy! We'll take care of you.
There's bound to be valuable stuff in here. Raynor and I will split anything we find with you."
What's the control rod do?
"How should I know? Raynor built it.
He calls it a control rod. I bet it controls the constructs! Use it to capture one of those spider things. It might take a few attempts, though. Raynor's devices don't always work exactly as he designed them."
This sounds pretty reckless.
"That's the spirit! Now go create a diversion."

After using the control rod:

"What took you so long? And who's your sparky new friend?"
I used the rod on that spider and now it's following me.
"You mean my brother's invention actually worked?"
It would seem so.
"I wonder if it would work on the big spiders."
There are bigger ones?
"Probably not. Just a legend. I'm almost positive.
Anyway, there's something important here. I can feel it. Something the Arch–Mage won't be able to ignore."
What makes you so sure?
"Look around! I had a quick peek at the machinery in here while I was waiting for you.
I think this entire chamber is some sort of complex Dwarven device."
What does it do?
"I have no idea! It might open that big door over there, or it might unleash a giant walking teapot with razors for arms.
There's only one way to find out, right?"
How does it work?
"I'm not sure. Its emitter … thing … is broken. I could fix it if I had some spare parts.
Hmm. Maybe we can get your sparky little friend to help us."
What can the spider do?
"Dwarven constructs scavenge parts to repair themselves. They're designed to remove delicate mechanisms from disabled constructs to reuse elsewhere."
So you want me to go collect spider parts?
"No, not you—your spider. You'd just ruin the parts prying them out.
Go beat some spiders into submission, then have your sparky friend collect their parts. I'll wait for you by the emitter at the other end of the chamber."

After getting the spider parts:

"Good timing. I think I almost have this contraption figured out. Did you get the parts?"
The spider did most of the work.
"So Raynor's control rod actually works. Do you believe it?
Let's see those parts. I think I know how to fix this thing."

The Light Fantastic[edit]

"Now stand back and give me a moment."
Take your time.
"Turn this … tighten that … and … finished!
That should do it. Should we see what this thing does?"
I suppose so.
"By Vivec! This is incredible."
What is it?
"Some kind of elaborate Dwarven device. Obviously.
See the crystal prisms set up around the chamber? This emitter fires a beam that reflects off the prisms and then does… something! Oh, this is so exciting!"
Now what should we do?
"Not sure.
Why don't you fiddle with the prisms while I think this through? Maybe you'll get lucky."


[Persuade] It doesn't look quite right. I'm sure you can fix it.
The prisms might be out of alignment. I think we need to direct the beam of light to a specific point. Adjust the prisms until something happens while I work on the emitter some more."

After destroying the giant spider construct:

"Raynor showed up right after you went inside.
We heard scary noises from behind the door. What was in there?"
A giant spider construct and this Dwarven relic.
"A giant spider? I knew it!
Can I see what else you found?"
Here you go.
"This could be just what we need. I bet this gets me and Raynor into the Academy."
Glad I could help.
"Here's something we found near the ruin. Please take it for helping us.
You know, you're not bad to have around. Feel free to come dungeon delving with us whenever you want!"
"I could spend weeks taking this thing apart.
Then it'll take Raynor years to put it back together again."


Kireth at The Sober Nord

She can be found upstairs with her brother at The Sober Nord Tavern in Windhelm. They both have ambient, unsubtitled dialogue that triggers if you activate them for the first time. Raynor will say:

"Trust me, sister. This time the Mages Guild will offer us memberships for sure!"

If you interact with Kireth, she will say:

"First the Academy, now the Mages Guild. Tell me why we care if any of these stiff-robes think?"

They cannot be spoken to.

In Search of Kireth Vanos[edit]

"Hi there. It's great to see someone who isn't made of metal and trying to chop me to bits.
Are you just exploring? I hate to tell you, but we were here first. But good job getting this far without one of Raynor's crazy devices."
Your brother sent me to find you.
"Raynor sent you? Well, that was nice of him since it's his fault I'm stuck down here! His stupid invisibility device stopped working and now the constructs won't stop chasing me!
Anyway, you have my thanks."

Kireth's Amazing Plan[edit]

"Raynor and I are certain there's something of value down here, but it's locked up tighter than any of the ruins I've ever crawled through.
We have to find it. Otherwise, this entire trip has been nothing but a big waste of time."
What are you looking for down here?
"Our research points to a treasure trove of lore buried in these ruins. I even found one of the lore vaults. It had a Dwemer memory device and everything!
But the area is buried in snow and swarming with constructs. Also, we need a key."
That sounds kind of difficult.
"That's why I'm coming with you, silly! I won't let anything happen to you. Promise! Besides, I have the shovel!
Anyway, you keep the constructs away from me and I'll dig for the key. How's that sound?"
Sounds like a plan.
"Great! Let's go. I'll stick close, if you don't mind. You look like you can handle that weapon you're carrying and I'd rather not get eaten by a construct.
If we get separated, I'll meet you back here."

Whilst she's your companion:

"With you help, I just know we're going to succeed!"
I'm ready when you are.

When she is digging:

"Damn. Just broken glass shards. They're everywhere in here."
"No key here, but this glass looks like a crystal lens. What was this place for?"
"This is it! I found the key! Now we can go to the vault and see if we can get the device to work."

After finding the key:

"Now that I have the key to operate the Dwemer memory device, we should locate the lore vault. If I remember correctly, the vault is hidden among the snowy chambers of the ruins. Let's go!"

After finding the memory device:

"We need an intact orb to make the memory device work. See if you can find one around here."

Raynor and Kireth's conversation:

Raynor: "Ah, I hoped I'd find you two down here. I repaired the lift. What did you find?"
Kireth: "Raynor, this device fills up glass orbs with old lore, like filling a decanter with fine wine!"
Raynor: "A memory device? You found one that works?"
Kireth: "It's intact. But we need a glass orb to see if it actually works."
Raynor: "Did you figure out what kind of lore the device contains?"
Kireth: "I see two important bits of lore. One explains how Dwemer used soul gems to power their constructs. The other contains a map of Dwemer ruins across Tamriel."
Raynor: "Soul gems? That knowledge would open a lot of doors for us. A lot of doors."
Kireth: "But think about what we can do with those maps! Access to every ruin. Those are the doors we should be opening!"
Raynor: "Are you suggesting that we become common … treasure hunters? Well, think how famous we'll become if we bring both bits of lore to the Mages Guild."
Kireth: "I don't think we can, brother. I think there's only enough power in this device to make one imprinting."
Raynor: "But we've worked so hard to get them to listen to us. This is our chance, sister."
Kireth: "I'm not sure. But our friend here has found an orb we can use. Hey! What do you think we should do?"

