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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Gain sponsorship in order to become a citizen of the Clockwork City.
Zone: The Clockwork City
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Neramo outside the Brass Fortress
Location(s): Insalubrious Effluvium, Brass Fortress, The Serviflume, Mechanical Fundament
Prerequisite Quest: To The Clockwork City
Next Quest: The Strangeness of Seht
Reward: Registrar's Legwrap
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
Neramo needs your help
The High Elf explorer, Neramo, and his two associates, Kireth and Raynor, have a plan to win the sponsorship of an influential Clockwork Apostle named Varuni Arvel. We'll need her support to become bonafide citizens of the Clockwork City.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Neramo outside the Brass Fortress.
  2. Talk to Kireth Vanos.
  3. Find Raynor Vanos at the Insalubrious Effluvium.
  4. Collect Explosive Distillate from Firepot Spiders.
  5. Deliver the oil to Varuni Arvel in the Clockwork Basilica.
  6. Talk to Neramo.
  7. Meet Neramo outside the Depository Documatis.
  8. Search for evidence.
  9. Talk to Neramo.
  10. Find Kireth Vanos.
  11. Record Kireth's conversation with Constable Baldan.
  12. Talk to Raynor Vanos.
  13. Talk to the residents of Slag Town.
  14. Find Kireth in the Mechanical Fundament.
  15. Search for Lankin.
  16. Escape the Fundament.
  17. Talk to Proctor Luciana Pullo.
  18. Talk to the Clockwork Registrar at the Chancel of Records.
  19. Talk to Neramo.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Old Friends or New Acquaintances[edit]

Following on immediately from the previous quest that took you to Clockwork City, you will need to find a sponsor in order to become a full citizen.

Luckily everybody's favorite scholars - and Neramo - are also trying to gain citizenship. Neramo is the quest giver: he should appear to the right of the gate as you look at it, just after the bridge, when you finish talking to Fyr.

If you've helped Neramo and the Raynor twins across Tamriel before, they will possess different greetings. The dialogue used in this article assumes you're all strangers.

May I assume that you seek a citizen sponsor? My associates and I find ourselves in a similar predicament. Maybe we can help each other."
What do you have in mind?
"Initially, I thought we could rely on my ample charms to win us a sponsor. Unfortunately, the people here tend to value craft over the pleasure of my company.
Providing some gift or service seems to be the only way to earn a sponsorship."
Have you found any potential sponsors?
"Yes, a clockwork apostle named Varuni Arvel. Apparently, she's a member of the Congress of Calibration - the governing body here in the city.
My associates, Kireth and Raynor, are already working on a plan to earn her trust. Will you help us?"

Speak to Kireth who will tell you where her brother is. Note the conversation between Constable Baldan and the Khajiit Lankin before you move on.

Raynor is down in the Insalubrious Effluvium, which is the rather oily swamp below the bridge. Follow the lampposts to the right of the bridge which mark a rather rough but safe path to the scholar down below.

After having a little talk with Raynor, he will reveal that he is collecting oil from firepot spiders that the three of them will then present to Provost Varuni Arvel. Not being one for a fight, especially from constructs that shoot boiling hot oil out of their carapaces, you must help him destroy four of the blasted things so he can collect the resultant residue.

They can be found all over the area and respawn quickly, so don't worry if there are other players around. Once that has been done, you must talk to Raynor again to obtain the oil and deliver it to your potential sponsor.

From Oil to Toil[edit]

Provost Varuni Arvel can be found awaiting your return at her office within the Clockwork Basilica together with Neramo.

"Greetings, auxiliary. Is your friend correct? Did you bring an offering?"
Yes. Explosive oil harvested from dangerous Firepot Spiders.
"Firepot oil? Tremendous! And you managed to keep all ten fingers. I'm impressed. Thank you.
Now, to the matter of your citizenship. You're clearly a capable warrior, but in the Clockwork City, mental precision is of paramount importance."'
How can I prove my mental fitness?
"A number of outsiders have gone missing in recent weeks. I fear someone might be abducting them or worse, but I have no proof.
I spoke to your friend, Neramo, and he insists you can gather the evidence I need. Succeed, and I'll sponsor you all."

