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King Renwic
Location Grimfield
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
King Renwic
King Renwic alive in his vision of the past

King Renwic was a Breton king - the husband of Queen Nurese and father of Princess Visanne. He was killed by Seamount invaders.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Unearthing the Past[edit]

Once you've assisted the spirit of Frederique Lynielle at Grimfield, he will appear at the coastal tomb:

"You have returned my people to their rest. I wish to repay you, but I have only information to give."
What can you tell me?
"The Seamount Orcs attacked generations ago. They took our island. Under their rule, what we called Betony became Betnikh.
My failure to defend my people was unforgivable, but how I attempted to defeat the Orcs was worse."
What did you do?
"I attempted necromancy. An ancient Ayleid Relic is buried on this island. The Bloodthorn seek its power.
Enter the portal beside me. You will see my last day through the eyes of my enemies. Learn what you can."

Enter the Ancient Inner Sanctum, and you'll hear the following:

War Chief Yzzgol : "Renwic! Surrender now, and I'll spare your worthless life."
King Renwic : "Stay back! I hold destruction in my hands!"
War Chief Yzzgol : "Magic cannot save you. Surrender or die!"
King Renwic : "Leave, now, or I'll use this relic to obliterate you!"
War Chief Yzzgol : "You will not harm my people. Draw steel!"
King Renwic : "Help me! Help me, damn you all!"
War Chief Yzzgol : "Targoth! Bury this elf-loving fool. Those who remain will accept exile or die."

A portal opens and the vision fades.

Back on the beach, Renwic will tell you:

"Even my death failed my people."
You tried to use the relic, and Yzzgol killed you.
"Yes. Once I summoned the relic's power, I realized what it demanded of me. Souls. It craves souls.
I would not pay that price, but the Bloodthorn will. They will raise this undead army and slaughter you all."
How can I stop them?
"The Ayleid relic is the key, but my memories have faded with time. I no longer remember its location. I know only that you must find it before the Bloodthorn.
I offer this knowledge as payment for the souls you saved today."

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