After the conversation is over:

"What do you think? We've only got the one orb you found."
What do you want to do with the orb?
"If I knew the location of every Dwemer ruin? I could explore places no one has seen since the Dwemer were actually alive and kicking. That would be amazing!
Anyone can be a scholar, but I could visit places no one alive has ever seen!"
I think you've got the right idea


Let me talk to Raynor before I make a decision.

If you support her:

"I do? I do! I know Raynor wants to get invited to join the Mages Guild, but we both love exploring old ruins. With this, we would be the foremost experts on Dwemer ruins! That's better than stuffy old mages.
Can you talk to Raynor and convince him?"

After speaking to Raynor:

"This is going to be great! Raynor will sulk for a bit, but what else is new? Soon he'll be inventing something amazing to use in the next ruin!
Anyway, thanks for your help. And feel free to use the lift over there when you're ready to leave."

If you support Raynor:

"You're right. This is going to work out. I love to go delving without a care, but Raynor can't stand it when everyone mocks him and doesn't take him seriously.
I can understand it. Raynor deserves a little recognition."
Raynor is right. You almost died in here.
"Hey, I had everything under control until … no, you're right. I don't have the best track record. I keep needing help.
Maybe the Mages Guild will teach us how to be proper adventurers. Or Shad Astula. We should be able to write our own ticket now!"

The Rift[edit]

The Shackled Guardian[edit]

The siblings outside Taarengrav

You'll find Kireth bound inside a tent, and not content with you simply rescuing her:

"You! You must listen to me!"
Let's get you out of here.
"Wait! I heard what the Worm Cult is after. They're searching the Rift for spirits of Ysgramor's legendary Five Hundred Companions. They intend to enslave those spirits and bind them to the giant Sinmur."
And there's a spirit here?
"I believe the ruins contain the burial vault of Valdur, one of Ysgramor's Companions.
Those pages you've collected? They're the clue to getting inside. If only I'd had more time!"
I can handle the cult.
"I hope so.
My apprentice, Daneras, is down in the vault … if he's still alive. Find him. Together, the two of you must find a way into the tomb and stop the cult."
I'll handle it. Now let's get you freed.

Speaking to her again after untying her:

"Well? You going to just stand there?"

After completing the quest, she'll say:

"It's always nice to meet new people in exciting places!"


The Weight of Three Crowns[edit]

The siblings on Stirk

She can found on Stirk along with her brother, practicing flame spells while waiting for the results of the summit meeting. If you've never completed any quests involving her, she will express that she's thrilled that they were chosen to come along.

"Isn't it exciting? The Mage Guild actually asked us to come with them on this mission! It seems our hard work is finally paying off."

If you've met her before, she instead says:

"It's great to see you again, old friend! I feel better knowing that you're part of this invasion force.
Now there's something I never expected to be a part of—an invasion force!"

While waiting with everyone else for Vanus Galerion to open the portal to Coldharbour, she will be enthusiastic at chances to find treasure.

"Coldharbour! I don't mind admitting that this old dungeon-delver is probably more excited than she should be! I can't wait to see what kinds of artifacts we can recover."


Through the Daedric Lens[edit]

A projection of Kireth

For most of this quest you will be speaking to Kireth through her projection. However, once all the daedric lenses are destroyed you can enter the Gallery area of the Library to speak with her in person. You can find her near the entrance, banging on an observation window and fruitlessly trying to get her brother's attention from below.

Kireth Vanos: "Raynor? Raynor! He can't hear me. Why can't he hear me? Raynor!"

You can then speak with Kireth to see what she knows.

"I can see Raynor through this observation window, but he can't hear me. It must be the spell … and I bet the spell didn't affect me because I'm not attuned to whatever catalyst controls the magicka matrix."
The magicka matrix?
"You know, the spell web. A pretty elegant trap, really. I think the spell's catalyst has something to do with an interest in knowledge. I'd be insulted, but what can I say. I'm in this for adventure, not scholarly pursuits.
And thanks, by the way."

The Library of Dusk[edit]

After finding Kireth, you can continue speaking with her and help her save her brother. If you do not continue the conversation immediately after completing Through the Daedric Lens she will gripe about them getting entrapped.

"I can't believe they blundered right into this trap. How stupid was that?
As usual, I guess it's up to us to save the day."
What are you thinking? (After this dialogue goes straight to the standard script)
"The spell seems to be a combination of glamours and illusions. It snared my brother and the other scholarly types.
Anyway, we can't leave them like that. We have to snap them out of it."
Do you have a plan?
"I always have a plan! It requires you to get down there and talk some sense into them. I'll make sure the Daedra don't lock us in here again. Just find me if Raynor gives you any trouble.
And be careful. Illusion magic can be tricky."
I thought the spell only affects scholars.
"Sure, but there may be other spells active down there. Take a look at the observation windows and remember the details of each holding cell.
The Daedra must be keeping those notes for some reason, and I believe in always being prepared."

If you speak with again she will remind you to read the notes, "Take another look into the rooms before you head down into the library. If there are illusion spells, you'll need every edge you can get."

Once you have read the observation notes, you can go down to the main part of the library where Kireth will be crouched down near the archway. When you speak with her she will comment on the atmosphere.

"What a creepy place! I can feel something tugging at my mind.
Find my brother and the scholars. And hurry! The spell might adapt and eventually trap us in here, too."

If you find Raynor and fail to convince him to leave, you will need to return to Kireth for some help.

"You're back, but I don't see Raynor. What's going on?"
I found your brother, but he's engrossed in a book.
"I'll handle this. I know just what to do when Raynor gets too absorbed in his work. We developed a system for just this sort of situation.
Let's go."
"That does it! Remember, Raynor, you asked for this!"

Kireth will then follow you back to Raynor who is still reading his Dwemer treatise. His sister will immediately get to work.

