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Location Malak's Maw
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Tribunal Temple
Condition Spirit

Idrasa is a Dunmer spirit found at Malak's Maw. She seeks revenge against her killer, Khralek gro-Vortag, an Orc necromancer found at the stronghold located in the area.

Related Quests[edit]


"You can see me, outsider!
I beg you, help me."
What happened to you?
"My followers and I came here to investigate a great magical disturbance. We were ambushed and fallen upon by Khralek gro-Vortag, an Orc necromancer.
We were captured. We were beheaded."
Beheaded? Why?
"Khralek used some foul necromancy to bind our souls to our skulls. Mine sits upon his dark altar. The skulls of my followers were spread among the Orcs, their souls to be used as slaves.
He tortures us and torments us endlessly."
I will reclaim the skulls.
"Yes! That might just work ....
Find the skulls and bring them to Khralek's altar. We may be dead, but we still have power. We can pull Khralek to you."
May I ask a few things?
"Yes, outsider.
Other than Khralek, you're the first person I've spoken to since... the beheading."
What were you doing here?
"I am—was—a priestess of the Tribunal. I came here with a group of six other priests to seek the source of a terrible spiritual disturbance.
What we found was horror."
What did you find?
"Khralek gro-Vortag practicing terrible necromancy in this land. He studies a new art to bind the souls of the dead to morbid fetishes.
We became his latest experiment."
Why can't I just take or destroy your skull?
"Khralek is cunning, for an Orc. The spell can't be broken as simply as that.
Killing him is the only sure way."

After freeing Idrasa and her followers from Khralek's grasp:

"Khralek is dead and our spirits are free."
Yes. I killed Khralek.
"We are free! Go in peace with our blessing."