Speak to Neramo before heading outside to learn more about his plan and what the Depository Documatis. Skeevatons are very good at sorting and parsing information, so Neramo configured one with the necessary key words and concepts in an effort to find relevant documents. You must control it through the pipe ducts of the Depository Documatis and the archives itself.

The skeevaton will locate three pieces of information from the archives. Reading these will automatically count toward the Clockwork Mnemonix, and will be in the Chancel of Records after the quest if you wish to read them and you haven't unlocked Eidetic Memory.

Kireth is knocked unconscious by Baldan's men

Speak to Neramo again and he will be pleased with your results. You will now need to find and talk to Kireth who has decided to gain evidence of Constable Baldan's corruption. You will need to go into the storage loft and record the conversation with a memory stone before presenting the evidence to Provost Varuni Arvel. At least that is the plan, but even the best laid plans can go awry.

While Kireth tries to incriminate Constable Baldan, he orders his goons to knock Kireth out and she is dragged somewhere. You will need to speak to, and possibly coerce, the Slag Town residents in order to find out where. Make good use of Persuasive Will, Intimidating Presence, or simply good old-fashioned bribery.

Mechanical Fundamentals[edit]

Kireth has been taken to the Mechanical Fundament, the maintenance and refuse tunnels that exist below the Brass Fortress. You will need to go through the entrance that is inside the Reactor District, as the quest area is inaccessible through the normal entrances near the Grand Depository.

You will find Kireth just inside the entrance, and she will tell you what happened but refuses to leave until the newcomer before her is rescued. Said person is the Khajiit you saw earlier, Lankin, and you and Kireth must fight your way past all manners of factotums and constructs in order to find him.

Once you do, keep on following the route and go down a hole in the corridor; you will make it to the atrium of the main Mechanical Fundament. Proctor Luciana Pullo and Provost Varuni Arvel have apprehended Constable Baldan.

Provost Varuni Arvel: "Luciana, I'd like to ask the constable a few questions when we return to the Basilica."
Proctor Luciana Pullo: "Don't trouble yourself, Varuni. You know how persuasive I can be."
Provost Varuni Arvel: "I do. That's what worries me."
Constable Baldan: "Do your worst, you tin-legged hag!"
Provost Varuni Arvel: "Seht help you if she does, constable."

You will then have to talk to her, who will send you to finally get your citizenship.

"That fool has no idea what he's in for. Live uncomfortable and learn, I suppose."
You think he knows more than he's letting on?
"Oh, most certainly.
Baldan can't have accomplished all this by himself. Erasing records? Accessing derelict sections of the Fundament? These aren't the acts of a simple mer. Someone helped him. Now it's just a matter of finding out who."
Do you think he'll talk?
"I do. One way or another.
For now, let's celebrate your achievement. You showed initiative, creativity, bravery - all qualities befitting a servant of Seht. You shall have my sponsorship."
Will you sponsor Neramo, Raynor, and Kireth as well?
"Of course. Each of them has played a role in your success, and each of them will share the rewards."
'Go speak to the Clockwork Registrar in the Chancel of Records. It will add your name to the codices and you'll be one of us. Again, you have my thanks."

Feel free to talk to the others around the area before you go to the Chancel of Records. Once you have spoken to the Clockwork Registrar and received your rewards, Divayth Fyr will appear to start the next quest.


  • Sometimes Neramo won't appear to start the quest until you've reentered the area, so it's quickest to enter the Brass Fortress through the gate and then immediately leave back through it and look left before the bridge. ?
This appears to be an old bug that should have been fixed in the current version.)
  • If you have a disguise equipped, it overrides the Skeevaton model, and your character will run through the Depository Documatis instead.
[No longer occurs as of the Dragon Bones DLC patch]

Quest Stages[edit]