Kireth Vanos: "Raynor? Get your head out of that book! It's time to leave this horrible place."
Raynor Vanos: "Leave me alone, sister. I'm busy."
Kireth Vanos: "That does it! Remember, Raynor, you asked for this!"
<Kireth punches her brother so hard that he falls down.>
Raynor Vanos: "Kireth! What was that for? I—wait, where am I?"
Kireth Vanos: "Works every time."

After speaking with Raynor, Kireth and her brother will leave the library. Once you have rescued the others and taken the place's Light of Meridia, Kireth will be at their camp on northern outskirts of the ruins. If you speak with her before speaking with Telenger she will say, "Hey, you made it! Telenger has been waiting for you. You should talk to him when you get a chance."

Once you have spoken with Telenger, she will thank you for the help.

"Thank you so much. I could never have done that by myself. Raynor's sleeping right now, but when he wakes up, I'm going to tell him how great his device worked."

The Hollow City[edit]

The siblings in the Chapel of Light

Once you have rescued Kireth and the scholars from the Library, she will have taken residence in the Consultants' House.

"It's good to have Raynor back here with me. I … I don't know what I'd do without him.
Just to see him examining maps and thinking up his next device. It makes me really appreciate how far we've come."

If you rescued the scholars beforehand, Kireth will attend the War Council with her brother in the Chapel of Light.

"All that work and worry, and here we are, helping the Mages Guild! It's like a dream come true.
I can't wait to delve into a few more of these Coldharbour dungeons!"

The Final Assault[edit]

The siblings outside the Endless Stair

Before you start the final push into Molag Bal's lair, Kireth will be at the Endless Stair's entrance.

"My brother and I might be a bit out of our league, but we'll find a way to help.
We've explored enough Dwarven ruins and dungeons to fill a hundred lore books. How much different could Molag Bal's Labyrinth be?"

After you have been debriefed, you can ask what she will do during the attack.

"It's time, isn't it?
I'm ready for anything! I can't wait to see what's inside the lair of a Daedric Prince. Is that what he calls it? His lair? Yes, that sounds right!"
Aren't you the least bit nervous?
"Nervous? Sure. Everyone's nervous. Even Vanus and the King.
But if I had a gold piece for every time I got nervous before diving into a dungeon … well , I'd have a lot of gold pieces! Don't worry. We won't fail you."
Will you be part of the Fighters Guild or Mages Guild forces?
"If not for my brother, I'd be in there swinging a sword with the best of the warriors. But Raynor and Gabrielle need me. Someone's got to watch their backs while they do the magic stuff.
But we'll make it out of this. Just like we always do."
The siblings exploring the Endless Stair

You will meet her again in the Labyrinth Library during the final assault. She is part of Gabrielle's team who are trying to unlock the gate.

"Do you think Molag Bal actually reads this stuff? Er, sorry. Trying to help my brother find something useful here. But look at all these books!
I always wondered what a Daedric Prince read at bedtime. Some of this stuff is pretty disturbing!"

Once you unlock the gate, she will be impressed by your daedric flame-slinging.

"I saw what you did there. That was fantastic! I mean, the fire coated your fingers and then you went swoosh! And the fire flew like an arrow and the tubes lit up and the device came to life! I can't wait to try that!"

You can talk with her after she and the rest of the group catch up to you and stop momentarily.

"I hate to say it, but this place is starting to get a bit overwhelming.
Nah, I'm just kidding. This has been exciting so far! I'm having a great time!"
The siblings in the Planar Vortex

After you have entered the Planar Vortex, she and Raynor will be some of the people to join you. You can talk to her after speaking with Meridia to say your possible final farewells.

"Did I hear that right? We're going to blow the vortex apart?
Great! But how do we get out of here once the light explodes? Please tell me you have an idea!"
I'm not sure what's going to happen after we place the light.
"That's not an idea! We're just going to plant a magical explosive and hope for the best?
I thought my brother Raynor's ideas were bad!"
It's the only way.
"I'm not sure I can take much more of this. People are dying! I've lost friends … people I looked up to … I can't lose Raynor, too.
There has to be another way."
Ebonheart Pact If completed the Storyline:
You've overcome hardships before, Kireth. You can do this.
"That was different. Deshaan … Eastmarch … those places were ordinary compared to this place.
People died. Not like this though. It's … by the Three, it's a massacre out there! For all we know, we're the last ones alive!"
That's why we have to win here.
"I know. And that's why I'll stand with my brother and with you. With all these brave people. Until the end.
Raynor and I will make sure nothing gets through that gate. We have enough gadgets to slow them down. Just make sure you win."
Thank you.
"You better not let us down, you hear me?
Do what you need to do and we'll do the same. Just like running through a dungeon back home in Deshaan. But with more Daedra."
You don't have to be a part of this.
"Yes. Yes, I do. People died so we could get this far. I owe them to see this through.
My brother and I will stand with you. We'll make sure no one follows us through that gate. I … I have to help. No matter what."
I appreciate that.
"You better not let us down, you hear me?
Do what you need to do and we'll do the same. Just like running through a dungeon back home in Deshaan. But with more Daedra."
[Intimidate] If you don't like the way this is going, leave! We don't have room for crying children.
"I… I will certainly not leave! I'm no coward! Raynor, grab your gadgets! We're making sure not one creature comes through that damn gate.
You! You're a real bastard, you know that. Good luck in there."

Once you tell Meridia that you are ready to begin, Kireth and Raynor will stay behind and guard the rear.

Raynor Vanos: "All right, let me see what components I have left. I should be able to cobble something together to slow a giant monster down …."
Kireth Vanos: "What about that exploding squirrel you built when we were children? Or do you think that'd be too much?"


Appears only with Orsinium
The siblings in Zthenganaz

An Unexpected Fall[edit]

If you haven't started the quest with Raynor, she'll greet you with:

"Well, this is a strange place to see a familiar face, but it's a pleasant surprise as well!
Did you fall down that hole, too?"

Or if you haven't done any quest that involves the siblings before, she'll say:

"Oh, hi. Did you fall through that hole in the ceiling, too?
Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Look at this ancient apparatus. I've seen cleaner things in an Orc's bath house, but it's really interesting, don't you think?"

Both leading to:

What are you doing here?
"What I always do! I'm exploring! I'm kind of an expert dungeon-delver. Sort of.
My brother and I answered the king's summons and here we are, cataloging another Dwarven ruin. Hey, where is my brother? Is he still afraid of the mechanical spiders?

If you began the quest with Raynor Vanos, you'll say her instead:

Your brother Raynor said you fell into this ruin.
"Fell? I'll have you know I'm an expert dungeon-delver! I don't fall. I drop gracefully. But, yeah, I certainly wasn't planning on getting down here using that particular method.
Hey, where is my brother? I could use his help down here."

Both cases lead to the same question:

Is there something I can do to help?
"Now that you mention it, I was hoping to collect a Dwarven power core. But the only one I saw was protected by a Ztheng Guardian!
If you could get the core, I'd appreciate it. Raynor loves those things! Uses them to build all kinds of devices."
Why do you need a Dwarven power core?
"Me? I don't need it. But my brother Raynor collects the things. Uses them to make all sorts of strange and interesting devices.
Since we're down here, I figured we should get one for him. He hasn't had one to tinker with in quite a while."
What kind of devices does Raynor make?
"Oh, all sorts of things. Sometimes they don't do what he thought they would, and every so often they explode, but otherwise he really is a genius—when he isn't being a complete and utter dunce."
"I could have saved you a lot of trouble if I had brought my brother's radial component extractor with me. But what can I say? I'm spontaneous!
I'll finish up here and meet you by the main entrance after you get the power core."

If you've already met the pair in Coldharbour, you can ask her:

What have you and Raynor been up to since Coldharbour?
"After all that excitement in Coldharbour, Raynor and I thought it would be boring to go back to digging through mundane ruins.
But not only did Coldharbour open up vast new opportunities for us, it also gave us an appreciation for the simple things."
What sort of opportunities?
"This job in Wrothgar, for example. Actually got an invitation from the king! We've also got a lead on something big, but our contact asked us to keep the details quiet for the time being.
When it all comes together, maybe I can tell you more."

Once you have the power core, meet up with the siblings. If you speak to her before speaking to Raynor, she'll say:

"You found one, didn't you? I knew you could do it! Thanks!
And don't worry, next time I fall into an ancient ruin I'll make sure to come prepared. Maybe even have a plan or something."

Speak to her again after completing the quest with Raynor and she'll warn you:

"I'd take off if I were you. Raynor's going to build something that turns these Dwarven constructs into his personal army. Or, more likely, there's going to be a massive ka-boom.
But thanks for the help all the same!"

Tinker Trouble[edit]

Kireth in Wrothgar

If you come across Lum gro-Buzbee's camp northeast of Grudge-Rock Falls after completing Zthenganaz, you'll find Kireth there dazed and confused:

"Oh, my head—hey! Where's my brother? Have you seen Raynor anywhere around here?"
I haven't seen Raynor.
"Oh, that's just great! I fall unconscious for a moment or two and Raynor runs off into the wilderness without me!
It was that Dwarven power core you got for us in Zthenganaz. Raynor had to go and tinker again! That's always how the trouble starts."
What did Raynor make this time?
"He decided to rebuild one of those Dwarven sphere things. And, of course, he had to make alterations. Nothing's ever good enough as it is for my brother!
The sphere went berserk and knocked me out. And now Raynor's missing! This is bad, really bad."
I'll find your brother Raynor.
"They could be anywhere! Raynor probably went after the Dwarven sphere to keep it from causing more damage.
project and you'll find Raynor, guaranteed."
What do you have in mind?
"Take this. Raynor has a technical name for it, but I call it a lightning prod. My brother uses it to control Dwarven constructs, but it can also be used to track a construct's energy discharge."
How do I use the lightning prod?
"Look for a place where the sphere expended a lot of energy, like by that burning wreckage over there. Then just take out the lightning prod and you should get an indication of where the sphere went next.
Go ahead and give it a try over there."
What are you going to do?
"I'll gather up Raynor's tinkering tools and follow you. Once I catch up, we can help Raynor disable that rolling monstrosity!
But don't wait for me! Raynor needs you! Now get going!"
"If you stand near that wreckage over there and use the lightning prod, it should show you the direction the Dwarven sphere took off in."

After finding the sphere, Raynor and Kireth will appear:

"We followed after you as fast as we could! What happened to the sphere? And what's with all these fires? Was anyone hurt?
Oh, Mother Morrowind, what have we done?"
The sphere ransacked the camp, but no one was seriously hurt.
"Well, thank the Three for that!
Raynor still has an insane notion that he can repair the crazed construct. But after seeing this, I'm even more determined to make sure the sphere is destroyed."
The sphere ran off after I used the prod.
"At least it didn't attack you.
You need to use the prod again and find it before it does any more damage to the countryside."
What are you going to do while I chase after the sphere?
"Raynor and I will make sure these hunters are all right. It's the least we can do. Then we'll follow after you.
Once the sphere is destroyed, I'll feel a lot better. Until then, it's like there's a knot in my chest and someone is pulling it tight."
"Please, find that sphere! I don't want to see anyone else get hurt."

After chasing the sphere once more across Wrothgar, you'll find it, Raynor, and Kireth north of Trader's Road Wayshrine.

"That stupid sphere rolled right up to my stupid brother like nothing happened!
It's like it thinks it's his damned pet or something! A dangerous, demented pet made out of metal and gears, but a pet all the same!"
Do you still think the sphere should be destroyed?
"Of course I think it needs to be destroyed! Don't you?
This time my brother tinkered around with something that was extremely dangerous. We're just lucky nobody was seriously injured by that thing!"
I don't think Raynor agrees with you on this one.
"My brother rarely agrees with me about anything. Why should this time be any different?
But the point of the matter is that we need to destroy that construct. If you talk to him, I'm sure you can get him to see the logic in that."
I should discuss this with Raynor before I make a decision.
<Talk to Raynor>
If we were to destroy the sphere, how would we go about it?
"Just give me the lightning prod and I'll take care of it.
If I drain off its remaining energy, the gears will fuse and the construct will become permanently inert. Then it'll be nothing more than a large, metal doorstop."
All right. Let's destroy the Dwarven sphere.
Kireth waves the rod at the sphere, which collapses in a burst of sparks. Raynor, angry, says: "Kireth, what did you do that for? You destroyed my sphere!"