In Search of a Sponsor
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Neramo told me that Kireth and Raynor might need my help to acquire a gift for our potential sponsor, Varuni Arvel. I should talk to Kireth outside the gates of the Brass Fortress.
Objective: Talk to Kireth
Kireth asked me to check on her brother, Raynor, in the ravine surrounding the Brass Fortress. The firepot spiders lurking down there sound particularly dangerous. Raynor might need my help.
Objective: Talk to Raynor
Raynor intends to drain a valuable substance from nearby Firepot Spiders. Unfortunately, they tend to explode when disturbed. Raynor created a device to suppress this behavior. I must disable the spiders so he can drain the liquid.
Objective: Help Raynor Collect Firepot Oil: 0/4
Raynor collected enough firepot oil to satisfy our potential sponsor, Varuni. I must collect the oil from him before returning to the Brass Fortress.
Objective: Talk to Raynor
Raynor and I successfully obtained the firepot spider oil. Now I must deliver it to Varuni Arvel. I'll find her office in the Clockwork Basilica.
Objective: Deliver Oil to Varuni
Neramo arrived in Varuni's office ahead of me. It looks like he already has a plan for our next move. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Neramo
Neramo co-opted a small clockwork automaton known as a skeevaton. We can use this creature to retrieve vital information from the Brass Fortress' Depository Documatis. I should meet Neramo outside the building to activate it.
Objective: Activate the Skeevaton
I am remotely controlling Neramo's co-opted skeevaton, and must navigate it through a maze of pipes called the serviflume. The tunnels should lead into the Depository Documatis.
Objective: Navigate the Serviflume
I directed the skeevaton into the Depository Documatis. Now I must search the building for the evidence Varuni requested.
Objective: Search for Evidence
My skeevaton infiltration of the Depository Documatis was a success! I guided the skeevaton out of the building. I should meet Neramo at the building's exit.
Objective: Find Neramo
I found Neramo outside the Depository Documatis. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Neramo
While Neramo and I searched the Depository Documatis, Kireth has been conducting her own investigation on Varuni's behalf. I should see if she needs any help.
Objective: Talk to Kireth
Kireth suspects that one of the city constables, Baldan, is sponsoring newcomers in exchange for bribes. She asked me to record her conversation with him. I should get into position in the storage loft.
Objective: Enter the Storage Loft
I must observe Kireth's conversation with Constable Baldan and archive their words on the memory stone she provided.
Objective: Observe Kireth's Conversation
Constable Baldan's henchmen knocked out and abducted Kireth! I need to see if I can get into the building where she was knocked out and save her.
Objective: Look for Kireth
The door to Constable Baldan's office is locked, but I found Raynor. I should inform him of Kireth's abduction and send him for help.
Objective: Talk to Raynor
Raynor suggested I talk to the residents of Slag Town—a slum in the Brass Fortress. They might have an idea of where the constables would take Kireth.
Objective: Investigate Kireth's Abduction
I discovered that the constables often throw undesirables into the Mechanical Fundament—a network of tunnels beneath the Brass Fortress. I must descend into the Fundament to find Kireth.
Objective: Enter the Mechanical Fundament
I must find Kireth in the Mechanical Fundament.
Objective: Find Kireth
I found Kireth, alive and unharmed, but she refuses to leave. Apparently, Baldan threw another newcomer into the Fundament before her—a Khajiit named Lankin. We must find him before we escape.
Objective: Search for Lankin
Kireth and I found Lankin. We must all exit the Mechanical Fundament as soon as possible.
Objective: Escape the Mechanical Fundament
Raynor succeeded in finding help. Proctor Luciana, Varuni Arvel, Constable Baldan, and others were waiting for us when we emerged from the lower sections of the Fundament. I should tell Luciana about Baldan's illegal activities.
Objective: Talk to Luciana
In a strange turn of events, Varuni demanded that Luciana turn Constable Baldan over to her. I should speak to her to make sure Baldan faces justice.
Objective: Talk to Varuni
An appreciative Varuni finally agreed to sponsor me, Neramo, Kireth, and Raynor for citizenship in the Brass Fortress. I must report to the Clockwork Registrar to make it official.
Objective: Talk to the Clockwork Registrar
Finishes quest☑ Neramo followed me to the Clockwork Registrar. I should speak to him about his plans.
Objective: Talk to Neramo
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