If you decide to destroy the sphere, she'll say:

"We made the right choice. My brother's annoyed that I broke his latest toy, but he'll forgive me—eventually.
Of course, I might have to hit him a few times if he doesn't stop complaining, but such is the burden of being Raynor's sister."
Is that the end of the runaway Dwarven sphere?
"Yes, that took care of the creepy little construct.
Raynor's going to be upset with me for a while, but he'll get over it. I just need to find him a new project to focus on. Maybe something a little less volatile this time. Thanks for your help!"

After finishing the quest, she'll say:

"Don't worry about Raynor. He'll yell at me for awhile, but something will come along eventually and require his undivided attention.
And if it doesn't come along soon, I'll toss him in the next Dwarven ruins we find and see how he likes it."

On the other hand, if you agree to let Raynor repair the sphere, she'll say:

"Really? That was your plan? Let my brother fix the homicidal construct?
You should have just given a sharp axe to an angry Orc. We'd all be a lot safer."
Should we go after your brother and the construct?
"No, don't worry about it. This kind of thing happens to us all the time. I'll take care of it.
If you hear a loud boom in the distance, it was probably us. But thanks anyway. I'm sure we couldn't have gotten to this point without you."
The siblings in Scarp Keep

Long Live the King[edit]

Kireth will appear in Scarp Keep after the funeral of King Kurog:

"If anyone asks, just tell them that you know us.
What? It's research! How often do we get to attend a king's funeral and coronation?"
Appears only with Dark Brotherhood

Dark Brotherhood[edit]

The siblings outside Anvil

Honest Work[edit]

You'll find the adventuring siblings outside the main gate of Anvil next to Narhag's House. If this is your first meeting, she'll make herself clear that she's had it with your sort:

"Back away slowly and I won't slug you.
I've had more than enough attention from this nest of pirates for one day, thank you very much!"

Otherwise, she'll be much more warmer:

"Well, look who it is! Did you get marooned here, too?
Now, before you ask: Yes, we're in trouble again. And no, I don't know how we're going to get out of it. Maybe you can talk to Raynor and help us figure something out?"

Speak to Raynor and he'll explain that he and his sister are marooned in Anvil thanks to a disagreeable sea captain and they are both wanting to find work to pay for charting a ship to Hammerfell. After offering to help with Raynor, Kireth will add:

"I usually see the tomb as half full, but even I was about to give up hope. Getting doors slammed in your face certainly took the air out of my sails!
With your help, we can raise the gold we need to leave this wretched city and get to Sentinel."
How did you end up in Anvil if you were heading for Hammerfell?
"Now that's a tale to make the Brave Little Scrib cry. Raynor insists that the captain made a mistake, but I saw the contract they signed before we were marooned here.
My brother chartered a ship to Anvil, not Sentinel. This is all his fault."
Why would Raynor charter a ship to Anvil?
"He mixed up the names! Anvil, Hammerfell, they sound all the same to my brother!
After we'd set sail, he said he couldn't wait to see the towers of Anvil. I reminded him we were sailing to Sentinel. So he ran to see the captain, but it was too late."
What were you going to Hammerfell for?
"We had a line on a new Dwarven ruin. Well, not new. Newly discovered? Anyway, it's near Tava's Blessing and it's entirely fresh and unexplored!
If me and Raynor can get there before the grave robbers, imagine the amazing things that we'll find!"
You want the Dwarven relics for yourselves?
"What? No! We're dungeon-delvers, not tomb raiders! My brother has a deep and abiding respect for the Dwarves. He's obsessed with learning everything he can about their ancient technology.
Me? I just love to explore old places. It's my calling!"
Any suggestions on who might be interested in hiring you?
"I tried to handle a shift at the local tavern, but the customers couldn't keep their sweaty paws to themselves! You can't blame me for breaking a few fingers. They were touching my body, after all.
That's when the innkeeper's wife fired me."
There must be somewhere you'd like to work.
"I thought about helping the Rowdy Guar, but the ship's captain is a cheat!
What I really want to do is sing. I've serenaded in taverns from Deshaan to Eastmarch. I even received a standing ovation in Orsinium! Unfortunately, Anvil has no taste."

Return with gainful employment for the duo and Kireth will say:

"You're back. Did you have any luck? Did you find anyone who's willing to hire us?
Wait, don't tell me. I need a moment to compose myself. Tell Raynor how things turned out while I have a sit down."

Inform Raynor of the job you found for him, then return to Kireth:

"All right, I'm ready to hear the news now. What kind of job did you sign me up for? Bodyguard? Spy for the Pact? Private chef for a visiting dignitary?
Tell me, tell me, tell me!"

If you got her work as a carpenter, she'll be less than enthusiastic:

The captain of the Rowdy Guar will pay you for patching her boat as long as you finish the job.
"Really? More carpentry? Well, it's not the profession I would have chosen, but I'll - I'll do whatever is takes us to get to Sentinel.
Thanks for representing us. Raynor isn't very good at negotiations and I've been told I have a bit of a temper."
Good luck with the job.

If you got her the barmaid job with Anya Lateur, you can tell her:

The innkeeper's wife agreed to hire you. She'll double your pay and keep the patrons in line.
"How did you manage that? She was so angry with me, I swear smoke was coming out of her ears. If she's willing to keep those improper pirates in line, I'll happily smile and serve drinks.
There will be a dagger in my boot, though—just in case."
That's probably a reasonable precaution.

If you get her the job singing in the tavern, she'll be ecstatic:

You can sing in the tavern. Pius promised to pay you well.
"That's wonderful news! Those drunken pirates are in for a treat! Thank you for negotiating an excellent deal.
Now what should I sing? Something from the Tribunal Soliloquies? Maybe one of the sujamma drinking songs? So many choices!"
They're going to love you.

Regardless of which job you got for Kireth, she'll be grateful for your help:

"You did more for us than anyone in this wretched city. Raynor and I will do our jobs and complete our contracts.
Then it's off to Hammerfell! There are ruins to explore, adventures to partake in! I'm all tingly with anticipation!"
"Now that we have jobs, it won't be long until we have enough gold to pay for passage to Sentinel!
Unless Raynor does something that tosses water on the cooking fire, that is. He has a terrible habit of letting his big brain get us into trouble."
Is there anything else I can help you with?
"A little work, a little gold, and we'll be in Sentinel in no time!
Thanks to you."

After finishing the quest and getting her a job at the Rowdy Guar.


After finishing the quest and getting her a job as the barmaid.


After finishing the quest and getting her a job singing at Enrick's Public House.

"Oh you just missed it! My rendition of "Rememberings" from the Dark Elf musical "Guars" brought the house down! It's a sad, touching number with a few light moments, but I've never seen a crowd laugh so hard. I guess I really nailed the high notes."

Optional dialogue after finding her.

How did your findings at Bthanual turn out?
"I wrote a book about the ruins and Raynor was able to make improvements to his control rod thingamabob, but we decided to pass on both the Academy and the Mages Guild.
We learned that an independent life of adventure suits us just fine."
Have you made any progress with that memory orb from Mzulft yet?
"A little. I'm not having any better luck with my new journal, though. The pages keep falling out! Raynor says I'm too hard on my books, but it has to be shoddy construction. They just don't make bindings like they used to.
It's kind of disgraceful."
Glad to see you made it back from Coldharbour.
"You and me both! I'm all for exploring new places, but that place was just wrong!
I just wish everyone had made it back from that damn place. I miss King Dynar. And poor Darien. He was kind of a flirt, but he had a hero's heart."

Clockwork City[edit]

Appears only with Clockwork City

In Search of a Sponsor[edit]

Before starting this quest, if you've met her before:

"Followed us all the way to the Clockwork City, huh? Look, I'm flattered, but if you wanted to talk to us you could have just sent a letter.
Joking, of course. It's great to see you."

First exchange after speaking to Neramo:

"So, that pompous High Elf got his hooks in you too, huh? I told my brother, Raynor, that we should go it alone, but any house in an ash-storm, right?
Speaking of Raynor, he might need your help."
Is Raynor in trouble?
"Depends on your definition of trouble, I guess.
He's down in the ravine- playing with the firepot spiders for some reason. He wouldn't tell me more. Unfortunately, those spiders have a tendency to, you know... explode."
Why would he do that?
"Like I said, he didn't want to discuss it. Probably whipped up an automata-disrupting spoon-twirler or something. He gets like this sometimes.
Just check in on him, all right? He's clumsy and those apostle's mechanical limbs look expensive."
All right, I'll check on Raynor.

Additional conversation at this point:

"Thanks for the help. Raynor's smart, but you can't smart a spider to death, you know?"
What will you do while I help Raynor?
"Well, Neramo said we needed something to offer this Varuni character, but from what I can tell, she doesn't really need anything. So I asked myself, what do you get the person who has everything?"
And? What do you get the person who has everything?
"A home-cooked meal, Argonian pottery, or information. Since I'm a terrible cook, and we're worlds away from Black Marsh, I think I'll just go with the third thing.
This Brass Fortress is brimming with gossip- I just need to listen for it. Wish me luck!"

Meeting with Kireth again after getting Neramo's skeevaton documents:

"Ah, there you are! Done playing with Neramo's wind-up toys? I think I'm on to something."
What have you learned?
"I did a little asking around. Word is, Constable Baldan will sponsor anyone, as long as they can pay. Where they go after he takes their gold? That's anybody's guess.
Luckily, we're here to sort it out! Here, take this memory stone."
What do you want me to do with this?
"I surveyed the building. Someone left the door to Baldan's storage loft unlocked. It should provide a great view of his office. Climb up there and wait.
When I offer a bribe, you record the conversation on that memory stone. Then we've got him!"
All right. I'll make my way to the loft and wait for your signal.
"Go on. Get going! I'll move on Baldan as soon as you're in position."

The conversation with Constable Baldan:

Kireth Vanos: "All right, Baldan. I've got your gold. Will you sponsor me for citizenship?"
Constable Baldan: "Oh, I'll take your offering- but sponsorship? That's for the living, you tarnished scum."
Kireth Vanos: "The living- what?"
Constable Baldan: "Do it."

Kirith is clobbered over the head and knocked unconscious.

Constable Baldan: "Well? What are you idling for? Gather up the gold and dump her with the others. We don't want anyone finding our latest visitor."

Finding her in the Mechanical Fundament:

"Threw you in here too, did they? I knew I couldn't be the only one Constable Baldan got the drop on!"
Actually, I came down here to find you. We should leave.
You're right, we should. And I could! But not yet.
I met another one of Baldan's victims- a Khajiit named Lankin. He's been scraping it out down here, but he's no warrior. I told him I'd get him out. Unfortunately, we got separated."
All right. We can look for him.
"That's the spirit! I managed to yank this sword out of a corpse nearby. It's not much, but you don't need a sharp edge to deal with these factotums- just a heavy swing and a lot of patience.
You ready? Let's get moving."

Dialogue as you're cutting down factotums while trying to find Lankin:

Kireth Vanos: "Stupid windup toys!"
Kireth Vanos: "Ugh! More?"
Kireth Vanos: "Really, you'd think they'd just leave us alone."
Kireth Vanos: "Here we go again."
Kireth Vanos: "You're enjoying this, aren't you?"
Kireth Vanos: "More clankers. Oh joy."
Kireth Vanos: "Sure, let's fight more of these things. Why not?"

Coming across some survivors' camp:

Kireth Vanos: "Is that—? No, thank goodness. The body is far too old. Let's keep looking."

Coming across other camps:

Kireth Vanos: "Hmm. Decent hiding place, but no Lankin. We should keep looking."
Kireth Vanos : "Another empty camp. Damn! He must be here somewhere!"
Kireth Vanos: "There's warm pot here. Someone's been cooking... and recently. We must be close!"

Finding Lankin:

Kireth Vanos: "Finally! Come with us, Lankin. We're getting you out of here."
Lankin: "Friend Kireth! Bright moons above! Please, let's leave this dungy place!"

After finding Raynor and the Proctor you'll hear the following:

Raynor Vanos: "Kireth! Thank goodness! Don't suppose you found anything of interest down there …?"
Proctor Luciana Pullo: "Enough. I'm glad to see you weren't lying, Raynor Vanos."
Kireth Vanos: "That bastard, Baldan, threw me into the Fundament!"
Constable Baldan: "Ridiculous. I've never seen this woman in my life."
Lankin: "Liar! You tossed this one in as well!"

Speak to her and she'll say:

"The nerve of that Elf! Clubbing people and throwing them into the sewer like garbage! These apostles better not go easy on him."

When Baldan is taken away for questioning, she'll yell:

Kireth Vanos: "Enjoy prison, you skeeving prat!"

After earning citizenship:

"So we're citizens now, right? Finally.
Now to find what passes for sujamma in this crazy place."

The Strangeness of Seht[edit]

When searching for Neramo, you'll find her standing near him at Ridas Beleram's stall:

"Ugh. I don't think I'm ever going to get this fabricant blood off my boots. I love automata, but automata with fleshy bits? No thanks."

After telling Neramo about Fyr's request for a lamp:

"Taking Neramo down into the Fundament, eh? Keep a close eye on him. You and I both know how dangerous that place can be."

After your conversation with Divayth about the lamp being finished:

Kireth Vanos: "Did you say something about putting the lamp on the balcony? We might have a problem."

Speaking to Kireth:

"Raynor and that annoying High Elf finished your lamp, but there's a problem.
On the way here, I overheard an aide complaining about some new security measures Sotha Sil put in place. Looks like the balcony is under heavy guard now."
So I'll have to sneak past guards to get the lamp into position?
"Looks that way. Unless you want blood on your hands, of course. But that might complicate our sponsorship a smidge, yeah? Just be quick and quiet... Like me! You'll be fine.
Here's the lamp. Good luck!"
Thanks for the warning, Kireth.

Speaking with her after this exchange:

"If a guard spots you, just find a basket or something to hide in. Trust me, that'll be a lot easier than trying to take on Sotha Sil's private army all by yourself.
Good luck up there."

Family Feud[edit]

Kireth: "Raynor, you let him walk all over you! There's a difference between cordial and compliant!"
Raynor: "You told me to play nice with others! Now you complain? I don't have to listen to this. I'll finish exploring on my own!"

Speak with Kireth.

"Sorry you had to hear that. Our family feuds aren't usually so dramatic.
Raynor always requires a delicate touch, but he's never stormed off before. He hates being on his own."
What were you two arguing about?
"That whole shadow business. I didn't like the way Raynor let that High Elf artificer with a Dwarven control rod up his arse order us around.
My brother didn't deserve to be treated so poorly. I just wish he believed it too."
Raynor mentioned something about finishing your exploration?
"Before I wounded his pride, we were planning to explore this marvelous machine world. He charged off to prove he didn't need my help, and we know how that's going to turn out!
I'll let him cool off, but could you make sure he stays out of trouble?"
I'll go check on Raynor.
"What I said to Raynor was pretty harsh, but he can be so infuriating!
Look, he might be a brilliant artificer. Unfortunately, he's a terrible dungeon delver. Without me, he's going to get lost or hurt. Just don't mention me when you see him."
Where do you think Raynor is going?
"There are so many intriguing possibilities, I'm not sure which one he'd try to tackle first.
If I were my brother, I'd start by heading into the Radius. We talked about using that gulch with the outflow pipe as a base, so maybe begin there?"
Do you and your brother argue very often?
"Like kwama warriors fighting for the affection of their queen.
We're siblings! Of course we have arguments. Raynor's a thinker and I'm all about action. Our differences make us a great team - when we're not engaged in a heated debate."
You're sure you don't want to go after your brother?
"No, Raynor needs some alone time. We both do. No sense starting the same fight all over again.
You go talk to Raynor. Help him work things out so we can get back to our usual sibling rivalry. Just don't let him know I sent you."

Back in the city, you'll need to speak with Kireth, The ending will be different depending on what you told Raynor while you were out.

If you told Raynor to tell Kireth how he feels
"Did everything go all right? You didn't run into any trouble, did you? Raynor requires constant supervision, especially around ruins and other ancient places.
He's extremely smart, but he has a few practical skills and he's easily distracted."
I think your brother has something to say to you.
"He does, does he? Well, I have a few words for Raynor, as well. We're partners, and partners don't abandon each other when the going gets rough.
Anyway, thanks for making sure he got back here safe and sound. I appreciate it.

Raynor approaches her.

Raynor Vanos: "Kireth … I … welll … I'm sorry. I shouldn't have stormed off like that. I blame all this metal. I think I'm getting a rash"
Kireth Vanos: "I'm sorry too. I said some things that were uncalled for. Unfair. That Neramo just makes my skin crawl, you know?"
Raynor: "It's the way he talks. Humongous words and a superior attitude."
Kireth: "Sounds like someone else I know. Now come on and tell me what you discovered."

Speaking with her after this interaction:

"Well, now that that's all over and done with, we can get back to the exciting stuff! I can't wait to crawl around in some of these clockwork contraptions.
Anyway, thanks for helping Raynor. I really do worry about him, you know."
If you told Raynor to stand up for himself
"Where have you been? Is Raynor all right? I've been pacing around the Brass Fortress, worried sick and waiting for you to return!"
I think your brother has something to say to you.
"He does, does he? I suppose that's only fair, since I saved a few choice words for him, too. We're partners, and partners don't abandon each other over a minor disagreement!
Anyway, thanks for helping my brother out there. I appreciate it.

Raynor approaches her.

Raynor Vanos: "Kireth, I have something to say to you. I'm your older brother and I'm a genius. I deserve better than to be scolded as though I were a spoiled child!"
Kireth Vanos: "Oh you do, do you? And is this you not acting like a spoiled child?"
Raynor: "There! You did it again! That's just mean. Partners don't treat each other that way, or at least they're not supposed to."
Kireth: "About time! I'm proud of you, big brother, finally standing up for yourself! That's what I've been telling you to do all along."
Raynor Vanos: "You … well, I mean, what did you expect? I always take your advice to heart. We are partners, after all."

Speaking with her after this scenario:

"I don't know what happened out there, but thanks for bringing my brother back. I suppose you had something to do with him finally growing a spine. I appreciate that, too. Maybe now I won't have to worry about him so much."


Appears only with Greymoor

The Tones of the Deep[edit]

The siblings within Nchuthnkarst

You will encounter Kireth at the entrance to Nchuthnkarst in Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns, where she will ask you to find her brother.

There will be a few bodies around her, and when you first approach her, she can be heard asking herself, "Lord, Mother, and Wizard! What is wrong with this place?"

If you haven't met her before:
If you have met before:
"You don't look like you're keen to slit my throat, which is a vast improvement from my recent company. Keep your guard up. Something strange is going on around here.
And of course my fool brother, Raynor, just jumped headlong into the middle of it."
"Well, well, well! Look what the guar dragged in! What are you even doing down here?
Actually, scratch that, we'll catch up later. Raynor's insisted on getting into another mess, and we could use your help."
What happened to your brother?
"Raynor and I got hired by the local mining consortium to investigate this Dwarven vault, Nchuthnkarst. Raynor jumped on it. Said something about this place unlocking secrets about Dwarven tonal architecture.
But it's more trouble than it's worth."
Why do you say that?
"Everything here is off. Tremors, strange creatures, crazed people and things that shouldn't even be down here.
I told Raynor we needed to turn back, but he ran inside while I was fighting off the worst of them. Think you could go check on him?"
I'll check on your brother.

After agreeing to help you can ask her questions, including what she's been up to if you have met before.

"Thanks. There's no telling what's in there, and knowing Raynor, he'll wander into the wrong end of a blade while he's busy taking notes.
I'll meet you inside as soon as I make sure nothing else out here is going to sneak up on us."
What did you say this place was called?
"Nchuthnkarst. It's a mouthful, right?
I sometimes wonder if the real reason the Dwarves are all gone is because they choked and swallowed their tongues trying to say their own names."
What are you doing down here, Kireth? (Appears if you have met before.)
"Oh, you know. The usual. Delving dungeons, defying death, and staving off the ravages of boredom by risking our lives over and over.
You show up at the damnedest times."
I was thinking about our time in the Clockwork City. Clockwork City
"It really was something, wasn't it? I'm just glad Divayth Fyr was able to bring us back home like we agreed.
It's not every day you get to help save one of the Living Gods. You should hear Raynor go on about it. As if his head wasn't big enough."
I spent some time in Summerset … <Tell Kireth about your adventures.> Summerset
"All right, I know we're friends and all, but you honestly don't expect me to believe that, do you? Climbing the Crystal Tower? Meeting the Psijic Order?
Let me guess, you arm wrestled a Daedric Prince and won?"
I visited Elsweyr and battled a rage of Dragons … <Tell Kireth about your adventures.>Elsweyr
"I heard a few rumors about Dragon sightings, but I wasn't sure how true they were. That sounds terrifying, honestly.
Did you get any souvenirs at least? I've never been to Elsweyr. No Dwemer ruins, you know … not much academic opportunity."
What's with the dead body behind you?
"Evidence of our problem.
There's a group of looters trying to lay claim to this place. Probably from that mining town nearby. They were easy enough to get rid of. It's the other things giving me trouble."
What other things?
"Strange creatures that don't belong.
They jumped us at the door, but it was odd, it was almost like they just winked into existence! There were bright flashes of light and then they appeared out of thin air and started to attack."

Kireth will join you inside after you talk to Raynor:

Kireth Vanos: "There you are! The coast is clear outside."
<There is a sudden rumble and the room shakes violently.>
Raynor Vanos: "What was that? Another earthquake?"

Speaking with her before going on to clear a path:

"Raynor wants you to clear a path? Ugh. I suppose I don't have much of a choice. Once Raynor sets his mind to something, he doesn't make a habit of changing it.
I guess I'll make sure he doesn't fall into a hole or something while you go on ahead."

When you reach the Nchuthnkarst Control Room, the sibling will catch up and walk over to the machine with the large yellow crystal:

Kireth Vanos: "Raynor, stay close."
Raynor Vanos: "Oh my, what is that incredible machine?"
<Kireth then notices someone on the nearby balcony.>
Kireth Vanos: "Wait, do you hear that? Someone's up there."

Speaking her, Kireth will watch your back:

"You go on ahead, I'll cover you. If we have to fight, better I have the element of surprise."
Kireth disappearing in a flash of light, with Raynor soon to follow

After talking to Thaddeus and reading his scroll, they will follow you in:

Raynor Vanos: "Spatial distortions? That would explain these tremors!"
Kireth Vanos: "Raynor? Something's happening …."
<Kireth disappears in a beam of white and blue light.>
Raynor Vanos: "Kireth, what's wrong? Kireth? Kireth!"
<Raynor disappears in the same manner.>
Thaddeus Cosma: "Hm … well, that's unfortunate."

As you approach one of the Dwarven machines, Kireth will appear in a flash of light and wave you over:

Kireth Vanos: "Over here! The parts are over here!"

However, as soon as you get closer, Kireth will be pulled away once more:

Kireth Vanos: "Oh no, not again! Aaah!"

As you approach the machine containing the third component, Raynor and Kireth will briefly be reunited:

Kireth Vanos: "Over here!"
Raynor Vanos: "Kireth? Is that you? It's been so long …."
Kireth Vanos: "You're alive! We don't have much time … I can feel it pulling at me already!"
Raynor Vanos: "I thought I'd lost you!"

They will both disappear again after this.

The siblings, returned to their own time

After you've helped Thaddeus repair the device, he will leave abruptly when you ask if he's from the future. In his place, Kireth will appear with Raynor:

Kireth Vanos: "Are we back? What in Ayem's name happened?"
Raynor Vanos: "I think I'm going to be ill."

She has no idea what just happened, and is ready to leave Nchuthnkarst:

"You're alive! What happened? Where did that strange man go?"
He vanished. He said something about going home.
"I can't even begin to understand what just happened, but I think we have you to thank for keeping us from being tossed around all of creation with no rhyme or reason.
Once the room stops spinning, we're leaving. Even if I have to carry Raynor out."

This completes the quest. Afterwards, Kireth can be asked about her experiences:

"Raynor and I have been in our fair share of impossible situations. But this one? It definitely beats them all, at least when it comes to strangeness. And that's saying a lot when it comes to Dwarven ruins.
They're usually strange to start."
What happened to you, exactly?
"I'm trying to figure that out myself. One moment I was back in Morrowind, but it was different. Vivec City was a smoking crater. The next I was underwater and struggling to breathe. Then I was falling into a volcano. Then I was here."
Do you feel any different?
"Not really. I still have all my limbs. I didn't sprout a tail and my hair is still perfect, thank the Three for that.
Though, I'm not willing to test that. Sometimes you have to write off a place as too dangerous. This is one of those times."


"A pair of Dark Elf siblings want dwarven relics. The brother wouldn't stop talking about mechanisms, articulation, and other things I care nothing about.
The sister was another story. She said the Inner Sea Armature was a good source."